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Topological Geometrodynamics and Wave Genetics

Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) provides a framework for quantum field theory where particles of the standard model are distinguished by their topological properties, making this an excellent way of explaining family replication phenomena quantum mechanically. TGD provides us with an in-depth view of how biosystems manage to be macroscopic quantum systems, suggesting that manysheeted spacetime may […]

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Challenges of Whole Genome Sequencing

Clinical WGS faces many unique challenges. Disease-causing variants may be difficult to identify due to strand bias and repetitive sequences; furthermore, certain sites contain large insertions/deletions not represented in reference genomes. Sensitivity to clinical WGS depends on a variety of experimental parameters, such as DNA input and library preparation methods. To evaluate these aspects, five […]

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Wave Genome Germany

GBF boasts world-class sequencing and proteomics equipment, in addition to having one of the world’s largest mutagenesis screens that randomly mutates thousands of mice allowing researchers to learn what their genes do and how they interact. People outside Germany who hear of the GBF may wonder who its new director is; 47-year-old Rudi Balling stands […]

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The Wave Genome Movie

Genome sequencing has revolutionized medicine, linking hereditary disease with specific genes and providing at-home genetic tests, but has also led to new forms of inequality and misinformation. This month on Short Wave we bring you a film exploring these complex issues relating to genome testing. Cell migration trajectories and pause frequencies were observed for WT […]

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Information Technology and Wave Genetics Research

IT (Information Technology) encompasses computer systems, hardware, software, networks and processes used for the storage, processing and distribution of data. Organizations responsible for these systems are commonly known as IT departments. Wave genetics research proposes that DNA molecules serve as electromagnetic generators which release and receive electromagnetic waves of various frequencies, potentially revolutionizing genetics as […]

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