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What Is Radiesthesia Meaning?

Radiesthesia is the mental or physical ability to perceive energy fields. Practitioners claim they can detect auras around people or use pendulums as compasses to locate underground water or mineral resources. Dowsing or divination, commonly referred to as “dowsing”, is used for finding people, illnesses, minerals and water sources. Dowsing also plays an integral role […]

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Dowsing and Radiesthesia Books

Radiesthesia or Dowsing, also referred to as water or mineral detection, can be used to locate water sources as well as objects or people. Furthermore, its uses extend beyond water retrieval to analysing subtle energy fields or auras of individuals. This manual was written specifically with beginners in mind, providing methods, exercises and tips. For […]

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Hulda Clark Zapper Kit

Dr Hulda Clark utilized zapping technology to kill parasites, virii and harmful bacteria; according to her claims it can also dissolve cancerous cells. This Zapper Kit provides the components to build an original device designed by Hulda Clark of Cellular Biology at Tulane University. This circuit uses a 555 CMOS integrated circuit. The programmable design […]

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Zapper Reviews – Dr Hulda Clark

Dr Hulda Clark claims to have discovered an effective cure for all diseases. According to her, cancer is caused by parasites which can be eliminated with a frequency generator known as the Zapper. A zapper produces low-frequency square waves that allegedly cause parasites to vibrate, including low frequency square waves that emanate from its 9V […]

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The Zapper by Helen Clark

Many have reported feeling an increase in energy and vitality after using the Zapper, likely as a result of having eliminated toxins and harmful organisms from their bodies. The VariZapper boasts 100% positive output on an oscilloscope, as stipulated by Dr. Hulda Clark. Furthermore, this device comes equipped with presets for food zapping and body […]

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