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Alternative Therapies Group II Opens in Amesbury

Alternative Therapies Group of Salem will be under the scrutiny of state regulators before it begins operating as a marijuana dispensary. Before they make even one sale, this company must clear several hurdles first such as testing its products for mold or other contaminants.

Curaleaf acquired ATG in August 2018; including its 53,600 square-foot cultivation and processing facility located in Amesbury. ATG’s three Massachusetts dispensaries (in Salem, Amesbury and Salisbury) will continue operating under their original names while being supplied by Curaleaf.


Alternative Therapies Group II will open its first recreational marijuana store north of Boston in Amesbury. They plan to occupy the ground-floor of a three-story brick building at 50 Grove St, near the Moose lodge, featuring pharmacy services, waiting room seating areas, patient meeting rooms and office space as well as offering hardship discounts to 20 percent of customers.

Amesbury will resemble Salem, Massachusetts’ inaugural dispensary that opened its doors in 2015. Both stores sell an extensive selection of whole-bud flower strains and edibles, topicals and vape pen concentrates – from classic varieties like Durban Poison and Gorilla Glue to newcomers Captain’s Cake and Blissful Wizard – in addition to hash extraction cartridges and distillate vape cartridges.

Dispensary Policies

After months of delays, a dispensary has finally opened at 50 Grove Street near the Moose Lodge. Inside is divided into pharmacy, waiting room and patient meeting rooms; with seven staff expected to serve approximately 3,700 patients.

This dispensary will not sell products directly to the public market, but customers may purchase up to one ounce per month starting at $325 per ounce; however, significant hardship discounts are planned for 20 percent of its clientele.

Mayor Kim Driscoll reported that Alternative Therapies‘ officials made every effort to meet with residents and city officials and explain their plans. She stated the company will donate a percentage of sales over its first two years to the city; over time this percentage will increase over time. In addition, Alternative Therapies agreed to work on issues like curbing youth marijuana use as well as studying whether marijuana has crossed over from Massachusetts into New Hampshire.