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Integrated Energy Therapy Near Me

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is an intuitive healing modality that utilizes meridians and energy centers. Angelic energies help clear away cellular memory to clear our tissues of issues.

Trauma Release Technique (TRE) is a gentle yet powerful approach that enables clients to release past trauma without revisiting it, making it an excellent complement for Reiki treatments.

IET is a non-invasive form of energy healing

Human bodies are complex systems governed by energy flow. Our emotions and thoughts can alter this energy, so various forms of energy healing such as Reiki or IET provide noninvasive techniques that channel it towards overall wellness. An IET practitioner uses hand positions to identify imbalances or blockages within your energy field before clearing these with positive energy to promote overall well-being in your body and alleviate physical discomfort, emotional trauma and improve mental clarity resulting in healing benefits such as alleviate physical pain, stress or trauma relief and improved mental clarity.

Clients of IET often report experiencing warm or tingling sensations throughout their body that correspond with energy movement, as well as experiencing deeper connections to spiritual beliefs or an increased awareness of life’s purpose. Everyone’s experience of IET will differ; therefore it is vital that communication be maintained between you and your practitioner regarding any feelings or impressions encountered both during and post session.

One of the key characteristics of IET is its focus on the cellular memory level of our energy field. Here lies hidden emotional traumas which may manifest themselves through stress, fatigue, or chronic illnesses – something IET practitioners use angelic energy to remove and replace with positive life-affirming energies.

IET sessions are gentle and nurturing, making them appropriate for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some clients who seek my help primarily aim to address an existing physical condition while others wish to release patterns that no longer serve them; both cases involve an energy blockage or restriction as their source.

IET is an energy healing modality that works directly with your cellular memory to release patterns no longer serving you, using divine angelic energy rays from heaven to help access and correct your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. The result of IET treatment can be profound healing that unlocks your soul’s mission while hastening its journey forward.

It’s a great compliment to Reiki

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is an effective healing modality that works with your energy field to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Utilizing gentle hands-on techniques with elements from both acupressure and reflexology, practitioners use IET techniques on specific chakras or aura areas within the energy field in order to clear blockages or imbalances that exist there and improve sleep quality – relieving stress anxiety reduce pain discomfort while improving overall quality of sleep quality – IET may be used alone or combined with other holistic or traditional approaches in order to accelerate self healing processes faster and accelerate self healing processes as part of self-healing processes or accelerate self healing processes in general.

IET differs from Reiki by not channeling universal life energy directly through practitioner hands into client bodies. Instead, angelic energy is used to release painful emotions associated with past traumas by activating nine specific cellular memory areas within the body which contain repressed emotions that cause blocks to energy flow within. Once these memory areas have been cleared away, your body can begin healing itself naturally.

IET differs from Reiki by targeting specific emotional blocks in the human energy field and employing angelic energy to address core issues that a person may be struggling with. Furthermore, its energy is gentler and makes for an excellent complement to other energetic therapies like massage and yoga.

IET’s Basic Level Energy Attunement opens your energy field to the power of violet angelic energy ray, which works directly with 12-Strand Spiritual DNA, helping release past patterns, empower and balance present realities, and reach for the stars in your future. Furthermore, you will learn a special “pullout-release” technique for quickly clearing harmful energies out of human energy fields quickly and easily as well as learning to feel and interpret energy blockages on different levels such as physical, emotional mental or karmic. As part of your session you may experience mild outbursts of emotion as suppressed feelings rise to surface and are released.

It’s a powerful healing modality

Integrated Energy Therapy is an energy healing modality that can be used alone or as an addition to Reiki. This powerful method uses light therapeutic touch to release suppressed emotions that cause physical, emotional, and mental disorders. Learning it quickly is simple – simply associate primary emotions to specific regions within the body or energy fields for release without experiencing painful memories again. With this approach clients can let go of suppressed feelings without revisiting past traumas.

IET Reiki differs from other forms of Reiki in that its practitioner employs light therapeutic touch on certain body areas known as “cellular memory areas,” believed to store energy imprints of past experiences or traumas that affect physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sessions usually take place on a massage table with clients relaxed fully clothed while they focus on setting their intention for the healing process and clearing their cellular memory.

Once harmful energy blockages have been cleared away, angelic energy can form empowerment imprints to infuse cells with positive energy and fill their memories with positivity. IET also offers advanced practitioners an advanced pullout-release technique which allows them to clear more difficult energy imprints more easily.

IET can assist in awakening your soul’s mission by activating and strengthening the 8th chakra – this allows you to stay in tune with it while living out and sharing your gifts in life.

IET energy flows deep into the Earth to help it heal from its many issues. If you become an advanced practitioner of IET, you will be able to anchor columns of angelic energy known as Heartbeams into the ground for permanent anchorage of healing into our planet’s physical space and areas damaged by natural or man-made disasters.

It’s a great way to relax

Integrated Energy Therapy is an excellent way to both relax and revitalize your body. This method uses a hands-on technique that targets the cellular memory and energy field to release emotional, mental, and physical blockages in the body. When attending a session, you’ll lie on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner channels healing energy into your system – the session is gentle yet noninvasive – you might even fall asleep during it!

IET (Individual Energy Therapy) was designed by Stevan Thayer to assist individuals in clearing away negative blocks and release them permanently from their bodies. It works by tapping into the power of the universe, to release limiting energies while imprinting positive ones onto your 12-strand spiritual DNA strands. A violet angelic energy ray brings nine healing angels directly to you during an IET session and assist in clearing away negativity that has built up over time – freeing yourself from negative blocks permanently.

Cellular memories are stored in your body as energetic responses to life events that impact you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Over time, negative cellular memories may cause pain, illness and disconnection from inner wisdom – IET uses its exclusive cellular memory map to detect any blockages within the energy field and help release them.

People typically experience different sensations during an IET session. These may include changes in temperature (hot or cold), tingling sensations, pressure sensations and emotions surfacing for release – these should not be taken as painful experiences but as honest expressions of your inner feelings.

IET therapy is safe and effective, making it a valuable addition to other holistic approaches in your self-healing journey. In a session, you’ll lie fully clothed on a massage table as the practitioner uses their hands on integration points located both front and back to release any blockages of energy and infuse Divine energy into you – usually lasting one hour and relaxing and restorative in effect.