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Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy Clinician Manual

Verdolini Abbott, K. (2009). Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy in a Young Woman With Vocal Fold Nodules. In J.C. Stemple & E. Hapner’s Voice Therapy: Clinical Studies (5th Ed) published by Plural Publishing of San Diego. Workshop on Voice Therapy Spectrum and Adventures in Voice. Invited training seminar at Pittsburgh Voice Conference hosted by University of […]

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Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive form of treatment used for diagnosing and treating disease. Utilizing energy waves to detect unhealthy frequencies within the body and help restore balance to it. Furthermore, this painless and stress-free therapy offers many other advantages as well. Human cells communicate on a biophysical level, and external stressors may disrupt this […]

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What is Limbic Resonance Therapy?

Limbic resonance refers to an understanding, trust and bonding between people that helps build close relationships and social ties that reduce stress while improving overall health. Early attachment influences brain structure, chemistry and gene expression as well as whether reptilian brain and limbic systems align with neocortex structures. What is Limbic Resonance Therapy? Limbic resonance […]

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Magnetic Resonance Therapy for Autism

Autism treatment that has shown marked improvements in communication, mood and independence. Guided by sophisticated diagnostics and imaging systems for guidance. Safe for use alongside other therapies. Neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that electrical signals of children with autism differ significantly from those found in typical children, making rTMS an effective means of altering these abnormal […]

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Medical Resonance Therapy Music

Medical Resonance Therapy Music syncs up with the physiological rhythms of cells to restore neuro-hormonal balance and aid self-healing mechanisms within our bodies, encouraging self-healing capabilities that have proven successful against conditions like gynecological issues, high blood pressure, psychological disorders and various pathologies. Studies on ICU patients demonstrate that listening to music reduces both intensity […]

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