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Fetal Vibroacoustic Stimulation

Fetal Reactivity to Acoustic Stimulation has been observed since 1925 and used in multiple clinical settings. Fetoacoustic stimulation offers several distinct advantages over other tests: It is simple, inexpensive and non-invasive. This randomised trial seeks to compare the effects of vibroacoustic stimulation and halogen light stimulation on an unsatisfying nonstress test result (NST). Background Fetal […]

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Vibroacoustic Disease

Long-term exposure to low frequency noise (LFN) is harmful to health. This acoustic stressor causes symptoms that affect many physiological systems in the body, including: perimetal thickening without inflammation process; depressions, increased irritability and aggressiveness; extracellular matrix changes and abnormalities in cardiovascular structures. This pathology has been coined “vibroacoustic disease.” Unfortunately, its existence has received […]

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Vibroacoustic Syndrome

Long-term exposure to low frequency noise (LFN) below 500 Hz has attracted considerable scientific scrutiny. Thickened heart tissue, depressions, irritability aggression and isolation are typical symptoms of this whole-body pathology referred to as vibroacoustic syndrome. This case study explores vibroacoustic lung therapy’s successful management of COVID-19 viral pneumonia using vibroacoustic therapy in an individual with […]

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What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic therapy is an integrative approach to sound healing that utilizes sounds to stimulate the nervous system and improve mood, as well as managing pain and sleep disorders. VAT therapy can help with a range of symptoms, including anxiety, stress and insomnia. It may even assist those living with Parkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia. Kate Kunkel […]

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Relax With a Vibroacoustic Waterbed

Sound and music combined with vibration can produce a state of total relaxation, which you can learn to reach at will over time. Relax muscular and mental tension with this musical waterbed that stimulates muscles and joints for maximum tranquility. Additionally, its soothing sounds provide exceptional sensory input which directly improves body awareness (proprioception) while […]

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