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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Steve Remote Healer

Steve is an incredible healer who will help you reconnect with your spirituality and find balance again in your life. Using energy healing modalities like Reiki, Magnified Seichem and chakra balancing to promote mental, emotional, and physical wellness he provides the perfect support.

He offers NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that empower you to alter limiting beliefs and mindsets. Book your session now to start on the journey towards holistic wellbeing!


Energy healing, or Reiki for short, is a natural form of treatment which may help relieve anxiety and stress while simultaneously relieving pain. Furthermore, Reiki has also been proven effective against depression; however no scientific studies have demonstrated its efficacy at treating any illness; before considering alternative therapies it’s always wise to consult your physician first.

At a Reiki session, the practitioner gently places their hands on or above the body in 12 different positions that correspond with chakras – energy centers associated with our main energy channels – representing chakras. During a treatment session, recipients may feel tingling sensations and hot/cold flashes caused by the release of toxins from their bodies; sessions also often result in feelings of peace and relaxation.

Reiki is an ancient spiritual practice with roots in Japanese tradition. “Rei” stands for universal spirit or higher power while “Ki” refers to life force energy that pervades all living things and flows throughout nature. Reiki uses spiritually guided life force energy healing methods to restore balance to mind, body, and soul.

Steve is an energetic healer and certified Reiki practitioner who is passionate about supporting individuals on their path towards holistic wellness. Combining his 11 years as a personal trainer with energy healing and intuition healing to offer personalized approaches to wellbeing for his clients. An empath who deeply understands their emotional and energetic needs, Steve creates a safe and welcoming space where individuals can explore themselves while healing themselves in safety.

Steve is also a skilled cold laser therapy healer, using the Terminator Zapper to treat parasites and diseases such as herpes. Additionally, he has helped many clients improve their health and well-being through diet modification, exercise and meditation.

Magnified Seichem

Magnified Seichem is an energy healing method similar to Reiki that utilizes ancient Egyptian symbols for deep healing on physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This practice can be used to remove obstacles, release negative emotions and spark personal development – and even supports Ascension processes.

This healing system combines all four elemental rays: earth, fire, water and air – to produce an exceptionally powerful form of therapy that can be applied both on people and animals alike. A gentle yet potency energy that can be channeled from hands into aura of recipient can be channeled for use against physical and emotional problems as well as traumas.

Energies of balance work well to strengthen and revitalize spiritual bodies by harmonizing chakras. As this energy is feminine in nature, it’s ideal for relieving stress and freeing blocked energies – making this ancient healing method extremely effective at improving overall well-being.

Seichem not only acts as an effective spiritual energy, but it can also strengthen our immune systems – making it a fantastic complement to traditional medical treatments such as Reiki for treating chronic pain or depression. It is often combined with Reiki in treating such conditions.

Energy healing through Reiki is an engaging and simple form of energy healing, requiring no special tools or techniques for the practitioner to complete a session successfully. Simply place their hands over the recipient, waiting until they sense a pleasant sensation of tingling or pulsing where your practitioner placed them, to complete your session.

Melody provides combined Reiki and Seichem healing courses on the Gold Coast over weekend training courses. Her weekend courses feature attunements to Reiki levels 1 & 2, certification of each level, and full Seichem healing sessions.

Chakra Balancing

When our chakras are open and balanced, we can access energy from the universal network of life force that pervades all things in nature. This energy can then be dispersed throughout our bodies for physical health, mental clarity and spiritual connection. While chakra imbalance may occur due to several reasons, some symptoms that could indicate one include anxiety or feeling unbalanced – if this describes you try a chakra balancing treatment to restore equilibrium to your aura.

Chakra balancing practices have been utilized by traditional medicine for millennia, and there is scientific proof of their efficacy. These practices represent complementary and alternative therapy that has proven itself effective against everything from depression to anxiety; additionally they reduce stress while improving overall wellness.

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and color therapy are among the many practices you can do to balance your chakras. Chakra healing kits often come equipped with crystals associated with each of the seven chakras to promote a healthy flow of energy throughout the body when held or placed over certain parts of it.

Balance in each chakra corresponds with a particular emotion, so balancing them can help you meet the challenges that lie before you. For instance, an unbalanced throat chakra can compromise your ability to communicate effectively. Chakra balancing may also assist in managing psychological issues which manifest themselves physically such as stomach or chest discomfort as well as improve mood and enhance creativity.

Intuitive Guidance

Steven offers intuitive insights to guide and support you through life’s obstacles. Utilizing Oracle Cards, Spiritual Guidance, and Intuitive Healing techniques he brings clarity and empowerment to any area of life that interests you; whether that means discovering more about your soul purpose or discovering answers in relationships, careers, finances, health or life in general – his sessions provide clear direction and insight into any situation.

Though many are skeptical of psychics and intuitives, some have actually taken advantage of their services. One woman suffering from panic attacks used intuitive energy healing to overcome her anxieties. Readings she received helped her recognize that an unpleasant event she endured as a child was at the source of her panic attacks; counseling had helped, yet unresolved emotions still lingered within her; intuitive healing allowed her to release these issues so she could begin the healing process.

Another individual utilized intuitive guidance to address relationship and family issues. She found immense benefit, feeling free of past limitations that had been holding her back and learning how to let go of negative patterns by loving herself – all which has contributed to transforming her entire life.

Some intuitives specialize in specific areas of expertise, such as medical intuition, tarot reading or business intuition. If you have specific queries that need answers then visiting an intuitive may be beneficial; the more specific your questions are the greater accuracy will be obtained from their responses. If possible it would also be advantageous to bring multiple intuitives together on a case.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a form of mentoring designed to assist business owners in improving their businesses and increasing the bottom line. It focuses on the personal growth of an owner while using proven coaching techniques to assist in reaching goals and developing mindsets and skillsets across an organization – making business coaching a powerful way of building careers and increasing business outcomes.

Attracting more revenue may be the primary goal for most business owners who seek a business coach, but that is only part of what’s on offer here. A good coach will not only work to expand your company but will also identify and dispel any limiting beliefs which might be holding you back – an effort which may take some time but can ultimately pay dividends in terms of increased revenues and business success.

Key to being a successful business coach is having relevant industry experience – this may come from working as a manager or having owned their own businesses. Finding the ideal business coach can make an incredible difference in its success. Coaches should possess both deep knowledge about both your company and market as well as strong management backgrounds to offer valuable assistance in business coaching services.

Business coaches bring years of experience to their clients when helping them manage a company, including helping to determine goals and create plans to meet them, setting up systems for accountability, and devising plans for growth.