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Bryan Johnson – Can Humans Reverse Aging?

Bryan Johnson is a tech millionaire spending millions to reverse his aging process with help from health and wellness experts who regularly track his progress. They conduct MRIs, ultrasounds, fitness tests and DNA methylation analyses on their subjects. His daily regimen entails following a strict diet with exercise and taking 100 supplements each day. His […]

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Can Collagen Reverse Aging?

Collagen powder supplements are becoming increasingly popular, promising to enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. But do they actually work? Collagen is found throughout our connective tissues and helps provide structural support for skin and bone. Additionally, its presence ensures proper joint health. Hydrolyzed collagen must be consumed orally to be properly metabolized in the […]

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Herbs That Reverse Aging

Maintaining your health as you age can be challenging, but there are herbal treatments that can reverse aging. Holy basil contains adaptogens which enhance the body’s ability to manage stress, which is one of the leading causes of premature aging. Furthermore, holy basil helps balance cortisol levels and has a calming effect on the skin. […]

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Man Trying to Reverse Aging

Bryan Johnson is a multimillionaire software entrepreneur who spends approximately $2 Million annually to try to turn back biological aging. His regimen involves over 100 pills per day as well as other anti-ageing techniques. Johnson co-founded Braintree Payment Solutions before leaving to focus on this venture. According to him, his rigorous regimen has given him […]

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Can We Turn Back the Clock on Aging?

At present, we may still be far away from turning back the clock so as to be able to avoid diseases and live longer – however this remains an exciting possibility. Scientists have already reversed aging in mice, and research suggests reversing it in humans as well. Their goal is to develop a pill which […]

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