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Metatron Medical Device

This device utilizes light-wave resonance to scan and identify the functional state of the body, as well as detect any slowly developing abnormal conditions ranging from entire organs or tissues, cells, nuclei or DNA helix to ultrastructures.

Metatron, developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, features world-class software that can quickly scan patients without producing harmful side effects and provide valuable information in minutes.

Bioresonance Body Scan

Bioresonance scanning is an advanced noninvasive technique that reads electromagnetic frequencies of your cells. When an unhealthy cell vibrates at an abnormal frequency that differs from healthy ones, bioresonance scanner uses electrodes to match healthy frequencies while cancelling out unhealthy ones – ultimately helping your body heal itself more quickly.

A scan can detect organ and nutrient imbalances as well as nutritional deficiencies in your body, inflammation risk factors and which foods your immune system responds well to, helping build strong immunity systems. Furthermore, it provides an accurate way of pinpointing any symptoms you might be experiencing; an excellent way of getting to the source of any health concerns.

A typical session lasts 60 minutes, providing us ample time to review the results. This can include any information you want more clarity on or questions. During your visit, you will sit in front of a screen that shows information from bioresonance testing; it displays what is happening inside your body through computer models depicting each organ with different colors to help explain your results more fully.

This scanning technology can detect a range of conditions, from viruses and infections to cancer, stress-related conditions like headaches and high blood pressure and psychosomatic illness. Furthermore, the AO Scan can often identify issues at their early stages when intervention will have greater success rates.

Bioresonance scans can also identify pathogenic infections. This is crucial since pathogens often exist without showing symptoms; thus enabling treatment before becoming serious health concerns. Furthermore, Bioresonance can give an idea of your mineral and vitamin levels and acidity levels so you can make changes to diet and lifestyle for improved biological age.

Non-linear Health Screening (NLS)

The NLS device measures electromagnetic wave frequencies to assess organ and cell health in your body. It does so by comparing these with healthy tissues and organs. Furthermore, this device can predict future health problems by monitoring current symptoms; identify imbalances within your body; provide treatment solutions; as well as suggest supplements, herbs or medications to support healing and overall well-being.

The 7D NLS Hunter 4020 is a noninvasive diagnostic system that employs a computer program to conduct scans at the cellular level and compare them against a database of reference conditions. Ideally suited for use alongside hardware-based techniques such as MRI and CT scans; more cost-effective than some comparable solutions available today.

This software-based noninvasive informative technique has become increasingly popular, as it enables the user to see what is going on inside their body without medical intrusions. It can detect whether symptoms of illness stem from physical, emotional or environmental causes. Furthermore, it can tell if someone is living harmoniously within their environment, as well as whether they’re taking in positive or negative energy from its environment.

NLS analysis can be used to detect early stages of disease or infection by monitoring frequency changes in organs of the body, and aid doctors when planning interventions for surgical patients undergoing procedures; surgeons in particular may find this approach particularly helpful when pinpointing exact locations before beginning procedures.

NLS devices can produce a frequency whenever they detect chemical elements, viruses or bacteria that threaten organ health, so antidotes from its database can then be sent directly to affected areas of the body for faster treatment and increased chances of successful outcomes. Furthermore, they can identify substances which trigger allergies within our bodies so we can treat accordingly.

Blue Opal Therapy

Blue Opal Health Assessment uses non-invasive sensors that connect through electromagnetic waves with the subcortical brain – the source of much information about ongoing processes within the body – then reforms this data into digital form for decoding by its software and displayed on a computer screen along with virtual models of organs or tissues being evaluated, along with color coded displays indicating state frequencies originating from these areas that measure for signs of imbalance before providing recommendations to improve their condition.

Opal gemstone is believed to bring inner stability and peace of mind, helping reduce stress levels while helping release harmful toxins from the body. Furthermore, it has been said to foster intuition and communication with spiritual guides as well as finding solutions to difficult problems quickly and bringing out truthful revelations. Furthermore, this stone is an excellent addition to your throat chakra for communicating your true self effectively.

Gemstone of the Throat Chakra, Carnelian can assist with communicating your truth while increasing confidence in posture, voice and character. According to some beliefs it can also clear your aura and cleanse your energy field, helping overcome shyness, fears, failures and encouraging more honesty between relationships as well as dealing with feelings of loss and grief.

Blue opal is widely believed to enhance psychic abilities and foster imagination and creativity – making it an excellent stone for artists or other creative types. Furthermore, it may increase intuition and clairvoyance and help illuminate past karma or reincarnation cycles.

Peruvian Blue Opal is an emotional healing stone known to assist with stress relief and anxiety alleviation. It can be combined with other crystals like Silver Leaf Jasper, Rainbow Obsidian, Tsavorite Garnet or Vivianite for optimal use.