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What is Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy?

ANF Therapy is a natural and non-pharmacological way of alleviating pain and inflammation, often used to heal sprains, strains, bruises and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. ANF discs are circular patches made of carbonized metal which contain frequencies. When activated by body heat they emit their signature frequency that is picked up by […]

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The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy

What is Frequency Therapy? Frequency therapy is a treatment method using frequencies and micro-currents to reduce symptoms, improve health and heal injuries. Also referred to as bioresonance healing or vibrational medicine, frequency therapy operates under the belief that all things in nature, including your own body, emit an electromagnetic field that emits frequencies or vibrations […]

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The Benefits of Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Frequency specific microcurrent therapy has been demonstrated to aid older adults in avoiding muscle atrophy and maintaining strength, helping reduce sarcopenia progression. Furthermore, frequency specific microcurrent has also been found beneficial for healing injuries or surgical operations, decreasing inflammation levels and improving nerve function. Results of frequency specific microcurrent treatment depend on an accurate diagnosis. […]

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Frequency Therapy Devices

Frequency therapy devices utilize a mild electrical current that transmits frequencies throughout your body. These frequencies stimulate cells to heal themselves and reduce pain. Your frequency therapy device offers numerous programs designed to ease pain, promote skin health and achieve bioenergetic balance. What is Frequency Therapy? Frequency therapy delivers microcurrents of very low electric current […]

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High Frequency Vs LED Light Therapy For Wrinkles

LED light therapy uses various frequencies of LED lights to penetrate specific areas of skin and target specific issues. Combining red and blue lights, it detoxifies, eliminates acne, reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen and increases cell regeneration for reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion and LED therapy, when performed together, help heal skin following medical needling […]

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