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How Does Radionics Really Work?

Radionics is an energy healing practice used to treat health conditions as well as soil, crops and animals without using drugs or chemicals. All living things possess an invisible energy field that sustains and vitalises them, providing vitality. If this field becomes weaker, dis-ease may appear; Radionics employs a dowsing technique with special instruments to […]

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A Simple Radionics Machine Schematic

Plans for what was claimed to be the world’s most powerful radionics device were recently published online, complete with historical context and instructions along with its schematic design. Hieronymus created machines known as receivers to amplify and detect Eloptic rays like channel signals on a radio, while transmitters were made that projected specific frequencies of […]

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Quantum Radionics and Esoteric Psychology

Radionics can be defined as an off-site diagnosis/treatment technique used remotely, using a pendulum and device with dials, sample holder etc. as its basis. TimeWaver compares oscillation patterns of noise generators and uses this information to perform a database query for analysis and optimization, helping the user work substantially more cause-oriented than before. Quantum physics […]

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Radionics/Bosch B9512G Residential Alarm Panel Review

Radionics/Bosch Security Systems provide alarm panels that cover every need ranging from single structures to multi-building, commercial and residential sites. Their product offering features hardwire, wireless and combination systems as well as alternative communication options like long range radio. 12 VDC control/communicator with 8 onboard points that can be expanded up to 40 via both […]

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Radinic Hi Tech Offers a Selection of Lighting Products

Radionic hi tech offers a selection of lighting products. Their offerings include LED and fluorescent ballasts, bulbs and starters as well as design, engineering and testing solutions. Their ZX/RX series undercabinet task light features up to 80 high-brightness LEDs distributed evenly for even illumination. LED Lighting LED lights use minimal electricity to produce large amounts […]

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