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What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is a holistic approach that seeks to treat body, mind, and spirit holistically using channeling, intuition, Reiki, Kinesiology muscle testing regression, empathy as part of its practice. Gareth Strangemore-Jones provides individual Quantum Energy sessions as well as workshops covering its principles. He covers everything from its purpose and how-to’s to providing valuable guidelines. […]

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What is Quantum Healing Meditation?

Quantum healing has its supporters, but scientists generally consider it pseudoscience. One criticism centers around its misinterpretation of modern physics; scientists largely hold to the viewpoint that macroscopic objects like human cells cannot exhibit quantum properties. Deepak Chopra pioneered quantum healing in 1989 by combining mind-body medicine principles with those from quantum physics, meditation and […]

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What is Quantum K Healing?

Quantum K1 sessions last 23 minutes and should be undertaken without interruption for most of that time. They can help address deep emotional or spiritual issues that have become lodged deep within your body. Utilizing sound, colour, fractal geometry and harmonics, this piece accesses the Zero Point Energy Field using quantum physics’ observer effect. Quantum […]

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Quantum Healing Guided Meditation

Learn to connect with your spirit guide through guided meditation, relaxation and hypnosis techniques influenced by Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Immerse yourself in tranquillity and mindfulness at Quasar Quantum Healing‘s Himalayan Salt Cave. Relax your mind, release tensions, and restore emotional equilibrium for optimal wellness. Meditation Meditation, as a form of mindfulness, can […]

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Learn Quantum Healing to Balance and Heal Yourself and Others

Discover how energy healing can be used to harmonise and heal you and others. This course brings together ancient spiritual teachings with modern science and practical techniques. Quantum healing first came to public notice in 1989 when spiritual leader Deepak Chopra wrote about it. This holistic healing practice incorporates concepts from quantum physics and ancient […]

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