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Man Trying to Reverse Aging

Bryan Johnson is a multimillionaire software entrepreneur who spends approximately $2 Million annually to try to turn back biological aging. His regimen involves over 100 pills per day as well as other anti-ageing techniques.

Johnson co-founded Braintree Payment Solutions before leaving to focus on this venture. According to him, his rigorous regimen has given him heart, skin and lung capacity comparable to someone 18 years younger.


Even though time can’t be turned back, many still seek ways to slow down its inevitable march of age. One tech entrepreneur, Bryan Johnson, is willing to spend $2 Million annually on radical longevity treatments which may even reverse it all!

A 45-year-old who amassed millions by selling his payment processing company to eBay has teamed up with 30 doctors and health experts in order to track every aspect of his body in order to devise a blueprint for becoming medically younger. He consumes 1,977 calories daily and wears a cap that emits red light onto his scalp to stimulate hair growth, uses an erectile tissue stimulation machine, sleeps with an attached device which detects nocturnal erections while sleeping, does blood-plasma exchanges with his teenage son — another practice straight out of science fiction films or Silicon Valley episodes

Johnson reports his regimen has allowed him to reverse his biological age by 31 years and reduce body inflammation levels to 66% of what would be expected for an average 10-year-old. Yet the Utah native acknowledges the journey to longevity isn’t for everyone: “You will experience many challenging days, which is acceptable.

As part of his quest to become a super-ager, Johnson is testing various supplements and procedures designed to prevent or reverse molecular aging. Each day he takes 111 pills as well as monitoring devices like red light caps on his scalp or machines that measure nocturnal erectile activity. Furthermore, Johnson engages in intense exercise sessions, consumes only organic produce and meat products and monitors his health through MRIs, ultrasounds, colonoscopies.

Johnson hopes to extend his lifespan by 15%–roughly equivalent to adding seven years on average–but even if he doesn’t reach 118, as set by France’s oldest woman (a nun who passed away last year), Johnson remains confident that his efforts will give him enough time “buy himself a couple extra years” until death arrives.


Hormones play an essential role in human development and growth. But leading endocrinologists are quick to point out that, contrary to what celebrity spokespersons like Suzanne Somers claim, hormones do not provide any anti-aging benefits and may increase diabetes and cancer risks. Pharmaceutical companies are currently developing drugs which trigger pituitary gland release of natural human growth hormone stores from storage cells – but doctors caution that such substances (hGH secretagogues) should not be used as anti-ageing measures.