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June 13, 2024Editor

Steve Remote Healer

Steve is an incredible healer who will help you reconnect with your spirituality and find balance again in your life. Using energy healing modalities like Reiki, Magnified Seichem and chakra balancing to promote mental, emotional, and physical wellness he provides the perfect support.

He offers NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that empower you to alter limiting beliefs and mindsets. Book your session now to start on the journey towards holistic wellbeing!


Energy healing, or Reiki for short, is a natural form of treatment which may help relieve anxiety and stress while simultaneously relieving pain. Furthermore, Reiki has also been proven effective against depression; however no scientific studies have demonstrated its efficacy at treating any illness; before considering alternative therapies it’s always wise to consult your physician first.

At a Reiki session, the practitioner gently places their hands on or above the body in 12 different positions that correspond with chakras – energy centers associated with our main energy channels – representing chakras. During a treatment session, recipients may feel tingling sensations and hot/cold flashes caused by the release of toxins from their bodies; sessions also often result in feelings of peace and relaxation.

Reiki is an ancient spiritual practice with roots in Japanese tradition. “Rei” stands for universal spirit or higher power while “Ki” refers to life force energy that pervades all living things and flows throughout nature. Reiki uses spiritually guided life force energy healing methods to restore balance to mind, body, and soul.

Steve is an energetic healer and certified Reiki practitioner who is passionate about supporting individuals on their path towards holistic wellness. Combining his 11 years as a personal trainer with energy healing and intuition healing to offer personalized approaches to wellbeing for his clients. An empath who deeply understands their emotional and energetic needs, Steve creates a safe and welcoming space where individuals can explore themselves while healing themselves in safety.

Steve is also a skilled cold laser therapy healer, using the Terminator Zapper to treat parasites and diseases such as herpes. Additionally, he has helped many clients improve their health and well-being through diet modification, exercise and meditation.

Magnified Seichem

Magnified Seichem is an energy healing method similar to Reiki that utilizes ancient Egyptian symbols for deep healing on physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This practice can be used to remove obstacles, release negative emotions and spark personal development – and even supports Ascension processes.

This healing system combines all four elemental rays: earth, fire, water and air – to produce an exceptionally powerful form of therapy that can be applied both on people and animals alike. A gentle yet potency energy that can be channeled from hands into aura of recipient can be channeled for use against physical and emotional problems as well as traumas.

Energies of balance work well to strengthen and revitalize spiritual bodies by harmonizing chakras. As this energy is feminine in nature, it’s ideal for relieving stress and freeing blocked energies – making this ancient healing method extremely effective at improving overall well-being.

Seichem not only acts as an effective spiritual energy, but it can also strengthen our immune systems – making it a fantastic complement to traditional medical treatments such as Reiki for treating chronic pain or depression. It is often combined with Reiki in treating such conditions.

Energy healing through Reiki is an engaging and simple form of energy healing, requiring no special tools or techniques for the practitioner to complete a session successfully. Simply place their hands over the recipient, waiting until they sense a pleasant sensation of tingling or pulsing where your practitioner placed them, to complete your session.

Melody provides combined Reiki and Seichem healing courses on the Gold Coast over weekend training courses. Her weekend courses feature attunements to Reiki levels 1 & 2, certification of each level, and full Seichem healing sessions.

Chakra Balancing

When our chakras are open and balanced, we can access energy from the universal network of life force that pervades all things in nature. This energy can then be dispersed throughout our bodies for physical health, mental clarity and spiritual connection. While chakra imbalance may occur due to several reasons, some symptoms that could indicate one include anxiety or feeling unbalanced – if this describes you try a chakra balancing treatment to restore equilibrium to your aura.

Chakra balancing practices have been utilized by traditional medicine for millennia, and there is scientific proof of their efficacy. These practices represent complementary and alternative therapy that has proven itself effective against everything from depression to anxiety; additionally they reduce stress while improving overall wellness.

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and color therapy are among the many practices you can do to balance your chakras. Chakra healing kits often come equipped with crystals associated with each of the seven chakras to promote a healthy flow of energy throughout the body when held or placed over certain parts of it.

Balance in each chakra corresponds with a particular emotion, so balancing them can help you meet the challenges that lie before you. For instance, an unbalanced throat chakra can compromise your ability to communicate effectively. Chakra balancing may also assist in managing psychological issues which manifest themselves physically such as stomach or chest discomfort as well as improve mood and enhance creativity.

Intuitive Guidance

Steven offers intuitive insights to guide and support you through life’s obstacles. Utilizing Oracle Cards, Spiritual Guidance, and Intuitive Healing techniques he brings clarity and empowerment to any area of life that interests you; whether that means discovering more about your soul purpose or discovering answers in relationships, careers, finances, health or life in general – his sessions provide clear direction and insight into any situation.

Though many are skeptical of psychics and intuitives, some have actually taken advantage of their services. One woman suffering from panic attacks used intuitive energy healing to overcome her anxieties. Readings she received helped her recognize that an unpleasant event she endured as a child was at the source of her panic attacks; counseling had helped, yet unresolved emotions still lingered within her; intuitive healing allowed her to release these issues so she could begin the healing process.

Another individual utilized intuitive guidance to address relationship and family issues. She found immense benefit, feeling free of past limitations that had been holding her back and learning how to let go of negative patterns by loving herself – all which has contributed to transforming her entire life.

Some intuitives specialize in specific areas of expertise, such as medical intuition, tarot reading or business intuition. If you have specific queries that need answers then visiting an intuitive may be beneficial; the more specific your questions are the greater accuracy will be obtained from their responses. If possible it would also be advantageous to bring multiple intuitives together on a case.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a form of mentoring designed to assist business owners in improving their businesses and increasing the bottom line. It focuses on the personal growth of an owner while using proven coaching techniques to assist in reaching goals and developing mindsets and skillsets across an organization – making business coaching a powerful way of building careers and increasing business outcomes.

Attracting more revenue may be the primary goal for most business owners who seek a business coach, but that is only part of what’s on offer here. A good coach will not only work to expand your company but will also identify and dispel any limiting beliefs which might be holding you back – an effort which may take some time but can ultimately pay dividends in terms of increased revenues and business success.

Key to being a successful business coach is having relevant industry experience – this may come from working as a manager or having owned their own businesses. Finding the ideal business coach can make an incredible difference in its success. Coaches should possess both deep knowledge about both your company and market as well as strong management backgrounds to offer valuable assistance in business coaching services.

Business coaches bring years of experience to their clients when helping them manage a company, including helping to determine goals and create plans to meet them, setting up systems for accountability, and devising plans for growth.

June 13, 2024Editor

Alternative Therapy MD in Easton, MD

Alternative therapy encompasses treatments not typically part of conventional medical practice. These may include herbal remedies, dietary supplements and bodywork therapies; there’s no evidence to show they work – they could even impede or undermine cancer treatments, so unless recommended by a healthcare provider it would be wise to stay away.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to medical products and practices outside what are traditionally regarded as mainstream, conventional or standard treatments. This can include therapies like acupuncture, massage, yoga and dietary supplements as well as various philosophies about health, healing, illness and disease that differ from what our healthcare system currently relies upon.

Most complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices have not been thoroughly researched, making it hard to discern their efficacy or potential side effects. Acupuncture and massage have both proven their worth in improving health; others such as yoga have also shown great promise; it may also be possible that placebo effect accounts for some benefits of specific CAM therapies.

Some complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices are being investigated more thoroughly, yet their workings or safety remain uncertain. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), in the US, conducts research into complementary and integrative health. Their Physician Data Query database offers evidence-based information for many therapies from versions designed for patients as well as physicians; additionally their Cancer and Complementary Health Approaches page offers more details regarding complementary health approaches (CAM).

Many practices included within complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are rooted in ancient beliefs and traditions, including those held by indigenous cultures and traditions. At its core is an understanding that our bodies possess an innate capacity for self-healing; those who practice CAM believe this process can be hastened by clearing away blockages in energy flow – known as Qi – through our bodies. Some CAM practitioners are trained in traditional Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine while others possess knowledge in other health care systems.

Healing touch

Alternative Therapy MD of Easton, Maryland offers comprehensive wellness and aesthetic medical spa services from cosmetic injections to cannabis certifications – helping you look and feel your best! Their offerings also include bodywork such as Myofascial Release (MFR) and Massage Therapy; owned by two sisters with Bachelors and Masters degrees from Salisbury University as nurses themselves with over 25 years of combined experience! Call them now to set up a customized consultation!


Reiki is an alternative form of bodywork practiced by practitioners where practitioners place their hands directly onto or above the body to promote relaxation and healing. Although there has been little scientific proof as to its efficacy, studies have indicated it can reduce anxiety and pain levels as well as help the body heal itself more quickly. Reiki should never replace medical care.

At a Reiki session, your practitioner places their hand on or above specific areas of your body as you lie fully clothed on a couch or other comfortable surface. Some individuals experience sensations like heat or tingling during these sessions – thought to be caused by cosmic energies moving through them into your system to promote healing.

Although research on Reiki is limited, some studies have demonstrated its ability to reduce blood pressure and anxiety while improving sleep and restful nights’ rest. Unfortunately, however, researchers have noted some shortcomings with some studies and are calling for more high-quality investigations in this field.

Reiki may work mysteriously, yet studies have demonstrated its effects. Reiki can alter blood flow, increasing hemoglobin and hematocrit levels through relaxation effects on blood vessels that allow more oxygen into them; yet more studies on reiki must be completed in order to verify these findings.

Reiki therapy should not be seen as an alternative to conventional medicine; rather it offers ways of relieving stress and improving immunity. Reiki therapy can be combined with surgeries or prescribed medications as part of a comprehensive health plan; in fact, some doctors encourage their patients to include Reiki therapy into their plan for treating certain illnesses.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment which uses needles in precise locations on the body to stimulate specific acupoints, stimulating signals to the brain and spinal cord that release chemicals that block pain signals and produce mood-regulating compounds. Acupuncture has long been used to relieve chronic back pain, headaches and anxiety disorders; more recently it has also proven successful at decreasing nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments.

Tui Na, or Chinese medical massage; and electrical stimulation–which uses mild pulses of electricity–can both enhance its effectiveness. Before embarking on any new health regimen, be sure to discuss acupuncture with your healthcare provider first; its risks tend to be low with trained practitioners using sterile needles; some people may experience minor soreness or bruising at the site of needle placement, while most don’t experience any pain during sessions.

Many physicians possess an understanding of alternative therapies and may be open to discussing them with patients, which can result in improved patient outcomes and a more holistic treatment plan. Acupuncturists can be found in various settings including multidisciplinary offices and physical therapy clinics.

Acupuncture has proven its effectiveness at treating various common ailments, such as pain, fibromyalgia, nausea and headaches. Additionally, it may provide relief for anxiety disorders and depression; however it should not be used as a replacement for traditional medications as this could interfere with their effects and interfere with antidepressant and anti-seizure therapies.

June 13, 2024Editor

Integrated Energy Therapy Near Me

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is an intuitive healing modality that utilizes meridians and energy centers. Angelic energies help clear away cellular memory to clear our tissues of issues.

Trauma Release Technique (TRE) is a gentle yet powerful approach that enables clients to release past trauma without revisiting it, making it an excellent complement for Reiki treatments.

IET is a non-invasive form of energy healing

Human bodies are complex systems governed by energy flow. Our emotions and thoughts can alter this energy, so various forms of energy healing such as Reiki or IET provide noninvasive techniques that channel it towards overall wellness. An IET practitioner uses hand positions to identify imbalances or blockages within your energy field before clearing these with positive energy to promote overall well-being in your body and alleviate physical discomfort, emotional trauma and improve mental clarity resulting in healing benefits such as alleviate physical pain, stress or trauma relief and improved mental clarity.

Clients of IET often report experiencing warm or tingling sensations throughout their body that correspond with energy movement, as well as experiencing deeper connections to spiritual beliefs or an increased awareness of life’s purpose. Everyone’s experience of IET will differ; therefore it is vital that communication be maintained between you and your practitioner regarding any feelings or impressions encountered both during and post session.

One of the key characteristics of IET is its focus on the cellular memory level of our energy field. Here lies hidden emotional traumas which may manifest themselves through stress, fatigue, or chronic illnesses – something IET practitioners use angelic energy to remove and replace with positive life-affirming energies.

IET sessions are gentle and nurturing, making them appropriate for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some clients who seek my help primarily aim to address an existing physical condition while others wish to release patterns that no longer serve them; both cases involve an energy blockage or restriction as their source.

IET is an energy healing modality that works directly with your cellular memory to release patterns no longer serving you, using divine angelic energy rays from heaven to help access and correct your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. The result of IET treatment can be profound healing that unlocks your soul’s mission while hastening its journey forward.

It’s a great compliment to Reiki

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is an effective healing modality that works with your energy field to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Utilizing gentle hands-on techniques with elements from both acupressure and reflexology, practitioners use IET techniques on specific chakras or aura areas within the energy field in order to clear blockages or imbalances that exist there and improve sleep quality – relieving stress anxiety reduce pain discomfort while improving overall quality of sleep quality – IET may be used alone or combined with other holistic or traditional approaches in order to accelerate self healing processes faster and accelerate self healing processes as part of self-healing processes or accelerate self healing processes in general.

IET differs from Reiki by not channeling universal life energy directly through practitioner hands into client bodies. Instead, angelic energy is used to release painful emotions associated with past traumas by activating nine specific cellular memory areas within the body which contain repressed emotions that cause blocks to energy flow within. Once these memory areas have been cleared away, your body can begin healing itself naturally.

IET differs from Reiki by targeting specific emotional blocks in the human energy field and employing angelic energy to address core issues that a person may be struggling with. Furthermore, its energy is gentler and makes for an excellent complement to other energetic therapies like massage and yoga.

IET’s Basic Level Energy Attunement opens your energy field to the power of violet angelic energy ray, which works directly with 12-Strand Spiritual DNA, helping release past patterns, empower and balance present realities, and reach for the stars in your future. Furthermore, you will learn a special “pullout-release” technique for quickly clearing harmful energies out of human energy fields quickly and easily as well as learning to feel and interpret energy blockages on different levels such as physical, emotional mental or karmic. As part of your session you may experience mild outbursts of emotion as suppressed feelings rise to surface and are released.

It’s a powerful healing modality

Integrated Energy Therapy is an energy healing modality that can be used alone or as an addition to Reiki. This powerful method uses light therapeutic touch to release suppressed emotions that cause physical, emotional, and mental disorders. Learning it quickly is simple – simply associate primary emotions to specific regions within the body or energy fields for release without experiencing painful memories again. With this approach clients can let go of suppressed feelings without revisiting past traumas.

IET Reiki differs from other forms of Reiki in that its practitioner employs light therapeutic touch on certain body areas known as “cellular memory areas,” believed to store energy imprints of past experiences or traumas that affect physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sessions usually take place on a massage table with clients relaxed fully clothed while they focus on setting their intention for the healing process and clearing their cellular memory.

Once harmful energy blockages have been cleared away, angelic energy can form empowerment imprints to infuse cells with positive energy and fill their memories with positivity. IET also offers advanced practitioners an advanced pullout-release technique which allows them to clear more difficult energy imprints more easily.

IET can assist in awakening your soul’s mission by activating and strengthening the 8th chakra – this allows you to stay in tune with it while living out and sharing your gifts in life.

IET energy flows deep into the Earth to help it heal from its many issues. If you become an advanced practitioner of IET, you will be able to anchor columns of angelic energy known as Heartbeams into the ground for permanent anchorage of healing into our planet’s physical space and areas damaged by natural or man-made disasters.

It’s a great way to relax

Integrated Energy Therapy is an excellent way to both relax and revitalize your body. This method uses a hands-on technique that targets the cellular memory and energy field to release emotional, mental, and physical blockages in the body. When attending a session, you’ll lie on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner channels healing energy into your system – the session is gentle yet noninvasive – you might even fall asleep during it!

IET (Individual Energy Therapy) was designed by Stevan Thayer to assist individuals in clearing away negative blocks and release them permanently from their bodies. It works by tapping into the power of the universe, to release limiting energies while imprinting positive ones onto your 12-strand spiritual DNA strands. A violet angelic energy ray brings nine healing angels directly to you during an IET session and assist in clearing away negativity that has built up over time – freeing yourself from negative blocks permanently.

Cellular memories are stored in your body as energetic responses to life events that impact you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Over time, negative cellular memories may cause pain, illness and disconnection from inner wisdom – IET uses its exclusive cellular memory map to detect any blockages within the energy field and help release them.

People typically experience different sensations during an IET session. These may include changes in temperature (hot or cold), tingling sensations, pressure sensations and emotions surfacing for release – these should not be taken as painful experiences but as honest expressions of your inner feelings.

IET therapy is safe and effective, making it a valuable addition to other holistic approaches in your self-healing journey. In a session, you’ll lie fully clothed on a massage table as the practitioner uses their hands on integration points located both front and back to release any blockages of energy and infuse Divine energy into you – usually lasting one hour and relaxing and restorative in effect.

June 13, 2024Editor

Quasar Quantum Healing Review

Quantum healing offers an intriguing approach to holistic wellness, blending quantum physics principles with energy medicine to provide holistic healing techniques that address physical and emotional imbalances at their source. These innovative healing methods promote healing at an energetic level while providing relief.

At its new wellness center, Energy Enhancement System uses cutting-edge scalar waves to encourage healing within the body and support self-healing processes.


Healing Current is an indispensable spell for Diviners. At first glance it might appear expensive (and likely will only heal slightly more than a Pixie), but its three features make it worth investing in: it can be cast with power pip, it boosts critical heals when used alongside Vengeance attacks, and is not restricted to Life only use; all factors that make Healing Current an invaluable addition to any Diviner deck. For these reasons alone it should become part of any diviner’s arsenal.

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Quasar Quantum Healing

Quasar Quantum Healing offers many types of massage therapy services and wellness activities in addition to traditional therapy practices. Their primary goal is achieving balance in mind, body, and spirit by employing innovative technologies designed to address deeper issues within the body. Their wellness centers in Scottsdale Arizona provide an alternative approach to traditional therapies practices.

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Providing our service to children under 13 requires creating a family account, with you as the adult being responsible for any and all activities associated with that account, including payment of fees. Please be aware that our terms and conditions of service apply equally to all members, including children.

Services provided on this site are offered “as is”, without express or implied warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Quasar Quantum Healing does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free service or that any defects in the site will be fixed; instead you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Quasar Quantum Healing as well as their employees, officers, directors, affiliates agents licensors suppliers against all claims and expenses including legal expenses arising out of your use or breach of these TOS terms and conditions.

Quasar Quantum Healing reserves the right to revise this TOS at any time in its sole discretion, so please check it regularly for changes. Your continued use of our site and services after any such modifications indicates your acceptance of them.

Online Courses

Online courses provide a convenient and flexible learning experience when it comes to quantum healing, providing learning at your own pace and schedule. Furthermore, these courses can help break geographical barriers by connecting you with like-minded individuals all over the globe. These courses are often led by knowledgeable tutors with decades of experience providing a strong foundation in energy healing.

Quantum healing techniques rely on the principle that everything in the universe consists of energy fields. By harnessing focused intention and positive thought to manipulate these energy fields, quantum healing techniques offer profound healing experiences and can treat physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances holistically – complementing traditional medical treatments perfectly.

These courses also teach participants how to harness their intuition to enhance healing sessions. This skill can be especially useful when working with animals, who respond intuitively to energetic frequencies in their environment. Furthermore, it can increase one’s awareness of energy fields and inner states leading to deeper insight into life’s obstacles.

Quantum healing courses are often offered through specialized healing centers that serve as hubs for like-minded people and promote community connections. Such environments provide essential support in overcoming obstacles to holistic living and moving toward an enhanced self. Alongside offering various courses, these centers also provide services like acupuncture and massage therapy.

Students enrolled in this course learn to work with chakras and energy centers, release negative emotions, and meditate and visualize to increase wellbeing. Instructors emphasize the role meditation and visualization play in improving overall well-being – these practices may even be combined with healing methods such as acupuncture or Reiki for optimal overall health and wellness.

Tyler Odysseus, Senior Quantum-Touch Instructor-Trainer and Retreat Facilitator, leads this advanced course alongside energy medicine pioneer Richard Gordon. Together they’ll share breathing exercises, energy visualizations, and deepening practices designed to amplify your innate healing abilities. Topics will include covering all 12 energies of life; stimulating pineal gland energy for more presence; as well as receiving higher-self and 12th energy center frequency downloads.

Healing Centers

Healing centers provide a sanctuary from emotional trauma and physical ailments through holistic approaches that combine traditional medicine, alternative therapies, lifestyle adjustments, support groups, workshops and events to build community ties. Furthermore, these facilities serve to rekindle spirituality.

Healing centers often promote serenity with architecture that emphasizes natural light and features such as nature. Although often located within urban environments, their soothing atmosphere and design features make a retreat-like setting that feels worlds away – such as this healing center located just across San Francisco bay, featuring pine needle decor and cozy fires for example.

Healing centers offer an array of services – ranging from massage and yoga classes to detox programs – including alternative medicine treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy, while others use more holistic techniques such as meditation and mindfulness. As well as physical wellbeing services, healing centers also provide counseling/therapy services that address psychological concerns like depression or anxiety.

Healing centers can also assist individuals in overcoming barriers that impede healthy and fulfilling lives, such as substance abuse and sexual assault traumatized adolescents may seek out help at healing centers for recovery from these experiences and finding their true calling in life. They can also offer valuable assistance for individuals suffering chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart disease who need support managing them effectively.

June 13, 2024Editor

Wave Genetics in Frogs and Salamanders

Gariaev and his team took a novel approach to genetic engineering by modulating sound and light waves with pure linguistic frequencies using sound and light waves modulated with pure language frequencies to rescript DNA. Their experiment proved highly successful as they transformed frog embryos into salamander embryos, repaired damaged chromosomes and even reprogrammed DNA; all showing the immense power of wave genetics (or meta-genetics). This remarkable experiment highlights its incredible potential.

What is his method?

Frogs and salamanders are remarkable creatures; they can live anywhere from water bodies, land surfaces or even trees, growing nearly double their original birth size over time. No matter droughts, floods or freezing solid conditions; they have no issues surviving either situation and can even survive frozen solid environments for several weeks at a time without problems surviving at all. In fact, without air they can even exist for days as long as their metabolisms keep their metabolisms running properly by eating plenty of leaves and bark to maintain metabolic functions.

Amphibians may hold the key to surviving droughts or floods by conserving water. Most species of amphibians live in shallow ponds that are frequently replenished by rainwater or wind-driven streams; many return here for breeding; they lay large numbers of eggs that won’t hatch, providing enough of a population base that even if some don’t make it through metamorphosis into adulthood they still remain viable and maintain species survival.

However, some species do not breed well under these conditions. One such example is the spotted salamander; these creatures are particularly vulnerable to pollution and environmental issues due to being found near roads where their ponds absorb chemicals washed off of roads by rainwater. Unfortunately for salamanders living nearby this situation, water picks up these chemicals which become concentrated near roads when rain falls – this causes harm for them and they have evolved mechanisms to cope.

Some spotted salamanders develop glands on their skin to produce extra sticky slime that temporarily seals any predator’s mouth that attempts to bite them, while other salamanders possess large glands producing poisonous toxins which are toxic for any predator trying to bite. Pennsylvania pickerel frogs contain wart-like warts with expanded poison glands on them as a deterrent.

Salamanders use an effective tactic when being attacked: when dropping its tail. The tail will wriggle wildly and draw attention away from its vulnerable body, while lungless salamanders have special blood vessels within their tails that automatically constrict to prevent bleeding.