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Signs You Are a Natural Healer

Healers often feel called to bring peace and healing to their communities. They tend to be extremely attuned to energy flows around them and have an affinity for spiritual matters. People frequently consult healers, and may seek solitude after periods of social interaction to recharge their energy reserves. Being around others can quickly sap one’s […]

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How to Become a Natural Healer

Your intuition allows you to sense and interpret the energy in your environment, enabling you to identify potential ways in which to heal yourself and others. Your collection of healing gemstones has proven useful during sessions with clients. Your passion lies with shamanic healing practices like journeying and soul retrieval, while conversing with client’s angels […]

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What Does a Natural Healer Mean?

Healers possess the capacity to recognize all the factors contributing to their patients’ subjective suffering and recognize multiple perspectives on this matter. This ability, known as equanimity, enables healers to effectively adopt and integrate varied viewpoints without losing balance or composure. Rongoa healers work to establish healthy connections to whenua (land) in order to restore […]

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The Natural Healer Crossword

Are you looking to relax and sharpen your mental skills? Try a crossword puzzle! These popular themed puzzles require high levels of skill to solve; from 15×15 grids all the way up to 21×21 grids! Here are a few strategies for solving these puzzles. First, study the clues. Afterward, crosscheck answers. The New York Times […]

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Silver – Nature’s Natural Healer

Silver is an elemental force which brings balance to body and soul. Known as nature’s natural healer and an effective broad spectrum antimicrobial, silver’s healing powers extend far beyond mere antibacterial protection. Silver has long been recognized as a safe and effective antibiotic since the 1800s, used as both topical and topical treatments to fight […]

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