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Bio Resonance Scanning Reviews

Bioresonance scanning is a noninvasive test designed to help detect imbalances within the body. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, bioresonance can detect toxins, nutritional imbalances and hormone imbalances in a noninvasive fashion.

Bioresonance testing uses this frequency signature of every object – be they tissues of the body, words, emotions, toxins and pathogens – to find solutions for returning balance to our lives.

1. It is non-invasive

Bio Resonance Scanning (BRS) is a noninvasive alternative medicine technique that uses frequencies sent from headphones to detect imbalances and disharmonies within the body. By sending signals with different frequencies into our bodies, BRS therapists can pinpoint areas such as toxic levels, nutritional imbalances or stressors which cause dissonance; then find solutions for each of them to rebalance cellular structure and strengthen us from within.

This scan analyzes and identifies each cell’s vibrational frequency in order to highlight areas of disharmony using colors of symbols (white, grey and black) that represent either healthiness or need. Furthermore, viruses and bacteria are detected that give additional insight into clients’ health status while providing greater depth in investigating possible underlying issues.

The AO Scan is a comprehensive scan that evaluates and optimizes up to 550 blueprint frequencies across blood, organs, glands and chromosomes in your body. Additionally, it analyzes any interference between chromosomes and can generate cancellation frequencies to restore them back to their optimal states.

2. It is affordable

Contrasting CT Scans and MRIs which can be costly, painful, take an extended period of time, expose you to potentially harmful radiation sources like X-rays or radio waves and require you to change into hospital gowns, bio resonance scans are quick, comfortable and noninvasive, completely pain free with no blood work necessary so you save on costly lab tests.

The scanner detects imbalances in your body, in priority order, and sends optimized frequencies tailored specifically for them into your blood, cells, organs, glands, bones and chromosomes. These frequencies will generate canceling frequencies to aid healing of your own body bringing it back into balance and optimal health – the results of the scan will also be printed out as a guide for treatment plans.

3. It is safe

Bio Resonance is an entirely safe and non-invasive way to identify imbalances in your body. Based on vibrational frequencies in your body, its results provide insight into what might be going on inside it – such as food sensitivities or imbalances with hormones or vitamins; its results provide warning signs and can assist in diagnosing any illnesses that require medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Bio Resonance scans utilize an FDA-approved device that analyzes the energy in your organs, tissues and cells to detect any imbalances or warning signs in order to send a list to a therapist who will then explain what each one means as well as ways in which to address it.

Bio Resonance machines also evaluate your body for any toxins that could be damaging it and identify anything harmful to health. Once identified, cancelling frequencies will be sent out to balance blood, organs, glands and chromosomes before optimizing them with help from a therapist who will identify optimal frequencies for optimizing.

4. It is effective

Bio resonance scans are a powerful tool that offers key insight into body imbalances and warning signs, and identify any resonating toxins to assist clients in finding solutions to restore balance to the body. This noninvasive testing machine scans organs and systems for imbalances or warning signs based on energy signature measurements made possible through tissue of the body, words, emotions, toxins or pathogens – including tissue itself! To measure frequencies associated with each substance as it impacts on synergistic systems of the body.

Once the scanning process is completed, a therapist will analyze its results and identify any areas requiring treatment. He or she will then administer corrective vibrational signals through headphones that rebalance and strengthen cell structures within your body. In addition, this system also tests for possible viruses or bacteria present within a client’s system.

A typical session includes a face-to-face consultation and review of your bioresonance test results, where a therapist will explain what each scan means and how it can improve your health.