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Bioresonance Machine Price

Bioresonance diagnostic equipment such as SensitivE Audit / Sensitiv Imago measures electromagnetic vibrations produced by healthy and diseased organisms respectively. Harmonic vibrations indicate health while disharmonic vibrations suggest disease. Furthermore, this technology does not involve painful procedures that could prove physiologically complex for its patient – saving both time and pain for all concerned parties […]

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Bioresonance Can Help You Quit Smoking

Millions of people worldwide are filling their lungs with toxic smoke. Though many attempt to quit, most fail and return to smoking. Quitting smoking can be challenging, but bioresonance offers help that is non-invasive and gentle. How does Bioresonance work? Bioresonance uses resonance frequencies to safely test your body for imbalances. It uses electromagnetic oscillations […]

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Bio Resonance Scanning Reviews

Bioresonance scanning is a noninvasive test designed to help detect imbalances within the body. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, bioresonance can detect toxins, nutritional imbalances and hormone imbalances in a noninvasive fashion. Bioresonance testing uses this frequency signature of every object – be they tissues of the body, words, emotions, toxins and pathogens – to find solutions […]

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Life Balance Bioresonance

Life Balance Bioresonance is a high-end device, similar to an expensive smartphone. It scans over 70 organs and systems at once to detect potential health problems early on and pinpoint their sources. Elimination of parasites, pathogens and their toxins; harmonization of organ function. There are also programs available for health maintenance and preventive treatments. Bioresonance […]

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What is Bio Resonance Therapy?

Bio resonance therapy is a noninvasive technique that uses frequencies to detect imbalances in the body. By inverting energy wavelengths, bio resonance therapy encourages cells to break down toxins more effectively and restore balance to restore body systems back into balance. Your body contains its own magnetic, or biomagnetic field that facilitates communication among cells; […]

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