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Relax With a Vibroacoustic Waterbed

Sound and music combined with vibration can produce a state of total relaxation, which you can learn to reach at will over time.

Relax muscular and mental tension with this musical waterbed that stimulates muscles and joints for maximum tranquility. Additionally, its soothing sounds provide exceptional sensory input which directly improves body awareness (proprioception) while encouraging independence. Hoist-accessible base is included.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Sound therapy is an effective tool for stress reduction. Sound therapy provides a natural form of relaxation, easily combined with music. The OPUS SoundBed vibroacoustic waterbed allows individuals to lie on it and listen to soothing music featuring low frequency melodies that permeate every cell in the human body through transducers in its mattress, creating a deep cellular internal massage to induce a state of peace and help relieve anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

Studies have shown that sound and music with vibration can be used as an effective therapeutic modality to treat conditions like ADHD/ADD, dementia and depression. Furthermore, sound therapy and vibration combined can also offer numerous other advantages including blood flow stimulation (enabling wounds and pressure sores to heal faster), back and neck relief and reduced muscle tension – as well as helping chemotherapy patients manage nausea and fatigue associated with treatment.

The OPUS SoundBed vibroacoustic massage bed uses spatial sound and vibration therapy to quickly improve how you feel in just seven minutes. Select from 7 vibration sound channels covering your entire body to focus on areas most in need of attention, while breathwork or meditation helps you unwind further, relieving stress, anxieties, alleviating pain and improving overall well-being.

Sensory beds are an excellent option for adults and children with sensory sensitivities as they don’t involve touching or the risk of an overstimulating environment. You can use your bed alone or supplement it with additional sensory equipment like bubble tubes, color washes, SNAP Projectors or fiber optics to enhance the experience further and create multi-sensory room environments.

Hoist-accessible bases feature two resonators that plug in like speakers on a stereo system, along with Bluetooth amplifiers and vinyl covers for easy cleaning and disinfection – two essential aspects of sensory rooms.

Relieves Pain

Each tone vibrates at a specific rate, measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz). Frequencies above 20,000 Hz are considered ultrasonic while frequencies below 20Hz are known as infrasonic. Vibroacoustic therapy makes use of the lower frequency ranges that are most strongly felt to help alleviate pain and accelerate healing processes.

Combining soothing vibrations and life-transforming music creates a blissfully blissful state of homeostasis physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consistent smooth frequencies help counteract chaotic vibrations created when stress arises in both mind and body.

While soothing vibrations may help ease anxiety and stress, they also activate a natural pain-suppressing mechanism in your brain. This occurs by stimulating mechanoreceptors within your body which send signals directly to the brain that block pain fiber activation. Vibrations also stretch muscles which produce certain neurochemicals which enhance pain response.

Music and vibration therapy have proven especially helpful to individuals experiencing sensory processing challenges like Autism, ADHD or PTSD. Our sensory room features other therapeutic tools and equipment like ball pits, bubble columns, fiber optic light strands, rotating projectors, color changing lights and aromatherapy stations which engage both olfactory and auditory senses to reduce anxiety levels and arousal levels.

At a vibroacoustic session, clients lie comfortably on a waterbed while music plays through a headset. Vibrations gently ripple through the mattress and resonate throughout their bodies – from limbs and bones to cells and even cells in cells! Clients find these vibrations so relaxing that they often fall into deep meditational or dream-like states which offer relief from symptoms and emotions.

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Improves Sleep

Sound bed treatments may help people who have difficulty sleeping due to chronic stress or anxiety get some much-needed restful slumber. Studies have revealed how vibration therapy can assist sleep by decreasing heart rates, thus decreasing anxiety levels. Furthermore, vibroacoustic therapy improves blood circulation to cells and organs of the body which further helps with relaxation.

TFH’s musical waterbed promotes relaxation by relieving tension in muscles while creating tranquility. Its vibroacoustic feature stimulates muscles and joints for ideal sensory input that heightens proprioception (body awareness) while encouraging independence. Clinical research has also demonstrated how sound combined with vibration helps people of all ages relax, decompress, and focus.

The mattress of this waterbed features an easy-to-clean vinyl cover for effortless cleaning and disinfecting, creating a healthy environment. Additionally, its hoist-accessible base includes two resonators which plug into speakers on stereo system, plus it’s constructed out of strong wood for stability and a Bluetooth amplifier to play all your favorite songs effortlessly.

Enhances Well-Being

The vibroacoustic waterbed (VAT or harmonic low sound therapy), is an innovative wellness sonic healing modality that uses vibration therapy to facilitate natural body healing processes and decrease stress, anxiety and pain levels. Furthermore, VAT helps increase concentration and learning abilities as well as promote balance within both mind and body.

A waterbed filled with soothing music vibrations offers soothing sensory input for individuals living with Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The soft surface and soothing vibrations help relax muscles and joints while stimulating proprioception – the ability to sense oneself within space.

Sound therapy sessions involve lying on a soft-play waterbed and relaxing as sound vibrations travel through it into their bodies, stimulating nerve bundles in their spines and activating auditory receptors – these responses release mood-boosting chemicals to ease pain, stress and anxiety relief.

These recordings, known as songs, can help create an atmosphere of relaxation and healing at the same time. Utilizing specific musical instruments and rhythms designed specifically to do just this, these special tracks play over a speaker system allowing the user to control both vibration volume and sound volume; in addition, vibrations may even sync up with rhythm of music for an enhanced listening experience.

Our sound baths are handcrafted using over 45 sound healing world instruments, and feature Cymatic frequencies to address specific areas of the body such as Arthritis, Asthma, Bones Depression Circulatory System Fibromyalgia Muscle Nerve Tendon Ligaments etc. Through vibrations from our waterbed bed they transmit these specialized targeted frequencies for maximum effect!

Sound therapy allows individuals to learn to identify the feeling of relaxation, and over time become adept at reaching it on their own. It is an invaluable asset that can be combined with other forms of treatment (physical or psychotherapy) to accelerate healing and achieve better results.