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The Benefits of the AO Scan Headset

The AO Scan uses frequency at an extremely subtle level rather than electrical impulses, making it safe for those with pacemakers and metal replacement parts. Furthermore, pregnant women can safely use it.

At an AO Scan session, your body’s frequencies are collected with a bone conducting headset and then compared against a database of healthy frequencies. From there, balancing frequencies will be transmitted in order to help your body regain equilibrium.

What is the AO Scan?

The AO Scan is an innovative handheld mobile device that utilizes bioresonance technology to assess your electromagnetic energy field. It does so by collecting frequencies from around your body, comparing them with healthy frequencies from an online database and sending vibrations to restore harmony within. The AO Scan can identify imbalances in chakras, meridians, organs, muscles digestion as well as provide insights into possible sources of disease such as environmental toxins or stressors that might contribute to disease formation.

AO Scan is an affordable and powerful technology that allows you to access your health information from any location around the world, providing invaluable health support both for yourself and those close to you. Equipped with a special bone conducting headset designed to use on smart phones or tablets connected via bluetooth to computers via bluetooth – $149/month includes all Solex software updates as well as full use of the AO Scan device, an online community platform with weekly live sessions as well as monthly coaching calls!

Your first AO Scan visit will consist of three separate scans; Inner Voice, Vitals and Comprehensive. This will give us a clear understanding of what’s going on with your energy levels and provide a detailed health report for you to take home with them. Following these assessments we’ll devise a plan to address them moving forward.

Once you’ve had an initial AO Scan, we advise setting a maintenance schedule of 1-3 Optimization sessions each week. These 30-minute sessions will keep your body balanced and healthy as well as helping preserve the results from your initial scan.

The AO Scan can be an invaluable asset to those struggling with complex, chronic issues or mysterious symptoms with no known source. This technology may offer the answers and support that you’ve been looking for all along.

With AO Scan you can scan yourself, your family, friends and clients from anywhere around the world using your smartphone or tablet – a great way to promote health of those close to you and share results with physicians, naturopaths or chiropractors for further examination.

How Does the AO Scan Work?

The AO scan uses mobile technology to assess both the physical and mental wellbeing of its subjects. It can scan every part of their bodies – blood, skin, organs, bones, muscles and even chronic infections like EBV/HERPES/STREPTOCOCUS). With this technology we are able to detect imbalances within their bodies as well as deliver therapeutic frequencies straight to phones/tablets to assist healing efforts.

AO Scan is an FDA-cleared noninvasive device. Unlike CT and X-ray scans, which expose pregnant women and children to dangerous radiation levels, its unique scanning process measures electromagnetic waves to detect vibrations of tissues, cells, organs in the body. By comparing patient frequencies against healthy ones in its database of healthy frequencies it identifies irregularities or imbalances within an individual patient’s system – something found through work by Nikola Tesla, Dr Royal Rife and Albert Einstein who all discovered everything physical at its fundamental level is energy frequency.

During a session, you’ll sit in front of a computer while placing your head into special bone-conducting headphones. This enables the AO Scan to read your body’s frequencies and detect if there are any imbalances or potential illness risks within minutes – with an accompanying report detailing areas requiring attention and any potential areas that need treatment.

One of the AO Scan‘s primary advantages lies in its ability to quickly detect imbalances or abnormalities before they develop into serious health concerns, making it especially useful for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disease.

The AO Scan can also identify potential food sensitivities, allowing patients to make necessary changes to their diets and improve digestive health. Furthermore, it can identify root causes of pain such as nerve issues or joint imbalance. By addressing such concerns directly, patients can alleviate symptoms while also preventing future issues; its impact has been proven by thousands worldwide.

What is the AO Scan Report?

The AO Scan software can detect and sometimes resolve frequency imbalances in the body that are at the heart of many health issues, including emotional attachments that interfere with DNA copying and can lead to disease and lack of vitality. By scanning and eliminating those emotional attachments, this AO Scan helps restore an individual’s original DNA blueprint.

This software analyzes frequencies of organs, tissues, arteries, bones and chromosomes within your body. Additionally, it can detect heavy metals, man-made chemicals as well as nutrition deficiencies and environmental stressors like pollution. Furthermore, AO Scan can determine if there is any physical issue – like bone or muscle structure issues or even bacteria infections that need treating – within your system.

An AO Scan report provides a visual depiction of the current state of body balance, pinpointing specific areas that require attention, so clients can address underlying issues quickly and avoid future ones from developing further. Traditional medical tests may take hours or even days to produce results and often necessitate more invasive procedures from clients in order to get meaningful insights.

As well as producing an AO Scan Report, this system can also detect various emotions stored within the body and identify which ones have caused health or vitality issues for an individual. By offering solutions, this solution may help an individual move past any stored emotions which may otherwise lead to illness, pain and an overall lack of vitality. This is important because these stored feelings can lead to illness, pain and lack of vitality – an outcome which should never happen.

AO Scan technology can also be utilized to detect and identify various pathogens like viruses, fungus and bacteria; and provide insight on how best to eradicate them from the body. In addition, it can identify cell imbalances within the body, and whether additional supplements may be required – making this technology ideal for use by naturopathic doctors and other practitioners to create customized wellness strategies for their clients.

What is the AO Scan Lab?

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is a quantum technology that utilizes radionics to detect abnormal energy frequencies within the body. Every cell and organ has an optimal oscillation or frequency that, when interrupted, causes dysfunction that manifests as illness or disease. Utilizing research conducted in Russia, Germany and other countries as well as that done by Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein who believed everything physical at its core is actually energy vibration; more knowledge about your own unique frequency levels means greater power to balance and achieve optimal health.

AO Scan is an non-invasive diagnostic tool that offers invaluable insight into your overall wellbeing. While traditional diagnostic techniques rely on symptoms and lab tests, the AO Scan offers a more complete picture of energetic health to provide more precise guidance for improving wellbeing.

At the Comprehensive Scan, AO Scan technology analyzes over 130 organs, cells, bones and chromosomes in your body. A graphical report outlining any deviations from blueprint balance is produced – showing which frequencies fall out of range with your blueprint and suggesting where adjustments need to be made for balance to take effect.

Additionally, in addition to receiving a graphical report, you will also receive four audio files of Inner-Voice Balancing Octaves that assist the body in returning to its natural balance. These may be best heard with headphones on an AO Scan device two or three times daily until balance has been restored. In addition, your report provides recommendations on specific changes related to diet, lifestyle and toxins which should be made to bring balance back and promote healing within your body.