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Tennis Elbow Vibration Therapy

Tennis elbow (more formally referred to as lateral epicondylitis) is caused by repetitive stress on the forearm muscles that attach on the outside of the elbow, such as racket sports, golfing, hedge clipping or typing on a keyboard. Most doctors and articles attribute this injury to overuse, yet what many overlook is how abnormal tension […]

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Full Body Vibration Therapy

Vibration exercise has quickly become more than just a fitness trend, with researchers using vibration training in medical settings and reporting impressive results like stronger muscles, denser bones and improved balance and mobility. Studies suggest that whole body vibration therapy may help to decrease fat mass. Unfortunately, these studies are short and don’t take into […]

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Does a Vibration Therapy Plate Really Work?

Vibration plates have become an increasingly popular fitness tool among those hoping to build muscles, reduce back pain, boost immunity, or otherwise benefit from vibration therapy. But does vibration really work? Researchers have discovered that muscle contraction triggered by vibration has the ability to enhance circulation by creating the “skeletal muscle pump effect”, improving circulation. […]

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The History of Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy – also referred to as vibration plate training or mechanotherapy – has a long and distinguished history, dating all the way back to ancient Greek civilization and NASA. People across time have discovered its therapeutic advantages. This therapy could prevent bone loss, promote muscle growth, improve circulation and relieve any associated discomfort while […]

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Using a Vibrating Toothbrush For Speech Therapy

Children with sensory needs often struggle with feeding, speech and oral motor skills. A vibrating toothbrush can be used to stimulate the mouth and increase oral focus. Children suffering from oral hypersensitivity or defensiveness will benefit from using the Z-Vibe, as its gentle vibration can gradually lessen sensitivity to touch sensations in their mouth over […]

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