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What is True Rife Therapy?

Rife technology employs frequencies to destroy micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungus and viruses. Each organism has a distinct resonant frequency that needs to be tuned in on to. Rife Therapy works using light frequencies broadcast from plasma ray tubes. Our sessions begin with an SRT BioScan to assess your needs and formulate a personalized Rife […]

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What is a Rife Therapy Machine?

Rife machines emit low-energy electromagnetic waves that penetrate deeply into the body, with frequencies believed to kill harmful microorganisms and facilitate natural healing processes in the body. Royal Raymond Rife discovered that each cell, bacterium and virus had its own distinct resonant frequency; by tuning in on this frequency he was able to destroy these […]

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Cancer and Rife Machines

Rife machines are believed to emit frequencies which resonate naturally with organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus yeast and parasites – such frequencies could potentially destroy these organisms while leaving healthy cells untouched. Studies have demonstrated the potential effectiveness of RIFE therapy as an adjunct treatment option, though more research must be conducted to ascertain […]

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What is Rife Light Therapy?

Rife machines operate under the assumption that diseased and unhealthy cells emit electromagnetic frequencies detectable through electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, making Rife machines effective tools for targeting and eliminating those cells while leaving healthy ones intact. The device identifies and destroys only unhealthy ones without harming healthy ones in its wake. This machine uses plasma […]

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Rife Cancer Therapy

Rife therapy uses low-energy electromagnetic frequencies to heal the body. It consists of a control panel, display screen, and two electrodes attached to a user’s hands or feet for use during therapy sessions. In 1934, it was discovered that various organisms and disease-causing microorganisms have specific resonant frequencies which could be used to kill them. […]

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