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Body Scan Las Vegas – Get a Free Body Scan

body scan las vegas

Entrepreneurs across the country are opening storefront scanning centers in strip malls, running two-for-one newspaper ads and promising their services will prevent expensive, unnecessary tests – though some doctors remain dubious of such claims.

Every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies produce electromagnetic frequencies that can provide insight into our overall health. The AO Scan measures these frequencies to provide unique information about an individual’s overall wellbeing.

AO Scan

The AO Scan is a portable bioenergetic scanner that analyzes your body’s energetic frequencies. Each organ, tissue and cell emits an electromagnetic frequency. If this frequency becomes unbalanced it interferes with signaling processes in your body and leads to pain, stress, fatigue and illness – symptoms which the AO Scan uses subtle vibrational energy to help balance. When detected frequencies become out of balance it compares them with healthy cell frequencies to create corrective waves which your brain uses as counteractants to bring back into balance.

The scanner draws upon the work of Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Royal Rife who demonstrated that all physical phenomena is actually energy, frequency and vibration. It uses an advanced resonance system to identify imbalances within your body that compromise both overall health and well-being.

Your AO Scan can analyze over 130 atoms, molecules and bio-fields to identify imbalances in their frequencies on screen and a full report can be sent for review at home – this is an ideal way to help pinpoint what’s causing symptoms in your life.

Re-balancing your frequencies using specific healing and wellness frequencies is another service offered by us, which can be sent directly to your phone, computer, or bone conduction headset (included with each scan) for listening regularly will help to restore equilibrium within your body’s vibrational frequency levels.

We can use frequencies to treat various aliments, such as ear infections, shingles, colds and allergies. Our detox frequencies can help the body rid itself of harmful toxins such as bacteria, fungus and heavy metals; in addition we offer emotional healing frequencies which may ease tension such as stress anxiety depression etc. The AO Scan is cutting-edge technology which can enhance any existing health and wellness practice.


DEXA scans are noninvasive tests that use X-ray technology to measure bone density in your body and can also assess body composition (the percentage of fat and muscle tissue). DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry and it provides the most precise way of gauging bone mass.

Procedures typically last 10-30 minutes, depending on which part of your body needs scanning. When you arrive for your appointment, a receptionist will help facilitate the check-in process, including copying your health insurance card and filling out any necessary forms. Once these tasks have been completed, a nurse will accompany you back to imaging center so you can change into a hospital gown for imaging.

Once in the imaging room, a technician will ensure you are comfortably positioned on the exam table. They may use tools such as wedges under your knees to flatten out your spine for imaging or padding on your hips for positioning purposes. You will then be asked to remain still while an imaging arm scans across your body.

Once your scanning session has concluded, a radiologist will review your results and prepare them for you and your physician. They will compare your bone density score against that of others who share similar age, gender and ethnic characteristics; this allows them to identify any areas of concern and create an action plan to address them.

DEXA scan results are highly reliable and can be used to accurately detect osteoporosis – when your body loses bone mass and increases your risk of fractures – by measuring bone density changes over time and comparing results with previous scans to see whether your condition is improving or worsening.

Before going in for a DEXA scan, it is recommended that you refrain from taking calcium supplements or vitamins that contain calcium. Furthermore, pregnant or planning pregnancy women must inform the technologist as the scan could pose risks to unborn babies; thus it would be prudent to wait until after giving birth before having this scan performed.

RMR & VO2 Analysis

RMR (resting metabolic rate) measures how many calories a person burns at resting levels of activity. It provides invaluable information to anyone hoping to lose weight or build muscle mass as it determines how many calories an individual requires daily for survival. RMR can also assist athletes and active individuals understand their current body composition so as to ensure they are getting enough protein, essential minerals and other essential nutrients.

The AO Scan‘s central concept is that each organ, tissue and cell in our bodies emits electromagnetic frequencies which can be detected by this scanner. The technology then analyzes these frequencies to pinpoint imbalances in someone’s energy health – providing more comprehensive diagnostic results than blood work or other forms of screening – allowing medical professionals to better assess patient well-being.

Entrepreneurs across the nation are opening full-body scanning centers in strip malls and placing two-for-one newspaper ads, leaving some physicians concerned that these business models will divert patients away from proven health care regimens. The AO Scan should not replace physician assessments of health; rather it should only be used alongside other tests like physical exams and urine analyses. Before scheduling an x-ray scan it’s important to inform administrators if you have pacemakers or pregnancy, as X-rays expose you to small amounts of radiation which means wearing loose fitting clothing will protect you best.

Fit3d Body Scan

The Fit3D Body Scan is an invaluable way to visualize and track your progress toward your goals. It provides body measurements such as neck, bust (for women), chest, biceps, forearm, waist, thigh hip and calf measurements that you can compare against your initial scan at any time to see the results of your hard work! In addition, the scanner measures posture from all directions – front, back and side views to identify areas requiring improvement; this information may prove especially helpful if working with physical therapist or chiropractor on improving core strength issues.

FIT3D body scanner is an advanced 5th-generation bioimpedence device, providing accurate results in just 40 seconds! Completely safe and noninvasive, for best results it’s important to wear tight-fitting clothing to achieve accurate results – loose or baggy garments may cause the machine to misread it, long hair may get caught up, jewelry on or near the head should also be avoided for best results.

Once your session has concluded, you can access your virtual scan and wellness metrics through a password protected login. From here, you can view and compare results of your scan at any time to stay on track towards reaching your health and fitness goals!

Fit3D Body Scan technology was developed in conjunction with DEXA (the gold standard in body composition testing). The procedure is quick and painless, providing valuable information such as your body fat percentage, muscle mass and trunk to leg volume ratio – an indicator for prediabetes, diabetes, elevated triglyceride levels or other serious health conditions that the Fit3D Body Scan can detect before they become major health concerns.