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Magnetic Resonance Therapy Reviews

As part of your MRI procedure, you may experience discomfort or even pain while lying on the scanner table. Sedatives could also cause dizziness during your appointment.

MeRT integrates technology and neuroscience, stimulating specific areas of the brain to optimize function and rewire neural circuits for improved functionality and better neurological conditions management. MeRT holds out hope of an era without neurological restrictions limiting life experiences.

What is MeRT?

Magnetic Resonance Therapy uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images of your internal body, enabling doctors to detect tumors, injuries, and other conditions such as depression or anxiety. MeRT treatment employs similar technology to target areas of your brain that may not be working optimally and treat symptoms such as depression anxiety headaches without surgery or any pain whatsoever; you simply lie on a table while wearing a helmet containing magnets used to target specific parts of your brain.

MeRT (Magnetic E-Resonance Therapy) is an innovative treatment protocol combining technologies from repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), and EKG/ECG. MeRT pinpoints and restores disruptions to brainwave patterns to restore functioning, thus improving quality of life and functionality.

As part of the first step, we will conduct a qEEG scan on your brain in order to assess its brainwave patterns and detect any anomalies. With the information gained from your qEEG, we can craft an effective treatment strategy tailored specifically towards alleviating your symptoms.

Our expert team will then use the results of your qEEG to craft an individual treatment plan, including using rTMS to stimulate targeted areas of your brain, improve neural communication and promote neuroplasticity, as well as MeRT which has shown great promise in treating root causes for traumatic brain injury, PTSD and major depressive disorder.

MeRT can also be used to maximize brain performance for athletes, professionals, and anyone seeking peak cognitive abilities. By expertly tweaking neural circuits and optimizing brain functionality, MeRT can unlock untapped potential in both mental and physical performance.

MeRT therapy is generally safe for most adults, including pregnant women. However, certain medical issues may prevent treatment with cortical MeRT such as seizures history and pacemakers; titanium shunts/stents; epidural cortical stimulators; epidural cortical stimulators, epidural cortical stimulators (epiDCSs); epidural cortical stimulators, epidural cortical stimulators (ECS), epidural cortical stimulators with epidural cortical stimulators capabilities; epidural cortical stimulators; epidural cortical stimulators (ECS); epidural cortical stimulators (ECS); or cochlear implant (VCD/ VDC). Contact our office for more information or an initial consultation appointment –

How Does MeRT Work?

MeRT uses similar magnet technology to produce radio waves that create images of internal body areas. MeRT employs this same noninvasive, safe, drug-free treatment to address depression, anxiety and pain issues by targeting certain parts of the brain. MeRT’s proven effectiveness provides hope to many patients.

MeRT is an innovative form of neuromodulation, combining technologies of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS, an FDA cleared therapy) with quantitative electroencephalogram/electrocardiogram resonance therapy (qEEG/EKG). The latter helps identify each patient’s individual brain pattern and state of dysregulation before creating an individualized rTMS protocol to encourage healthy communication within their mind and improve functionality.

MeRT stands in stark contrast to TMS, which delivers stimulation to only one area at one fixed frequency. Instead, MeRT pinpoints areas in which brain communication has broken down and supports those areas accordingly – thus significantly improving symptoms in those suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Depression or TBI/Concussion.

MeRT represents a revolutionary step forward in brain health and neuroscience research, yet its full potential is yet to be unlocked. Many patients are already seeing impressive results with MeRT’s use, such as increased focus, better sleep patterns, and an overall increase in sense of wellbeing. With MeRT as your side, neurological disorders will no longer limit living a fulfilling life!

MeRT may not be covered by your health insurance, but we do provide convenient financing through Care Credit. Simply visit their website and apply for a medical credit card – approval will come quickly and easily. In addition, MeRT accepts various prepaid healthcare cards such as HSAs and FSAs for payment purposes. Contact us now to discover how MeRT can enhance your quality of life – our team would be more than happy to answer any of your queries!

What Are the Benefits of MeRT?

Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes an extremely powerful magnet, radio waves, and computer technology to produce detailed images of your internal body. It is widely used to diagnose and treat conditions like brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, strokes, cancer and other diseases as well as plan procedures such as brain surgeries or heart surgeries.

MRI scanning is generally safe for most people, including pregnant women and children. You will likely lie on a table that moves your head or body into different positions while lying still. MRI machines produce loud humming noises that may cause discomfort; medication can be taken to alleviate them while headphones may also help block out noise and allow healthcare providers to communicate during scans.

Functional MRI (fMRI) is a type of MRI which measures brain activity in specific areas. This information is useful in diagnosing and treating various conditions, including depression, headaches and fibromyalgia – helping your physician develop the most appropriate treatments.

MeRT integrates technologies like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS, an FDA cleared therapy) with quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG), to provide tailored treatments for each individual patient. MeRT’s purpose is to encourage healthy brain communication patterns; with the information gleaned through these tests, your therapist will tailor an rTMS therapy protocol designed to stimulate specific areas of brain activity.

Magnet Resonance Therapy can do more than relieve pain, increase energy levels and promote sleep; it can also boost athletic performance by speeding healing from sports injuries and rehabbing chronic joint issues. Furthermore, magnetic resonance therapy improves mental acuity, concentration and memory – aiding to overcome anxiety and depression.

Sports injuries, whether professional or grassroots, can be both frustrating and debilitating. Magnetic resonance therapy (MRT) has proven itself as an effective method of speeding up the natural healing process following sports injury by stimulating cell proliferation and signalling processes; MRT may also prevent further injuries and help improve muscle function.

What Are the Side Effects of MeRT?

Magnetic resonance scanning uses powerful magnets and radio waves to produce images of your internal organs, which doctors can use to locate tumors or injuries. Magnetic resonance therapy utilizes these same magnetic fields to target specific areas of your brain in order to treat depression, anxiety and headaches without pain or side effects – and after treatment you can go back to enjoying life normally!

MRI environments present unique safety risks to patients who have implanted medical devices or external devices. Exposure can cause heating of implanted devices or their surrounding tissues, and interfere with electrically active medical devices; in such instances, either their function could become impaired or an MR scan inaccurate.

MeRT is an innovative therapy that harnesses neuroscience and technology to optimize brain health and transform lives. Combining diagnostic qEEG analysis with therapeutic repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), MeRT gives hope to those living with neurological conditions while opening doors towards a future where neurological conditions do not restrict our potential to enjoy life fully.

An initial consultation with a MeRT specialist is the first step to discovering whether you qualify for this innovative therapy. A qEEG provides data that pinpoints irregular patterns and dysfunction in the brain, making it essential for pinpointing which areas need stimulation during rTMS and also helping our specialists determine how many sessions will be necessary to alleviate symptoms.

MeRT involves lying on a table while wearing a helmet equipped with small magnets to create an electromagnetic field in certain parts of your brain that exhibit irregular patterns, creating an electromagnetic pulse which acts like an electroshock treatment – you’ll hear an audible “knock-knock noise,” similar to when your muscles twitch; Sessions for TMS therapy tend to last only minutes so you’ll quickly be back to regular activities upon finishing them.

MeRT’s qEEG and rTMS components have been shown to be safe and effective in various studies involving autism, concussion and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MeRT has also been successfully used on children experiencing various emotional challenges while currently being investigated as an effective method for post-traumatic brain injury recovery.