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quantum healing

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is a holistic approach that seeks to treat body, mind, and spirit holistically using channeling, intuition, Reiki, Kinesiology muscle testing regression, empathy as part of its practice.

Gareth Strangemore-Jones provides individual Quantum Energy sessions as well as workshops covering its principles. He covers everything from its purpose and how-to’s to providing valuable guidelines.

Mind-Body Connection

Mind and body were designed to work in unison to promote optimal health; but sometimes the relationship becomes tenuous. For instance, stress has been shown to decrease immunity and make it harder for the immune system to fight infection and cancer; studies indicate that stress-reducing techniques like talk therapy and meditation increase immune system resistance against disease.

Quantum healing, an emerging field of medicine, promotes the concept that our bodies are composed of more than physical matter. According to Deepak Chopra’s “Quantum Healing,” our bodies are controlled by an intelligence network rooted in quantum reality that is capable of altering fundamental patterns that define our physiology.

Quantum healing combines Western medicine and ancient Indian practices, such as Ayurveda. Quantum healing draws upon ideas from quantum physics as well as this holistic practice which strives to balance body, mind, and spirit. Chopra asserts that when physical and mental elements of one’s body are out of sync with each other they may result in symptoms ranging from digestive distress to emotional upsets.

Quantum healing centers around mindfulness. This involves being in the present moment and letting go of negative emotions such as anger and fear. Furthermore, mindfulness involves regular physical activities like yoga or tai chi as well as eating nutritious food to achieve total wellbeing.

Chopra claims that visualization and affirmations practices aid the body in healing itself and may even cure diseases. Studies have also demonstrated how positive thinking and visualization can enhance immunity while increasing vaccine effectiveness; some users have experienced faster healing responses after employing such methods.

Though many researchers remain skeptic of the mind-body connection, evidence does exist supporting its theory. For instance, scientists recently conducted brain scans on newborns, 1-year-olds and 9-year-olds and discovered an increasing network of connections which are tied to aspects of learning, memory and emotion health in each age cohort studied.

Life-Force Energy

Energy healing refers to Life Force Energy as the vital life energy flowing through our bodies. If amplified, this vital force can help heal physical bodies while also creating spiritual connections and feelings of interconnectivity with nature and other universe inhabitants. Quantum Healing should not be seen as a replacement for traditional medical treatments but should instead be utilized alongside them; some scientists have even expressed doubt over this form of therapy as being scientifically tested or proven effective through controlled studies.

Energy healing combines quantum physics and holistic health concepts to promote well-being. Their underlying philosophy suggests that our mental states and beliefs have an immense effect on physical wellbeing – similar to meditation practices which have been proven to reduce stress levels and improve physical wellbeing. For optimal results, make sure you get enough sleep and consume healthy foods as part of an energy healing regimen.

Quantum Healing‘s central belief is that our bodies naturally exist in an ideal state of health. All healing is self-healing; any blockages or excesses in life force energy can result in sickness. A therapist is thought to be capable of amplifying and channeling this life force energy to areas of the body needing healing.

Scientists are finally beginning to acknowledge the power of energy that has long been recognized by eastern cultures. It pervades our material world and provides access to direct experiences of unity consciousness.

Researchers are making great strides toward understanding how energy flows within our bodies, from its links with cell metabolism and resonance at different frequencies leading to exciting medical advancements.

Life-Force Energy, or Torsion energy, has become an integral component of quantum healing. It is an immensely powerful force capable of altering electromagnetic fields within cells to alter chemical reactions occurring inside them and create auras measurable with Kirlian GDV cameras as well as serving as a blueprint directing each cell in your body towards growth and specialization in specific ways – which accounts for many successful new healing methods. This special force lies at the core of successful new therapies.

Psychic Abilities

There are various psychic abilities, but three of the more prevalent are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These allow individuals to perceive information outside the five senses and use this ability to make contact with other people and objects throughout the universe. These methods are also employed to aid others in healing themselves and improving their lives. Jim began working professionally with clients since 2008 as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner(r) and developer of the Quantum Multi-Dimensional Healing method or QMDH(tm). Jim utilizes his natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to observe and assess each client’s bio-electrical field (or aura), in order to quickly diagnose energy imbalances within them and provide quicker and more effective treatments.

Quantum healing is an unconventional form of mind-body medicine that claims miraculous results for people. The concept is grounded on the idea that health does not result solely from biological processes at a molecular level but instead depends heavily on energy fields; and can thus explain phenomena which cannot be explained using traditional medical treatment alone.

Quantum healing may not have much scientific evidence behind it, yet many patients have reported positive experiences. Quantum healing may help relieve stress that can contribute to health issues; however, it should not be seen as a replacement for traditional medical treatments.

Quantum healing involves altering one’s consciousness to bring about mind-body energy balance, drawing from the premise that our bodies contain an energetic life force called “chi” in China and “prana” in other cultures. Trained practitioners can focus and amp up this force using techniques combining body awareness exercises with breathing exercises in order to harness this vital resource for health.

Quantum healing may be relatively new as an option therapy, but its roots date back centuries in other traditions like reiki and Chinese medicine. While some scientists have criticized quantum healing practices, others view them as an effective alternative way of treating or curing cancer. As holistic treatments work differently for each individual, always experiment to see which ones have an effect on your symptoms.


Quantum healing is a type of energy medicine that employs various techniques to harmonize mind and body. The practice stems from the belief that our bodies contain an energetic life force known as “chi”, when this life force becomes imbalanced it can result in illness. Practitioners use various techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation to transfer and amp up this life force energy; many users report improvements in both health and well-being after using quantum healing – while some scientists may believe its results to be placebo effects, it remains worth trying if conventional treatments fail!

Quantum healing operates under the assumption that all parts of our universe are interdependent, from your physical body and emotions to spirituality and spirit. Therefore, changing your energy frequency affects everyone around you – including at a quantum level where subatomic particles appear and disappear randomly to form matter that serves as the foundation of existence.

Quantum healing techniques such as Reiki and quantum touch offer various forms of holistic therapy that don’t rely on scientific evidence for effectiveness, yet still help relieve stress and promote positive mindsets. They are sometimes combined with conventional medicine in order to boost overall patient health.

Reiki and quantum healing both use the transference of energy from the universe into human bodies in order to heal and balance mind, body and soul. Although they share similarities, there are some distinctions – for instance reiki healing involves more ritualistic processes than quantum therapy.

QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon. A QHHT session involves regression to experience past life scenes and receive answers to your deepest queries, often lasting two or three hours. Participants connect to their Higher Self or Super Consciousness during this process – providing invaluable information about health, relationships and careers.

Bryan Johnson – Can Humans Reverse Aging?

Bryan Johnson is a tech millionaire spending millions to reverse his aging process with help from health and wellness experts who regularly track his progress.

They conduct MRIs, ultrasounds, fitness tests and DNA methylation analyses on their subjects. His daily regimen entails following a strict diet with exercise and taking 100 supplements each day.

His personal journey

Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur who has committed millions of dollars towards his quest to reverse aging through technology and biology interventions. His journey has been nothing short of amazing and has garnered significant media coverage.

Johnson has established an effective routine that incorporates blood transfusions, low-calorie diet and rigorous physical fitness routine. He constantly evaluates his efforts and adjusts accordingly; additionally, he regularly meets with an advisory team who provide him feedback about his progress – this has proven vital in his success.

At present, Dr. Blueprint is conducting an experiment involving exchanging blood with both his father and son as part of a cell rejuvenation procedure designed to reduce age-related damage in their bodies and extend human lives beyond 100 years.

He has also taken steps to slow the signs of aging through various anti-ageing therapies, including restricting his eating window and engaging in high intensity interval training three days each week, taking various supplements, and scheduling regular MRIs – hoping that all these practices combined together may eventually reverse his aging.

His efforts have yielded remarkable results: his epigenetic age has decreased by five years and his lung function now matches that of an 18-year-old. Furthermore, he has seen improvements in both skin quality and eyesight.

Johnson has encountered both successes and obstacles on his search for the Fountain of Youth. His experiments have caused controversy and criticism from certain scientists; nonetheless, Johnson remains undaunted and continues to pursue his mission with passion.

His work has also contributed to significant technological advancements. He founded Kernel, which produces $50k brain-measuring helmets, as well as OS Fund, an organization which invests in breakthrough technologies that improve human health and longevity. Furthermore, his quest to reverse aging has attracted widespread media coverage; to increase its chances of success further he has met with top scientists from around the world.

Scientific discoveries

Bryan Johnson has earned global attention as an activist who seeks to slow and reverse the effects of aging. After selling Braintree Payment Solutions to PayPal for $800 million in 2013, Johnson began spending an astounding $2 Million annually on an intensive regimen designed to give him a physical makeover – ultimately producing a 91-year-old who appears younger than their biological age.

Johnson has created a medical wing within his home and recruited 30 physicians to oversee his body’s functions daily. He takes more than 100 supplements daily, adheres to an extremely specific diet plan, works out intensely and dyes his hair while using various treatments such as all-over skin laser treatments.

The experiment of this entrepreneur is part of a growing trend among technology midases who aim to slow their biological aging using cutting-edge longevity research and investing millions of dollars to find their Fountain of Youth dreams. While certain techniques have shown promise, they may not yet be accessible to everyone.

One of the most promising advances is gene therapy’s potential to extend longevity and healthspan. The technique involves extracting specific DNA sequences that encode specific genes and replacing them with sequences more likely to produce healthful results, taking advantage of discoveries about which genes encode proteins which control cell processes.

Regulator proteins play an essential role in maintaining cell functions in animals. By altering or replacing regulatory proteins, scientists can slow the aging process and extend animal lifespan.

Regulators that control cell cycle progression and production of lipids could provide some of the greatest benefit, with slowing cellular aging, improving muscle mass gain and decreasing inflammation all possible results of inhibiting these proteins.

Altos Labs and Calico Labs specialize in cell rejuvenation therapies and are supported by prominent investors like Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner; in collaboration with researchers they’re developing ways to rejuvenate cells.

Entrepreneurial approach

Bryan Johnson, the tech millionaire behind payments processing company Braintree and creator of Blueprint health protocol for holistic living, is on an anti-aging quest. His Blueprint program seeks to prove that humans can reverse aging through taking control of their bodies – it aims to achieve “aging escape velocity”.

This system uses data gathered from all 78 organs to measure an individual’s overall health, combining genetic and epigenetic markers, fitness tests, and diet to create a personalized medicine approach to care. For two years now, its founder has followed his own rules; rising at 4:30 a.m. until 11 am for breakfast before having his last meal of the day at 11 am! He uses LED light therapy on his face while taking over 100 supplements as well as sitting on an apparatus designed to strengthen his pelvic floor muscles!

Johnson is also a blood plasma donor. Recently, his video showing him giving some of his own blood to his teenage son went viral; however, Johnson claims the plasma infusions have had no beneficial impact on his own health.

His goal is to reduce the rate of his body aging by 25% – meaning he will age only half as fast as normal people. He plans on testing various anti-ageing techniques until eventually reaching a point at which his age reverses itself.

Recent research conducted at Yale University discovered that some individuals can slow or reverse aging by following an improved lifestyle. Published in PLOS One, researchers reviewed over 2,000 participants to conclude that activities like maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and getting enough rest could slow or reverse the aging process.

Technology entrepreneur Adam Backus of Venmo app, Braintree and Kernel fame has been sharing his efforts to reverse his aging. Starting Project Blueprint this year and monitoring his body with medical tests such as blood, saliva, stool and urine analyses; MRIs/Ultrasound scans as well as DNA methylation testing is at the core of this plan.


Bryan Johnson has shown great promise in defying the aging process; however, as his research is pursued further. First of all, medical authorities remain cautious of his claims of reversing aging – this process is complex, with mechanisms designed to protect from damage becoming dysregulated with age; known as Gompertz-Makeham law. Reversing it requires rebalancing these systems preventing damage accrual; unfortunately this goal could take decades before being reached.

Converting scientific discoveries into practical interventions can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, requiring extensive testing, approvals and investments – something Johnson is determined to address by turning his lab discoveries into real world solutions.

Johnson employs an array of anti-aging efforts, such as diet, supplementation regimen, exercise routine, and regular medical screenings. He takes several supplements that he claims reduce inflammation, enhance androgen receptor sensitivity, support testosterone production, and promote hair health – estimated costs totalling an estimated $2 Million per year for these alone!

Bryan Johnson has become famous for his efforts to reverse aging. What sets him apart, however, is his unwavering dedication and focus – prioritizing sleep over self-destructive behaviors while prioritizing what matters long term and realigning his cells to reduce or reverse aging altogether.

One of the more challenging aspects of his regimen is assessing his epigenetic age. This involves analyzing multiple biomarkers. Although several companies offer epigenetic testing kits for consumers, results cannot always be easily compared between people since most tests only measure limited biomarkers.

Measuring biological age can be a complex undertaking, but Johnson’s team has devised an advanced methodology for doing it. His team tracks various biomarkers such as metabolic markers that correlate to different age categories to create an accurate evaluation of an individual’s biological age compared to traditional measures like measuring chronological age.

Opinions differ on his results; while others believe his approach could significantly enhance human health and longevity. While parabiosis experiments show promise, their outcomes must still be validated through further studies; furthermore, such studies require large numbers of volunteers for validation purposes.

What is Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy?

ANF Therapy is a natural and non-pharmacological way of alleviating pain and inflammation, often used to heal sprains, strains, bruises and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

ANF discs are circular patches made of carbonized metal which contain frequencies. When activated by body heat they emit their signature frequency that is picked up by neurons and cells of the nervous system.

What is Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy?

Amino neuro frequency therapy is a safe, non-invasive solution for pain, inflammation, muscle fatigue, aches and joint stiffness. Unlike painkillers that just mask symptoms temporarily, this therapy treats their source. Through small discs transmitting weak electromagnetic frequencies to your nervous system in order to normalize and regulate it as you experience discomfort in specific locations within your body.

At an ANF session, we will apply thin circular discs filled with carbonized metal (28.4% pure) that contain frequencies specifically designed to help heal your body and redirect its defence systems. Once applied, these discs will activate their frequencies through heat from your own body heat and send signals directly to neurons in your area of injury or pain.

Your nervous system then uses these frequencies to refocus its signals to your glands, organs and muscles for repair and relieve your discomfort. Once this signal reaches your body, it can start healing itself and reduce pain levels accordingly.

This process is quick and pain-free – you will feel less discomfort and inflammation after just one treatment session with ANF discs. ANF discs have also proven successful at treating various acute injuries like sprains or strains as well as chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis.

ANF utilizes biophysics and quantum mechanics to offer an innovative new solution for pain management. Comprised of wearable discs filled with carbonized metal designed by NASA two decades ago, ANF provides wearers with a novel pain-reducing method. This material can be charged with frequencies, used to transmit or receive them, then released into or taken up from the body up to 72 hours post removal of discs. ANF discs possess the unique capability of transmitting frequencies that your nervous system can pick up and use to regain control of your body, helping it restore homeostasis and heal both directly over an area affected by injury or pain, as well as other areas requiring balance to help heal properly.

How Does Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Work?

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy is a revolutionary holistic approach to pain and inflammation management that takes advantage of our bodies being controlled by our nervous systems. ANF uses circular patch discs made out of carbonized metal which hold frequencies developed by NASA; when placed directly on the body and activated by body heat, these unique neuro frequencies transmit throughout all neurons within your human body to relieve your pain or inflammation.

Frequency transmission helps the body reestablish weak or broken signals by sending them back where they belong, thus helping reduce symptoms of inflammation such as pain and stiffness. Neurons within our bodies generate their own frequencies while also copying those from other neurons; this allows them to control all body functions, produce immune responses and distribute resources evenly across our bodies – but when these neurons become dysfunctional due to emotional or mental strain, invisible inflammation ensues with devastating results on health.

ANF helps the body correct itself naturally and quickly by returning signaling errors where they belong, and this allows its natural healing processes to commence. Cellular signaling improvement occurs without using chemicals or equipment for faster, lasting results.

At an ANF session, we examine your body by following nerve pathways and focusing on finding the source of your symptoms. Once identified, we use specific ANF discs to treat them accordingly and after sessions have concluded provide you with your own set of discs for at-home use for up to 72 hours until symptoms or pain decrease significantly.

At each treatment session, the results can vary; however, we have seen amazing success amongst our clients; many have reported a 50% decrease in pain after just one treatment! Furthermore, others report improved muscle building, faster immune system regeneration rates, and quality sleep.

What Are the Benefits of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy?

ANF therapy is a non-pharmacological pain relief solution with only occasional and mild side effects, using thin circular wearable discs made of carbonized metal inlaid with frequencies to transmit unique neuro frequencies that reach neurons throughout the body and initiate self-healing processes. It’s safe, gentle and painless – working quickly on all physical problems in all areas.

Prior to commencing treatment, we conduct an in-depth assessment of our patient’s condition. At our first session we can pinpoint where physical discomfort or pain lies. After placing ANF discs over areas requiring attention, most patients experience significant reduction in pain intensity within 15-20 minutes after their placement on.

Human bodies contain over 86 billion neurons that generate electrical signals throughout our bodies to facilitate bodily functions and manage immune response. If frequencies of our nervous system become broken or weak, they can lead to dysfunctional muscles and organs as well as oxidative stress which leads to invisible inflammation that manifests as stiffness, joint pain or even arthritis symptoms in many parts of the body.

At our office and home, ANF therapies are used to address various forms of inflammation including arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and back pain as well as acute injuries like sprains, strains and bruises. Furthermore, these therapies may also assist in treating digestive disorders, allergies, insomnia and low energy.

Through ANF therapy, our patients can experience an improved state of wellness – including better sleep and quality of life due to reduced pain levels and inflammation clearance in their bodies. We achieve these results using our proprietary ANF technology; additionally we are pleased to provide them with their own customized ANF kit so they may continue the progress made at our clinic.

How Can Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Help Me?

ANF Therapy is a non-invasive, painless solution that works to encourage your body’s natural healing process. This therapy can help relieve chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and back pain as well as acute injuries like sprains strains and bruises. Furthermore, ANF Therapy improves range of motion while simultaneously relieving pain from sports or work related accidents and may even decrease prescription painkiller side effects by encouraging your body’s ability to manage symptoms without side effects.

ANF works by eliminating invisible inflammation caused by toxins, chemicals and free radicals in your body that has the ability to disrupt muscle, tissue and organ functioning incorrectly and disrupting healing ability. ANF improves nervous system signaling at cellular level in order to ensure body frequencies align harmoniously.

ANF discs, when applied to your skin and activated by your body heat, transmit specific neuro frequencies through neurons into your nervous system and start self-healing the area through sending “correction signals”. They can remain on the skin for up to 72 hours so your body continues to benefit even after leaving my office!

Utilizing more than 180 frequency emitting discs, ANF technology maximizes and accelerates healing in all muscle groups, organs, hormones and systems of the body. No chemicals or drugs are contained within these carbonized metal discs – simply frequencies for homeostasis and balance within our systems.

As soon as we complete an initial evaluation, we identify physical areas which are struggling and apply ANF discs accordingly to normalize and regulate those areas, speeding up recovery time while soothing nerves and systems. Most clients experience relief within 5-20 minutes from having ANF discs applied.

Spooky2 – The Heart of Rife Frequencies

Spooky2 software is at the core of our powerful Rife system, controlling as many as 126 generators simultaneously. Offering plasma, contact, remote and DNA transmission at extremely competitive prices!

Everything in the universe operates on specific frequencies. Rife theory asserts that these frequencies can be harnessed to destroy harmful cells and pathogens.

Contact Frequencies

Spooky2 is an electromagnetic field generator that produces low-energy electromagnetic waves. These frequencies are transmitted into a person’s body for various uses such as energy balancing, life extension and relaxation; additionally it also cleanses them through coordinative resonance to remove bacteria and viruses from your system.

Frequency generation for this device relies on quantum physics principles. According to this theory, electric currents alternating in time create electromagnetic fields with infinite harmonics emitted as electromagnetic waves in the same direction but at different intensities; these waves may then travel through metal and other objects, potentially altering an individual’s body electromagnetic field and potentially altering physical health as a whole.

Contact frequencies of an individual can be affected by their environment, lifestyle and diet. People who experience more stress tend to have higher contact frequencies. Furthermore, their contact frequencies can also be altered depending on the surface they touch.

People who frequently touch doorknobs will experience lower contact frequencies because doorknobs contain more metal. Also, those exposed to more electromagnetic fields from electronic devices are likely to have lower contact frequencies.

Spooky2 features 15 sub-databases, each with their own set of frequencies. ALT contains programs based on Ayurvedic knowledge and practice, solfeggios and planetary frequencies. BFB holds your biofeedback scan results; BP contains over 12,000 programs for human, animal and plant pathogens categorized according to base pair values; CAFL holds frequencies added by the Spooky2 team while RIFE contains Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s original frequencies; while VEGA draws upon excellent Russian frequency research.

Remote Frequencies

Spooky2 is an advanced frequency generation and application system featuring various tools and accessories to use the Spooky database effectively, such as generator x and generator xm generators, tens and kits, plasma tubes, the Spooky Pulse DNA Remote system and cold laser. All these allow direct application of frequencies directly onto body or DNA for effective results while its software offers biofeedback scanning capabilities and other advanced features.

Frequency applications can help address a range of ailments, ranging from bone regeneration and neurological dysfunction to pain relief. The Spooky2 database features healing and killing frequencies which can attack microorganisms that cause disease; however, using them without sufficient hydration could release toxins which lead to herxheimer reactions that cause allergic reactions – it’s therefore essential that proper hydration be observed while using frequencies, particularly during detoxification processes.

Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Rife frequencies in treating various health conditions, from tumor removal and cancer therapy, healing multiple autoimmune diseases and decreasing Parkinson’s symptoms, to alleviating their effects. Spooky2 utilizes coordinative resonance frequency therapy techniques to address such concerns.

Spooky2 can help create custom frequency programs and biofeedback scans to treat various ailments, as well as remotely applying Rife frequencies to someone’s DNA via quantum entanglement – something Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance.” This technology enables remote users to receive healing benefits of frequencies regardless of where they reside – they can send frequencies from generator to remote, cell phone, etc. without any time delay between transmission.

Plasma Frequencies

Spooky2 utilizes various frequency programs to eliminate harmful pathogens and restore balance to cells at a cellular level, supporting natural healing processes as well as well-being promotion. It may alleviate pain and inflammation, strengthen immunity systems, detoxify body tissues, improve sleep patterns and decrease stress through what’s known as molecular resonance effect.

The Spooky2 Frequency Generator is an advanced multi-function tool, capable of being used both in Plasma and Remote modes. However, distinguishing between them may be challenging and understanding which frequencies should run for a particular condition can be confusing; although its database provides both killing and healing presets it may still be hard to choose one over the other.

Spooky2 offers several settings that can help users select specific frequencies to achieve optimal results, from healing frequencies for repairing damaged cells and organs to killing frequencies that target disease-causing pathogens. Spooky2 also features various settings which allow users to alter how each frequency impacts results.

Spooky2 is an advanced frequency therapy system, made easy to use with its user-friendly design and numerous advantages. With more than 59,700 preset programs and customizable waveforms/multipliers to choose from, tracking results is made simpler than ever; plus the software comes complete with an effective search box to quickly locate specific frequencies.

Plasma frequency is an essential concept in plasma physics and measures the oscillation rate of electrons within an electrically neutral plasma. To calculate it, scientists use the plasma frequency formula which describes relationships among various variables; its foundation lies on an assumption that plasma is quasi-neutral, isotropic, homogeneous and non-relativistic.

When using the Spooky2 system, it is vital to stay hydrated and take breaks after each session to minimize herxheimer reactions or other possible side effects. Incorporating foods rich in vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetables during treatment sessions may also help.

PEMF Frequencies

A Spooky2 generator uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic pulses to heal damaged tissue and bone, alleviate pain, stimulate organs and aid with many health conditions. Furthermore, detoxification and increased circulation may also benefit. Keep in mind that not all frequencies work for everyone and that trial-and-error may be required before finding one that’s most suitable.

Researchers conducted one study where they exposed healthy patient chondrocytes to PEMF for various lengths and frequencies, finding that short term exposure at 0.1Hz with field strengths of 1.95uT had the most favorable effects on ECM production, cell viability and stress fiber formation compared with longer-term exposure at these frequencies. Their results also demonstrated less beneficial effects than expected with longer-term exposures at these same frequencies.

According to experts, frequency ranges between 1-50Hz are most beneficial for healing as they can easily be absorbed by cells and bones without interfering with biological processes. Frequencies that exceed this range tend to produce heating effects, thus negating their positive benefits on cells and bones.

The Spooky2 program boasts over 59,000 733 frequencies that users can select, providing an ideal way to address a range of health concerns. Furthermore, tools and accessories exist that maximize the benefits of these frequencies while its biofeedback scanning feature can detect hidden infections or toxins that might be contributing to symptoms.

Spooky2 uses quantum entanglement to generate electromagnetic fields used for treating the body. This technology offers a different perspective on how electromagnetic waves impact us; additionally, vibrational and sound frequencies may also help heal.

Spooky2 frequencies include the mortal oscillator rate, which has been proven to improve longevity and overall health, Schuman resonance frequency which increases cell activity and boosts energy, DNA cleansing frequency of 528 Hertz that has shown remarkable effects on our DNA, and more!

How Does Radionics Really Work?

Radionics is an energy healing practice used to treat health conditions as well as soil, crops and animals without using drugs or chemicals.

All living things possess an invisible energy field that sustains and vitalises them, providing vitality. If this field becomes weaker, dis-ease may appear; Radionics employs a dowsing technique with special instruments to identify vulnerabilities within it.

What is Radionics?

Radionics is an analysis and treatment technique which uses energy dowsing instruments and extended sensory perception to detect imbalanced energy patterns causing disease in people, animals, plants or their environments – from humans and animals through plants to environments – such as soil. Once identified by practitioners they are corrected through use of special dowsing equipment combined with extended-sensory perception or “radiesthesia.”

Radionics operates under the assumption that all living organisms, including humans, possess an energy field which helps sustain their physical bodies. If this field becomes depleted through stress or other means, its ability to function may become impaired and must be restored using “radionic” remedies designed to provide the appropriate level of balancing energy.

Holistic therapy addresses all aspects of life – physical, psychological and emotional health. It is noninvasive, does not use drugs or harmful substances and will not interfere with other treatments being utilized. Holistic therapies can be employed to improve general well-being, prevent illness and aid recovery from illness.

Radionic treatment is administered remotely through an interactive holographic link based on hair samples to connect directly with their practitioner and explore their energy patterns. Clients fill out a case history form and provide small samples of hair so the practitioner can build an intimate bond, with all data kept strictly confidential.

As this treatment is complementary to, rather than replacing, traditional veterinary care, qualified practitioners always strive to work alongside mainstream medicine, being fully informed about an animal’s medical history and potential treatment options. Therefore it is imperative that all clients receive written referral from their vet.

How does Radionics work?

Radionics works simply by broadcasting clearly defined healing energies over distance. This form of energy healing is founded on the idea that each individual possesses their own individual energy pattern that should remain balanced and harmonious in order to experience good health; any imbalance or distortions within this pattern could result in illness or disease for an individual.

Dr Albert Abrams (1863-1924) established the core principles of Radionics, while Ruth Drown (1891-1972), his student, added an important twist when she discovered it was possible to treat patients from a distance using hair as a witness between practitioner and machine (based on holographic principles as organic material in hair mirrors the entire body) thus enabling treatment to take place without needing client present.

By using pendulums and various Radionic instruments, practitioners can diagnose their patients by scanning their energy pattern. This allows the practitioner to pinpoint any imbalances at the root cause of a patients problem and then offer solutions. All types of physical and mental ailments can be treated using this approach from minor ailments like hay fever to chronic conditions like arthritis or inflammatory diseases.

Radionics can also help improve mental and emotional stability as well as clearing away environmental pollutants and supporting plant growth, both horticulture-wise and agriculture-wise.

Why is Radionics so effective?

Radionics rests upon the principle that everything exists with its own vibrational signature that can be detected at electromagnetic levels by modern instruments. This allows Radionics analysis of clinical symptoms as a disturbance in this field and disease recognition through vibrational signature analysis.

Dowsing in Radionics is an effective way of detecting imbalances in a patient’s subtle energy field and choosing suitable patterns to correct it. Treatment sessions may be conducted remotely and even animals can benefit from using this technique.

Homoeopathic remedies, flower remedies, gem essences, colors and antidote patterns for bacteria and viruses are among the many healing patterns available to Radionic practitioners, who must select one for optimal use in order to obtain positive results. Dowsing may also help identify effective non-Radionic treatments; in many instances Radionic practitioners work in combination with traditional medicine when necessary.

Radionics can also be a valuable preventative health measure. Conducting regular checks of the subtle energy within our bodies is beneficial to all, especially children and babies. Animals and plants alike benefit as well – horse riders commonly practice “putting their horse on the box”.

Radionics is an extremely flexible tool, and can be used with virtually any physical object with vibrational frequency – this can include crystals, statues, prayer beads, rabbit’s feet or church bells; even drumbeats from shamanistic drumming can serve as receivers of Radionics-derived energy.

Does Radionics work for animals?

Radionics is a healing modality which can be applied to people, pets, farm animals and plants alike. Utilizing dowsing technology, Radionics uses pre-physical assessment of body imbalances and provides energy healing support at pre-physical level to heal themselves from within. At its core is an understanding that various forms of matter possess vibrational patterns which can be detected using specialised instruments like pendulum dowsing devices by trained practitioners using these instruments for evaluation purposes.

Therapists perform an in-depth assessment to identify any imbalances or blockages that require correcting. This may involve identifying negative thought patterns that have the potential of manifesting into physical ailments or incoherent behaviors and eliminating them from their lives.

Once an underlying pattern of disease has been identified, effective remedies are provided to aid self-healing processes. This may involve homeopathic medicines, flower remedies, gem essences and colours or antidote patterns against bacteria viruses or pathogens; often practitioners will also dowse for complementary non-Radionic therapies to enhance effectiveness of treatment alongside radionic therapies.

Radionics differs from conventional medical treatments in that it can access levels and dimensions that are inaccessible to modern medicine, thus making it an effective tool in treating conditions that manifest themselves as named diseases and eliminating their root causes at an internal level. As an excellent adjunct therapy to other forms of healing such as acupuncture, herbal treatments, homeopathy or physiotherapy; some practitioners will even work closely with orthodox procedures both with human patients as well as animal patients.

Does Radionics work for plants?

Radionics is an holistic energy treatment based on the concept that all living things possess an invisible energy field that sustains and vitalises them, yet can become compromised due to various reasons and cause emotional or physical illness. Radionics practitioners use intuitive skills and dowsing instruments to detect imbalances within this energy field and select remedies for healing purposes.

This healing method is founded on the idea that everything has an energy vibrational frequency that can be measured using pendulums or dowsing rods. This concept relates to quantum physics which suggests all particles of matter are interconnected, meaning any changes in one can have an immediate impact on others even from great distances away.

Radionics practitioners utilize equipment designed to detect resonance or “vibrations” for each rate, represented by a number and letter code (as seen below). The rates cover an extensive array of topics relating to human anatomy and physiology; pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi); poisons/toxins; as well as all common diseases.

Once a rate has been identified, a practitioner dowses to determine appropriate remedies and uses Radionics instrument to broadcast them onto the subject. The goal is to release any “toxic frequencies” limiting their bio-energy so it can return to its natural strength; typically this involves homoeopathic remedies, flower essences or gem essences; but alternative approaches could include diet plans or homeopathic preparations targeted against parasites, viruses or bacteria.