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Quantum Touch Healing Reviews

quantum touch healing reviews

Quantum Touch is a simple yet profound energy healing technique that taps into the body’s own healing capabilities to enable optimal health. It can help correct posture and alignment issues, reduce pain and inflammation levels, help balance emotional distress levels and even heal pets!

Touch, breathwork, and intention all combine for an incredible tool in energy work. It should be an integral component of anyone’s toolbox when approaching energy work seriously.

2. Richard Gordon – The Quantum Touch Book

Quantum-Touch, an exciting hands-on healing modality, utilizes life force energy (also referred to as “chi” in Chinese or prana in Sanskrit) to balance and direct your body’s natural ability for self-healing. It’s a highly effective healing modality which can address an array of issues; going beyond simply treating symptoms to address core problems for enhanced wellness.

Quantum-Touch is an energetic healing system that utilizes breathing and body awareness techniques to focus and amplify the universal vibration of love, leading to self-healing and improved vitality and an overall sense of well-being. Furthermore, Quantum-Touch helps address core emotions which often lie at the source of physical ailments.

Instead of the attunements or training provided by qualified instructors for other healing modalities, this one requires only that you read a book and practice with a certified teacher to become a practitioner. Once practiced with, these skills can then be used to assist both yourself and others – it easily integrates with other healing modalities while being particularly useful for dealing with emotional blockages.

This book explores how humans have an innate capacity for self-healing that can be enhanced through quantum touch healing techniques. These healing methods rely on resonance and entrainment – when two vibrating objects start vibrating at similar frequencies simultaneously; for example crickets chirp simultaneously while fireflies flash simultaneously.

The authors present an in-depth exploration of quantum touch’s core principles as well as an in-depth examination of healing sessions that demonstrate its efficacy, making this book an indispensable resource for anyone interested in energy healing. Furthermore, Tyler and Richard offer a free online course which builds upon this material covered by this book; featuring live teachings, interactive sessions and experiential practices with Q&A with them for two modules (providing an incredible transformative experience that could significantly amplify healing skills).

3. Tyler Odysseus – The Colors of Quantum-Touch

Quantum Touch employs techniques for amplifying life force energy – known in Chinese as “chi” or in Sanskrit as “prana.” These exercises incorporate breathing and body awareness exercises and this energy has proven itself effective for healing through resonance and entrainment principles. Entrainment occurs when two objects vibrating at different speeds become in sync when energy transfers between them; an example can be seen when crickets chirp at once or fireflies flash simultaneously; similarly this phenomenon works within quantum touch – which has profound health-giving results when used correctly – with positive health results!

Tyler Odysseus has been developing and teaching multiple energy modalities for fourteen years. Having studied under Richard Gordon, Tyler brings a unique perspective to Quantum-Touch healing art. In this course he teaches advanced techniques designed to take your Quantum-Touch sessions to the next level by tapping into resonance and entrainment principles; using them, one can support or accelerate healing processes both personally and for others.

This 12-week live video course will equip you with the skills to develop both in-person and remote Quantum-Touch techniques, while strengthening the healing mechanisms of your body for balance, comfort, and postural realignment. Furthermore, this program provides tools to process core emotions, while discovering life’s unmistakable synchronicities.

The first week of this course focuses on learning the fundamental Quantum-Touch techniques, including how to draw in, generate and flow energy from hands into body; connect with twelve-colored energy within healthy cells; and how to draw it all back out again.

In the second week, advanced techniques will be taught. These include methods for evaluating energy in the body and pinpointing specific areas that need healing using “running energy”. When doing this technique, practitioners put their hands over parts of the body which require healing before running energy into them using a technique called “running energy”. After running this energy into one spot on their bodies, they move their hands onto other spots, repeating this process until all healing needs have been addressed.

4. Richard Gordon – Supercharging Quantum-Touch

Resonance and entrainment techniques are used in this energy healing approach to enhance the body’s innate healing power. A practitioner learns to raise their vibration to generate high-level energy which can then be directed toward any area needing healing; the target areas will entrain to this higher frequency and allow biological intelligence to determine any necessary healing treatments.

Richard Gordon (Your Healing Hands – The Polarity Experience) created the Quantum-Touch healing system. After attending a healing workshop with healer Bob Rasmusson in 1978, Gordon used techniques learned there as the basis for developing Quantum-Touch and also integrated some of his own discoveries about energy into it. A basic Quantum-Touch course includes both an overview of its science as well as hands-on training in its techniques.

Quantum-Touch energy healing method is easy for anyone to learn, making it suitable for use within medical practices as a great complement for patient healing. No formal qualifications are needed and the basic technique can be learned within 12 hours. Numerous doctors and nurses are now using Quantum-Touch to enhance patients’ healing.

Quantum-Touch practitioners specialize in realigning bones and structures that need realigning, which can reduce pain, swelling, improve mobility and posture and even accelerate healing time after surgery. As a result, patients can return to living their lives more quickly than expected.

QT can help to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions. Karine Calhoun of Panacea Energetics began using Quantum Touch after it helped her overcome West Nile Virus symptoms. Now she shares this healing method through teaching Quantum-Touch classes.

Quantum-Touch can be practiced both directly and remotely. As quantum mechanics dictates that energy can flow between time and space, healing works just as effectively whether done face-to-face or remotely – which explains why Skype or video calls can also be used for healing sessions with this system.