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Spooky2 – The Heart of Rife Frequencies

Spooky2 software is at the core of our powerful Rife system, controlling as many as 126 generators simultaneously. Offering plasma, contact, remote and DNA transmission at extremely competitive prices! Everything in the universe operates on specific frequencies. Rife theory asserts that these frequencies can be harnessed to destroy harmful cells and pathogens. Contact Frequencies Spooky2 […]

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Healing With Scalar Spooky2

Scalar Spooky2 provides three methods for transmitting healing scalar energy. Users may choose from pure, molecular and Rife modes – each offering distinct advantages. Pure scalar therapy is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a healing scalar field. All it requires is tuning Spooky2 and sitting or lying between transmitter and receiver. […]

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How to Get Started With Spooky2

Facebook knows an incredible amount about you and this Chrome extension called Data Selfie allows you to see just how much data has been compiled about you on their platform. Spooky2 offers an impressive array of tools and accessories for applying frequencies directly to the body or DNA, to address health issues and ailments. Frequency […]

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Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro – Ports Explained

GeneratorX Pro (GX) is the world’s most advanced Rife frequency generator with advanced features, boasting two function generators and full biofeedback system for biofeedback scans that normally take an hour to complete with Spooky2 Pulse but can now be completed in six minutes using GX. The essential kit contains large TENS pads, carbonized rubber hand […]

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Spooky2 Software

Spooky2 is one of the world’s most versatile Rife frequency systems, featuring user-friendly software designed to run preset programs easily while also permitting adjustments of waveforms and multipliers. Frequencies have the power to kill pathogens or heal the body. It’s essential that we recognize the distinctions between healing and killing frequencies before choosing one to […]

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