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The Benefits of the AO Scan Headset

The AO Scan uses frequency at an extremely subtle level rather than electrical impulses, making it safe for those with pacemakers and metal replacement parts. Furthermore, pregnant women can safely use it. At an AO Scan session, your body’s frequencies are collected with a bone conducting headset and then compared against a database of healthy […]

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AO Scan Technology Reviews

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer analyzes subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to provide an in-depth assessment of how your body is operating and provide you with a plan to restore equilibrium and homeostasis. Every organ, tissue and cell has a vibrational frequency unique to itself; when this frequency becomes disrupted due to injury, diet, […]

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The Future of AO Scan Research

The AO Scan is a non-invasive, comprehensive tool that analyzes the energetic state of the body. It can identify potential health issues as well as guide personalized wellness interventions – providing hope to chronic disease management. Utilizing a bone-conduction transducer headset, this test uses resonating frequencies captured from within to compare them against blueprint frequencies […]

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AO Scan Inner Voice – The Next Evolution in Health Technology

The AO Scan inner voice uses sound harmonization technology that examines human voice spectrum to reduce frequencies that are excess while supplementing those that are deficient. Results are then analysed to detect emotional imbalances, with personalized audio frequencies provided for daily use as balancing audio frequencies. AO Scan is a safe, noninvasive process suitable for […]

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Body Scan Las Vegas – Get a Free Body Scan

Entrepreneurs across the country are opening storefront scanning centers in strip malls, running two-for-one newspaper ads and promising their services will prevent expensive, unnecessary tests – though some doctors remain dubious of such claims. Every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies produce electromagnetic frequencies that can provide insight into our overall health. The AO […]

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