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Vibrational Medicine – The 1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies PDF

Vibrational medicine is founded on the understanding that humans are dynamic energy systems. Vibrational therapy employs therapeutic touch, healing touch and Reiki techniques to balance our bodies’ energetic fields. All matter is composed of subtle energy that resonates at healthy frequencies – this new scientific paradigm corroborated what spiritual healers and academics have known for […]

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Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker, energy healer and yoga instructor, provides simple tools that can help activate your body’s secret switches. Drawing upon yoga and Eden Energy Medicine practices as her sources, Lauren teaches how you can harness your own energies for healing, balance, and joy. Use her gorilla-like chest pound and “crossing” exercises to boost your energy […]

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Donna Eden and David Feinstein – A Revolutionary Approach to Healing Relationships

Donna Eden and David Feinstein are pioneers of energy psychology, leading the field through scientific papers published and nine books written about consciousness and healing energy. His work integrates manual stimulation of acupuncture points with established psychological interventions and has shown its success when used with those suffering from serious conditions like PTSD. The Science […]

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Energy Medicine With Donna Eden

Energies of the body are vital, living forces that play a central role in health and happiness. Energy medicine recognizes these energies and supports them so that they remain in an optimal flow state. Donna Eden has made it her career to teach people how to work with the subtle energies in the body, with […]

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Energize Your Life With the Movement Medicine Energy of Your Breath

Reinvigorate your life using the movement medicine energy of breathwork. This simple but effective practice will help reset your system, leading back to feeling refreshed and revitalized. Dance has long been an integral component of human community life since prehistory, and Movement Medicine is the modern manifestation of this ancient art form, merging ancient wisdom […]

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