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Qualifications Needed For Remote Energy Healing Jobs

Energy healing is an invaluable way to aid the body in healing itself on all levels, such as clearing away emotional blocks, limited thinking patterns or deeply-seated karmic issues. Many energy healing practitioners offer remote sessions, enabling their client to remain at home and avoid the stress associated with travel. Anecdotal evidence supports that remote […]

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Free Remote Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing modality that can be channeled over distance and time. By activating the Reiki distant connection symbol, practitioners can send healing energy anywhere on Earth. Sessions typically last 30 minutes and are conducted over phone or video chat, with clients generally lying comfortably down during this time. The Benefits Reiki sessions […]

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Remote Healing Therapist Ottawa

Remote Healing Therapist Ottawa provides counselling and therapy services over the phone or internet, making this an easy, secure way for individuals who live far away from a therapist’s office to receive help from professional counselors. Aileen McKenna first became exposed to energy medicine for individuals and the planet during her first visit to Findhorn […]

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Psychiatry Professor Gerald Perman Answers Your Questions About Telepsychiatry

Cronkite News’ mental health parity collaborative features Professor of Psychiatry Gerald Perman who answers your queries regarding Telepsychiatry. Lane and Vana have worked to improve healthcare access at the Lummi tribal clinic by creating a residency training program with UW School of Medicine that trains psychiatry residents on culturally respectful care practices. What is Psychiatry? […]

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Energy Healing Jobs Remote

Energy healing involves using subtle forms of energy to promote wellness and physical or emotional health. Sessions may be conducted either face-to-face or remotely depending on the therapy used. Due to being a descriptive study conducted with convenience samples, lack of control groups and standard measures could potentially bias results in this research study. Reiki […]

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