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Pjotr Garyaev and the New York Academy of Sciences

Gariaeva’s theory of the Wave Genome is an innovative approach to genomics which utilizes principles such as coherent physical radiation, holography and the fractal representation of DNA to represent itself fractal-like. This revolutionary theory could potentially save lives. Figure 2 depicts an antiparasitic organ removal device. It comprises of a donor kletku-donor 2, modulirovannyi kletkoi […]

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The Matrix and DNA Wave Transformation

Gariaev and his team’s work demonstrates the concept of DNA as both an informational entity and waveform by investigating gene-holograms, so-called solitons, and DNA holograms. This research has resulted in the emergence of Lingvistiko-wave genetics, an innovative branch of biology and medicine founded on laser physics, holography, quantum nonlocality, linguistics and other principles. What is […]

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Wellengenetik and Naturopathic Medicine

Garyaev did not possess a doctorate in natural sciences. However, his knowledge of wave genetics came from BINAR Institute which appeared during the 90s based on one of KGB’s closed boxes as part of NPO Energia and employed over 5,000 scientists during its existence in Soviet times. Gariaev recorded radio noise generated from a laser […]

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Peter Gariaev – The Matrix

Dr Gariaev‘s discovery of a sound matrix capable of recording a person’s DNA may seem futuristic at first, but its significance could transform lives! While his death in November 2020 was tragic, his legacy lives on. He worked closely with biophysicists, molecular biologists, embryologists and linguists in order to prove that DNA operates at both […]

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