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Benefits of Biophotonic Therapy

This natural treatment has proven highly successful at supporting the healing of digestive conditions, hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety as well as strengthening immunity systems and aiding weight loss. A small sample of blood (around one half pint) is drawn and exposed to ultraviolet light that kills viruses and bacteria, while also rejuvenating it by […]

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Biophoton Therapy – Physicist Johan Boswinkel

Johan Boswinkel discovered that all living biological cells emit light or biophotons; when these biophotons are coherent they indicate health; otherwise their chaotic pattern indicates illness. Biontology sessions involve measuring acupuncture points on hands and toes to assess which organs emitting chaotic light, then correcting this quality so as to facilitate healing for clients. Biophotons […]

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Biophoton Therapy Evidence

Biophoton therapy is a noninvasive, holistic solution that seeks to realign the body’s natural light through as few sessions as possible. Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that each living cell emits around 100,000 electromagnetic pulses of light per second – known as biophotons. Some experiments indicate that biophotons may carry and even facilitate psychic information and healing […]

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