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AO Scan Inner Voice – The Next Evolution in Health Technology

ao scan inner voice

The AO Scan inner voice uses sound harmonization technology that examines human voice spectrum to reduce frequencies that are excess while supplementing those that are deficient. Results are then analysed to detect emotional imbalances, with personalized audio frequencies provided for daily use as balancing audio frequencies.

AO Scan is a safe, noninvasive process suitable for people of all ages.

Vitals Scan

The Vitals Scan analyzes your body’s 550+ functions and generates a comprehensive report detailing which frequencies may be out of balance, and how best to bring them back into alignment with their ideal blueprints. Additionally, this scan clears away negative energies while shielding energy against environmental influences.

The AO Scan uses cutting-edge quantum technology to quickly scan your energy field from anywhere in your home or office using just your smart phone, tablet and bone conducting headphones (available separately). It utilizes scalar waves which transfer information at frequency level rather than emitting harmful electromagnetic radiation like traditional scanners do.

Everything in the physical universe emits vibrations or resonance frequencies which can be detected with an AO Scan. When there is an imbalance between these frequencies and our natural bodily functioning, illness and disease may arise as a result.

Your body contains organs, tissues and cells which all oscillate at their own individual frequency or vibrational frequency. When this oscillation becomes unbalanced due to stress, diet or other factors it can lead to inflammation or other health problems AO Scan can detect such imbalances by scanning cell frequencies of your body compared with known healthy frequencies for better detection of imbalances.

What makes this unique technology truly effective is that it’s noninvasive. Reading subtle energy, vibrational and electromagnetic signals from the user’s body and then sending the body’s optimal frequencies back out to restore balance and health, this system works effectively.

Once a frequency has been optimized, our brain – as our master regulator – takes over to balance out body vibrations and restore homeostasis – which leads to healing, optimal overall wellness and an enhanced ability to prevent or treat medical conditions.

The AO Scan is an innovative new health tool, more accurate and precise than blood tests, ultrasound exams, MRI scans or X-rays. It’s fast, simple and accurate – capable of detecting cancer, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, environmental toxins and parasites safely even on pets!

Comprehensive Scan

The AO Scan mobile is an advanced biofeedback scanner, frequency generator, and educational tool designed to scan the body and detect where energy imbalance exists. Once identified, frequencies are sent out to balance out imbalanced areas without emitting harmful EMFs, cell radiation or magnetic fields – truly making the AO Scan an advanced health technology tool!

The AO Scan differs from most scanning devices in that it uses bio resonance recognition to assess your body, transmitting brainwaves through bone conduction headset and into software system for comparison with a database of healthy frequencies to identify any imbalances within organs and systems of your body.

It allows you to identify the underlying causes of issues like fatigue, chronic infections, digestive issues, hormone imbalances and other symptoms, such as fatigue. Furthermore, specific frequencies may help address them such as detox frequencies for Lyme disease, mold exposure, chemicals or heavy metals exposure as well as emotional balancing techniques, chakra balancing techniques or affirmations to name but a few.

Your body can benefit from receiving a complete nutritional analysis, showing which vitamins, minerals and amino acids it’s lacking – helping you identify where supplementing should occur to both prevent illness as well as accelerate healing. This allows for proactive supplementation of any areas lacking essential vitamins or nutrients – and may help accelerate healing processes as well.

Inner-Voice uses voice analysis to detect emotional imbalances in you. By analyzing over 2,000 frequencies, 12 notes, and 4 octaves to create personalized music files called Balancing Harmonics that help rebalance these emotional issues, these balancing harmonics help improve concentration, enhance creativity, decrease stress levels and anxiety while strengthening interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence.

AO Scan can be an invaluable diagnostic tool when combined with other diagnostic measures, like blood work or an MRI scan. By comparing its results with your X-rays or labwork, the AO Scan provides more clarity and support from your medical team – which saves both time and money – but more importantly provides answers for any health challenges in a way that’s noninvasive and highly accurate.

Inner Voice Scan

Inner Voice Scan technology uses this vibrational frequency of vocal chords to record a short snippet of your voice and detect imbalances in your emotional body that manifest themselves through this same voice frequency pattern. It allows us to see beyond just words we say or conditioned responses society teaches us; and hear who you truly are as an individual in an entirely unique manner.

The analyzer listens to a sample of your voice and analyzes it to pinpoint stored frequencies on your Vagus Nerve that correlate with your emotional state. From there, balancing audio frequencies that complement and center the state you are currently in are then created; any which don’t work are removed and audio files with these frequencies sent directly to you with an accompanying physical and emotional analysis report and frequency optimization plan for at-home use.

Inner Voice Scan technology is completely safe, non-invasive and highly accurate. This tool identifies physical & emotional imbalances present in your body while also showing your energy matrix which depicts your connections to those around you – providing a very clear view of both emotional and physical wellbeing so you can take steps towards homeostasis and reach balance naturally.

Additionally, the AO Scan system can identify and locate any toxins present in your body. Furthermore, it can pinpoint any specific nutritional deficiencies you may have and suggest diet adjustments to address them. Finally, it can assess any supplements, essential oils or Chinese herbs you take as medicine to determine if they’re suitable for your condition.

The AO Scan is an invaluable tool that can be used to prevent and treat various health conditions. We advise scheduling a 60 minute initial consultation and performing Vitals Scan, Inner Voice Scan and Comprehensive Scan to provide all of the information you require in one convenient place so you can make an informed decision for your body.

Remote Scan

AO Scan is a portable, non-invasive frequency scanning technology used to detect imbalances within the body. The device scans chromosomes, blood, cells, tissues, organs, digestion and skeletal structure for frequencies that indicate an issue or imbalance within your system and compares those frequencies against a database of healthy ones – then optimizing accordingly to help the body balance itself and heal itself naturally – known as radionics and widely utilized to treat various illnesses like cancer, Lyme disease arthritis fibromyalgia chronic fatigue depression anxiety and even mental health issues such as depression anxiety and even mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

The AO Scan can be utilized at home as an effective and natural approach to improving well-being. It offers an alternative to conventional treatments that is safe, natural and can even assist with PTSD symptoms. It works by identifying imbalances in the body’s energy field and strengthening immune function; improving sleep, easing stress levels and increasing focus are among its many uses. It has numerous other benefits as well such as decreased pain levels, greater energy, improved communication channels and greater focus.

This technology can identify deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and enzymes while simultaneously treating emotional and energetic imbalances resulting from past experiences, genetics, parental patterns, beliefs or current circumstances. Furthermore, it may reveal issues related to spine/bones/hormones as well as unresolved emotions like self-esteem issues or fear of failure that need resolution.

After each scanning session, users receive several detailed reports and optimization opportunities. This may include Vitals Scan which identifies body chemistry imbalances; Comprehensive Scan which offers visual imaging of organs; Chakra analysis with customized emotion balancing tones that can be played back over bone conduction headphones – making home therapy possible!

Inner Voice bioenergetics and wellness program uses sound therapy to identify any imbalances in your emotional state that manifest themselves through vocal chords. After recording a short clip of you speaking aloud for 10 seconds, this program analyzes it before creating four MP3 files containing soothing tones to listen to as part of sound therapy; these tones may help increase creativity, emotional intelligence, reduce stress fear anxiety depression.