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Metatron NLS Scan

The METATRON NLS Scan detects energetic disturbances that could potentially have an adverse impact on health, such as environmental and emotional stressors, toxins or pathogens. By correcting imbalances detected, patients can improve overall health outcomes.

Three-dimensional scanning detects gradually developing abnormal conditions in tissues, cells, chromosomes and DNA helixes over time. Furthermore, it automatically pinpoints any tumors or heritable diseases at their origin point.


The Metatron device is an innovative non-invasive diagnostic system that scans and assesses the functional status of human bodies. It does this by tracking changes in light wave resonance between tissues. This information can then be used to pinpoint illness or imbalances within our bodies as well as track their progression over time. Furthermore, using the device for treating symptoms associated with diseases as well as tracking progression over time.

This technology operates under the principle that everything emits electromagnetic radiation, with electromagnetic waves containing an important torsion component that forms part of physical objects and, according to Professor Nesterov, represents their information content. The Metatron biofeedback device records and displays this data on its screen display indicating where and to what degree the organs have been affected by torsion.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics boasts an expansive network of authorized dealers throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Their Metatron device is utilized by healthcare professionals such as naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, dietitians, massage therapists, medical spas, cosmetic salons and doctors. Furthermore, patients may use it at home for general health and wellness benefits.

Metatron devices offer another useful benefit in early disease detection by employing NLS analysis to rapidly evaluate biological activity of microorganisms and helminthes, along with their resistance to modern antibacterial and antiparasitic medicines.

Additionally, Metatron systems can also be used to detect and trace abnormalities in electromagnetic behavior of cells and tissues, providing valuable information that can help correct their electromagnetic properties and bring them back into normality – which in turn helps prevent disease and enhance quality of life.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics’ hardware/software system “Metatron hunter 4025” allows users to generate preset bioelectrical activity of brain neurons, which is then modulated with selective amplitude modulation to isolate and decode any information within it. Finally, its output is displayed on a computer screen as an image of an organ.


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The NLS diagnostic device works by analyzing electromagnetic waves emitted by your body’s organs and DNA. Once collected, this information is decoded by Metatron software and used to estimate future health dynamics. Furthermore, unlike X-Rays, CT scans or MRI’s the Metatron system does not require fields of high intensity which makes it safer for patients.

This system can detect and treat pathology in cells, tissues and organs of your body. It can prevent diseases or treat them through frequency balancing or medicinal preparations; as well as identify which areas are stressed in order to identify stressors in your environment.

Machine learning models learn the type of data it is monitoring, and then recommend thresholds that are more sensitive to anomalies – helping you quickly detect problems before they become larger and more costly. Furthermore, its predictive capabilities also enable you to anticipate patterns in your data that could prevent problems before they even arise.

These solutions can be utilized by anyone, from novice business users with no machine learning knowledge to expert data scientists. No matter your goal – be it network security, cost reduction or improving customer service – this tool can assist in pinpointing key cost drivers within your organization as well as prioritizing alarms based on frequency of occurrence and risk associated with each alarm – giving maximum value from investment dollars spent.


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This device works by analyzing electromagnetic waves emanating from an individual’s body down to their DNA. It assesses both functional and dysfunctional changes to identify their underlying cause while also offering predictions and forecasting for future health dynamics.

Metatron 4025 Hunter is non-invasive and can be used in tandem with other diagnostic methods for accurate disease diagnosis. Its precision allows it to pinpoint causes even without physical symptoms appearing; determine severity; provide recommendations on treatment; detect abnormalities within the brain and pinpoint exact locations where issues exist; as well as pinpoint abnormalities for further testing and treatments.

The device can help improve overall wellness and lower stress levels while aiding depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia anxiety and other disorders – it may even assist with weight loss!


Metatron is an advanced non-invasive diagnostic device that utilizes light wave resonance to scan and assess a person’s body. Using light wave resonance technology, this device uses light waves to detect abnormalities in molecules, chromosomes, DNA helixes and organs as well as their source. This makes Metatron an invaluable asset over other diagnostic devices like X-rays CT and MRI scans which only detect diseases once they have already formed.

The Metatron system utilizes medical computer-software to gather objective information about a patient’s tissues and cells in real-time and offer real-time diagnosis; additionally, this information may also help predict future health dynamics.

This device works by measuring electromagnetic fluctuations produced in the human body due to stress, infection, pollution or other environmental factors that disrupt normal organ or cell functioning and cause diseases to emerge. To detect them the device measures bioimmulsions emitted by particular organs and compares them with its database; additionally it can even predict future incidence of diseases up to five years in advance.

This unique technology can be particularly helpful to people suffering from chronic-degenerative illness and autoimmune diseases, identifying both its source and offering natural cures. Furthermore, this innovative solution can reduce stress by clearing away obstacles that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential.

Note that emotions play a pivotal role in both susceptibility to disease and recovery from it, so Blue Opal’s emotional assessment feature can be especially useful: the device accurately evaluates an individual’s emotions in real-time and provides feedback in real-time, making it possible to release trapped subconscious emotions faster while helping patients understand why they may be predisposed to illness and how to alter their habits accordingly.