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AO Scan Technology Reviews

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer analyzes subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to provide an in-depth assessment of how your body is operating and provide you with a plan to restore equilibrium and homeostasis.

Every organ, tissue and cell has a vibrational frequency unique to itself; when this frequency becomes disrupted due to injury, diet, environmental toxins or deep emotional duress it affects blueprint balance and can result in illness.

AO Scan Reviews

AO Scan technology is a non-invasive bio-resonance device which conducts frequency scans of both body and voice to optimize frequency scans utilizing established resonance physics. It detects imbalances in your energy field around you, correcting them by sending normal frequencies directly to those areas affected – often the source of health issues!

This system aims to boost overall well-being and help you get more out of life. It works by assessing your bio-field – comprising both physical and emotional elements of yourself – before using this information to develop a holistic wellness strategy.

An analysis can also identify imbalances or deficiencies in your body’s nutrients, minerals, amino acids and enzymes due to poor diet or stress; early treatment of any such issues is key in order to avoid serious conditions developing later on.

AO Scan can detect and measure over 130 organs, cells, bones, chromosomes and lymphatic systems; helping identify possible health issues like osteoporosis or liver/kidney disease as well as assess gastrointestinal function which could aid with diagnosing IBS or digestive problems.

The AO Scan‘s key advantage lies in its ability to accurately assess whether areas that have been scanned are moving toward recovery (anabolic) or degeneration (catabolic). It compares cell, tissue and organ frequencies in your body with those stored in its database; then uses these results to pinpoint any imbalances that exist. Furthermore, nutritional deficiencies can also be detected and recommendations made accordingly.

The AO Scan also has the capacity to assess an individual’s emotional and mental state, which can help detect issues like stress or trauma that might otherwise remain hidden from view. Furthermore, it can identify health concerns that could compromise immunity as well as imbalances within chakras or meridians that might lead to physical pain and fatigue.

AO Scan mobile app users can send themselves, family members, and clients SEFIs that contain various healing frequencies ranging from flower essences to homeopathy and chakra frequencies. Furthermore, users can record sessions and generate reports from within their home or office environment.

AO Scan Benefits

AO Scan is a noninvasive scanner designed to analyze your body’s energy frequencies to detect and correct imbalances. The device identifies vibrational frequencies of each of your cells, tissues and organs before comparing these with healthy frequencies to optimize them and detect any disturbances that might indicate emotional or physical distress or disease; when detected the device can even send healing frequencies in order to restore balance in these frequencies.

AO Scan is an innovative device that is used to diagnose illness or pain by scanning for imbalances in cellular energy levels, which often signal issues related to diet, lifestyle and environmental influences. Furthermore, this process can identify problems within your nervous and immune systems as well as pinpoint pain symptoms and any related discomfort that you might be experiencing.

With AO Scan, you can also listen to healing frequencies and balancing harmonics to alleviate symptoms over time. These healing frequencies may help treat stress and anxiety disorders, digestive issues, skin conditions and autoimmune diseases among other things. These frequencies also serve to balance emotions and support your body in returning homeostasis.

Additionally, you can scan family and pets to detect imbalances in their energetic fields using voice analysis technology and emotional frequency detection. Once detected, AO Scan provides balancing frequencies to harmonize these imbalances and restore harmony to your body’s energetic field.

AO Scan can be purchased both as a mobile app and desktop version for Windows OS-powered systems, with the latter requiring at least 8GB of RAM and 32GB SSD hard drive space while mobile version supports devices including phones, tablets and iPads. This app can be utilized by individuals or in groups. Scan yourself, clients and pets for health imbalances to send Subtle Energy Frequency Imprints (SEFIs). These SEFIs contain various healing frequencies (flower essences, homeopathics, detox frequencies for Lyme Disease, Mold, Heavy Metals Parasites as well as affirmations). Furthermore, this program also has the capability of projecting their future health 3-5 years ahead.

AO Scan Technology

AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is an amazing device capable of scanning all systems and organs within your body. Based on research done by Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Royal Rife it uses frequencies to detect imbalances that contribute to disease in individuals – providing valuable information that can then be used to tailor an individual healing program for every person who uses this amazing tool.

The scanner can help identify and flush out toxic substances from the body, which is an invaluable aid to those dealing with chronic health issues or long-term illnesses. Furthermore, its capability of identifying nutritional deficiencies or environmental toxins that could contribute to illness makes this scanner an indispensable asset in healthcare settings.

AO Scan analyzes 130 aspects of your health and can detect issues early, so they can be addressed before becoming serious. It can detect cells or organs out of balance; its non-invasive design doesn’t expose you to radiation like CT or X-ray systems do – making this system ideal for home use, keeping families healthy!

AO Scan can also assist with emotional and physical imbalances by finding and optimizing bio-resonant frequencies in your body and sending these appropriate frequencies directly to any areas in need of correction.

If you want to improve your overall health, starting with a balanced body is key. The AO Scan can help identify the source of any issues and offer natural remedies to address them – all within minutes! It provides a great alternative to traditional medicine while providing instant results of your scan.

For $995, you can purchase the AO Scan which comes complete with SOLEX Mobile Scanner, special headsets and an instruction manual. Individuals or professionals alike can use this device to scan themselves as well as their clients or patients using any mobile phone or tablet with all major operating systems supported.

AO Scan Cost

AO Scan is an innovative new technology that uses bioresonance frequencies to assess organs, tissues, and cells’ health. AO Scan‘s bioresonance frequency analysis delivers detailed results in minutes at much lower costs than traditional medical tests; you can even remotely diagnose and treat using it! Anyone can utilize it — from doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors all the way down to individuals looking for answers in their own bodies.

Utilizing European technology, the AO Scan Full Body Analyzer measures energy and physiological health within the body. Designed to help practitioners move away from treating symptoms towards finding root causes of their issues. By early detection of subtle energetic imbalances it helps prevent worsening conditions from progressing further. Personalized recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle changes and supplementation can also be provided for each client’s unique situation.

The AO Scan can accurately evaluate energy patterns of physical and emotional health as well as environmental influences on an individual, detect hidden allergens and toxicities, identify stored emotions which affect health, find ways to balance them out, analyze stress on immunity systems and find solutions that reduce it for maximum wellness.

An AO Scan is a portable digital device that provides a comprehensive analysis of human body structure, function, and overall health. Naturopaths and holistic healers frequently utilize this tool for client evaluation purposes; its findings help pinpoint stored emotions which could be causing issues as well as sending healing frequencies that balance the body or even identify optimal frequencies for specific tissues.

AO Scan is the world’s first and only mobile, wireless scanner to detect and interpret energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance signals in human bodies. This valuable information can help improve personal health and help reach one’s full potential. Safe to use with pacemakers or implanted devices and can even pair with earbuds to deliver customized audio frequencies designed to harmonise body systems – perfect for busy lifestyles! This device can be used anytime and anywhere for maximum convenience!