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March 14, 2024Editor

What is Rife Therapy?

Rife therapy employs electromagnetic frequencies to target and destroy cancer cells. Sessions generally last 30 to 90 minutes.

Everything has an inherent vibrating frequency; Rife machines identify and amplifies these harmful microorganisms to effectively eliminate them from our system.

Rife offers numerous detoxifying, circulation enhancing, uterine supporting, liver stimulating benefits. When combined with reflexology treatment it provides even greater detoxification benefits and is highly recommended after a day of detoxing.

Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational therapy is a noninvasive form of rife treatment that utilizes sound frequencies to aid healing. Typically performed in spa settings, vibrational therapy has proven successful at helping reduce pain levels as well as improving mood and energy. When combined with other rife therapies it may even treat more serious conditions more efficiently.

Scientist Royal Raymond Rife discovered that microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, possess specific frequencies or vibration rates which can be transmitted into the body using a Rife machine and used to debilitate or destroy them. This non-invasive treatment method is often employed against various conditions including Lyme disease, arthritis, hepatitis, encephalitis and spinal meningitis.

Rife machines have become an increasingly popular alternative cancer therapy option. According to research, electromagnetic frequencies used by Rife machines may cause cancer cells to die without harming healthy cells; making Rife machines an ideal complement to chemotherapy or radiation therapy as conventional treatments for cancer treatment.

Based on your condition, a physician may suggest Rife machine therapy as part of an integrative treatment plan. While alternative medicine carries with it certain risks, it’s always a good idea to consult healthcare providers and conduct comprehensive research before beginning any new therapy or regimen.

Some individuals who have utilized Rife machines for cancer treatment have reported that it helped strengthen their immune systems and alleviate symptoms associated with chronic illnesses, while others noted how Rife therapy supplemented their existing conventional treatment plan and helped them avoid toxic side effects.

Rife Machine therapy can be an invaluable component of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing. But before making your choice, it’s essential to evaluate its advantages against alternative holistic approaches like PEMF Therapy that may offer more cellular and tissue benefits. By consulting healthcare professionals, conducting extensive research, taking personal preferences into account, and considering long-term health goals you’re better equipped to make the best choice possible towards improving overall wellbeing.

Targeted Rife Therapy

Rife Therapy stands apart from antibiotics by targeting only pathogens responsible for symptoms. This allows for more targeted pathogen elimination and minimal side effects; furthermore, Rife Therapy fosters holistic wellness by considering all aspects of body and mind to promote equilibrium.

Rife therapy offers an innovative, safe, and effective alternative to conventional treatment methods. By emitting electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt diseased cell membranes and destroy them, this technology also destroys other harmful organisms present such as viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast and parasites that might exist within your body. Rife therapy offers safe yet effective solutions.

Rife frequency machines not only kill diseased cells but can also restore healthy cell functions to help combat slow aging and detoxification processes – making rife therapy a popular solution for managing chronic pain as well as other health conditions.

Rife Therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity and alleviate stress while raising energy levels and strengthening immunity systems. When combined with other holistic healing modalities like acupuncture or herbal medicine, Rife therapy provides a powerful and effective tool for natural healing.

Rife frequency generators used in this treatment produce low-energy electromagnetic frequencies similar to radio waves, which are transmitted directly into your body using electrical pads on hands and feet or plasma tubes attached to a rife machine. Everything has its own individual resonance frequency; by finding and restoring this resonance frequency through Rife therapy you can heal damaged cells while eliminating harmful pathogens from your system.

The Rife machine’s ability to emit frequencies has made it a mainstay of modern holistic medicine, even though research into its efficacy remains limited. Yet its promise for natural healing and overall wellness cannot be underestimated; to ensure you select an effective frequency therapy treatment option for yourself it is vital that healthcare professionals and research are conducted thoroughly, as well as taking into account personal goals and preferences when making an informed decision that supports improved wellbeing.

Castor Oil Packs

Rife machines use electromagnetic frequencies to target specific pathogens and cells in the body’s healing processes, aiding its natural healing mechanisms and decreasing inflammation while improving overall health. This noninvasive therapy is particularly helpful for relieving symptoms associated with inflammation while improving overall wellness.

Rife machines have long been touted for their effectiveness at treating chronic illnesses, including Lyme disease and autoimmune disorders. By targeting harmful bacteria and viruses at their resonant frequency, this technology can effectively destroy them while sparing beneficial microorganisms; furthermore, its side-effects don’t compare with many traditional therapies.

To perform a Rife treatment, a practitioner applies a small amount of castor oil on the affected area of your body, helping draw frequencies into the skin where they can be absorbed by sound waves that travel throughout your system to eliminate unwanted substances such as parasites or worms. Usually this treatment should take place once or twice every week until you feel better and your condition has healed itself.

At the core of it all is frequency therapy: clients sit comfortably while hand-held electrodes or their feet on contact plates deliver specific frequencies through them, which may help address cancer to fibromyalgia symptoms. Sessions generally last 45 minutes but longer sessions may be necessary before seeing results.

Combining this therapy with complementary therapies such as ozone therapy can be extremely useful in eliminating parasitic infections, such as tapeworm infections. Mindi can program the rife machine to emit 727hz frequencies that resonate with and break apart tapeworms.

Are you curious to try Rife Therapy? Schedule an appointment at The Apathecary Natural Health Center in Clarksville, Tennessee now and take advantage of its low-energy electromagnetic sound waves to enhance your health and well-being. Call or book online now to discover this innovative new therapeutic approach that treats a range of conditions!


Rife Therapy is an electromagnetic frequency healing modality that utilizes electromagnetic frequencies to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. The concept is founded upon the premise that all microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites possess unique vibrational signatures which can be detected with specific frequencies. By disrupting their structure and function using electromagnetic fields, rife therapy aims to eliminate them from your system and restore equilibrium and health back into balance with every cell of the body.

Rife machine therapy offers many advantages, including its ability to eliminate disease-causing pathogens, relieve pain, and increase energy levels. Furthermore, this therapy can also be used to cleanse lymphatic system and reduce inflammation; additionally, when combined with other therapies it can yield even stronger results.

Selecting an effective treatment option for your health journey is a personal decision that requires thoughtful deliberation and guidance from healthcare professionals. Before making your final selection, it is crucial to comprehend Rife Therapy vs other alternative modalities like PEMF Therapy as they could influence this choice.

Rife Machine therapy is an emerging therapeutic approach with potential health benefits that have yet to be verified, although more research needs to be conducted in order to ascertain its success. Rife Machine therapy could offer holistic approaches that offer improved overall wellness.

As more and more people turn to alternative and integrative health approaches, it’s crucial that they explore all their options before making an informed decision. Frequency healing may offer many health and wellness advantages; however, before embarking on any new treatments it is advisable to speak to healthcare professionals first who will assess your unique situation and recommend the most effective course of action to achieve your desired goals.

March 14, 2024Editor

Dolores Cannon and the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon’s research gave rise to Quantum Hertz Healing Therapy (QHHT), enabling clients to bypass conscious mind chatter and access information directly from the subconscious mind. The results have been extraordinary – many individuals report healing for body, mind and spirit alike.

Since ancient times, religious and spiritual teachers have described this part of our mind as The Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, Higher Self or Oneness with Source. What matters is whether our Subconscious mind is willing to assist.

During a QHHT session

QHHT sessions offer an enjoyable way to gain access to your subconscious mind. Your practitioner will guide you into an intense trance state known as somnambulistic state; normally experienced twice a day – prior to awakening and prior to sleeping. In this state of profound hypnosis, which allows access to part of yourself that knows all of the answers – whether they pertain to healing, past lives, spirituality, aliens/UFOs/biogenesis of life etc… it allows a connection with our higher selves so you can connect with parts of yourself that can provide all-encompassing answers about healing/past lives/ spirituality/biogenesis of life etc etc etc…

The Higher Self can reveal to you your soul’s history, as well as the causes of any mental or physical afflictions or illnesses you are currently experiencing in this lifetime. Since our subconscious minds are connected with our souls, they understand all aspects of an individual including any recurring patterns which cause problems in their current life.

QHHT Practitioners engage their Subconscious by asking it for information that will assist in healing mental and physical afflictions, illnesses, phobias and trauma from past lives that is unavailable to conscious thought. In these instances, information selected from the Subconscious by each client according to their individual needs will help facilitate their healing journey. When traumas stem back into current lives or past ones are involved, healing occurs according to any soul lessons from that life time.

Many who have undergone QHHT sessions report experiencing instantaneous healing during their session, due to their Higher Selves willingly communicating with anyone who sincerely wishes for healing and knowledge.

Sessions typically last an extended amount of time and involve three main sections. The first focuses on the client’s background and experience; the second addresses their health and wellbeing; while the third addresses their relationship with the Universe. Clients may be asked to recall times from their past as they learn about their life purpose and mission for this lifetime.

The QHHT Practitioner asks the Subconscious to reveal information unknown to the conscious mind

QHHT is an effective method for tapping into higher guidance and healing body, mind, and spirit. To accomplish this goal, clients are guided into a state of deep relaxation known as somnambulism and then communicated with their subconscious mind which has direct access to information from quantum fields – this source of all true knowledge is an untapped well of creativity, wisdom and insight beyond what our conscious minds can access.

Dolores discovered through her work that clients could be guided back through past lives using regression, with their Subconscious (known as their Higher Self or Oversoul ) providing vital and life-altering information, including answers to why they were on Earth in the first place. Past lives selected by this ‘Oversoul’ can be seen from birth until death and reveal any lessons or issues which impact current life karma/lessons which impact them directly or indirectly.

The Subconscious/Oversoul, commonly referred to as our Higher Self, has existed for millennia and has been described by religious and spiritual teachers as Christ Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, Universal Mind or Oneness with Source. This profound part of ourselves exists as real knowledge available at any moment if anyone chooses to access it.

At a QHHT session, clients document their health goals, life challenges, and metaphysical questions they’d like answered. Next, their hypnotherapist guides them into somnambulism while talking with their subconscious/Oversoul in a dialogue to access any relevant information related to that specific issue at that time.

The Oversoul/Higher Self can also identify the source of physical or mental ailments and offer solutions according to each soul’s lessons. In certain cases, however, healing may not be possible as healing it may not be desired at that point in time by Oversoul / Higher Self; when appropriate, the SC will inform their client when to stop trying to treat their condition.

The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about an individual

The Subconscious acts like an enormous memory bank; it stores all your past thoughts, emotions and beliefs in an instantaneous fashion. Your subconscious mind has the ability to access this storehouse of knowledge faster than your conscious mind does; for this reason it is critical to gain an in-depth knowledge of it before trusting any information that goes against your values or core principles. Your subconscious also has an incredible capacity for downloading large amounts of information almost as fast as your computer downloads files through the internet; its vast databases store past life experiences while new beliefs, ideas beliefs or habits come easily in its stores – something conscious minds can’t do!

Our Subconscious is an extraordinary force, using this immense potential to guide us throughout daily life. Your Subconscious is responsible for all experiences in your life – physical, emotional and spiritual growth alike – however if we fail to comprehend its workings properly it could become an impediment to change.

Over four decades, Dolores Cannon developed and perfected techniques that enable her clients to access their Subconscious during a QHHT session – also known as past-life regression therapy and healing and enlightening simultaneously.

QHHT offers a unique hypnosis process which uses deeper somnambulistic or Theta states of trance for clients to access Higher Consciousness more quickly and receive answers to their queries.

QHHT sessions involve the practitioner guiding their client through one or multiple past life experiences, known as regression therapy. Past life regression can give us greater insight into our existence while healing emotional trauma as well as physical ailments.

Sessions differ from traditional hypnotherapy because clients remain in control throughout. The role of the hypnotherapist is to ensure the client enters a trance state, helping navigate them through their subconscious. They will never make suggestions that go against what the client believes, nor leave their body. Sessions can be profoundly healing and life-altering experiences – making an excellent accompaniment for other spiritual practices.

The Subconscious is akin to the Soul

Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method is an incredibly effective way of accessing the wisdom of your Subconscious mind, used to overcome life’s challenges and discover their soul’s purpose. A session begins by bypassing conscious mind chatter by relaxing clients into a deep receptive state similar to somnambulism experienced just prior to sleep or awakening – this allows them to receive information directly from their Subconscious without influence from hypnotist. Information received is always beneficial for the client rather than harmful.

The Subconscious is similar to our Soul in that it contains memories and lessons from past lives, experiences, and lessons learned from them. Additionally, the Subconscious serves as an effective source of healing: it has access to all information regarding an individual’s physical and mental health as well as any potential afflictions, illnesses or phobias they might suffer from; additionally it serves as the spiritual core of their being.

Leibniz was a panpsychist and believed that all things, even inanimate ones, possess some sort of “mind”, referring to this as monads (substances with mental properties similar to human brains). Some monads possessed sensation and consciousness while fewer still could demonstrate rational perceptions and self-consciousness – Leibniz called these monads with sensation and consciousness souls while those with rational perceptions minds.

Simply stated, soul is what connects an individual to the universe and allows them to experience life and learn its lessons. Once someone dies, their soul transitions into greater reality – known as God – where it may continue spiritual development or gain insights from a new viewpoint.

Dolores Cannon has long referred to the Subconscious through her work with QHHT. She pioneered its use for others in accessing this level of awareness – such as Christ Consciousness, Universal Mind Higher Consciousness or Oneness with Source among many other names.

March 14, 2024Editor

EFT Energy Field Therapy Men’s Underwear Reviews

EFT Energy Field Therapy Men’s Underwear Can Detox Your Whole Body, Break Down Fat Cells, Reduce Inflammation, Speed Metabolism Up, and Restores Health of Endocrine System – It Has Multiple Benefits Across Age Groups.

Effectively stimulating blood circulation and eliminating inflammatory cells, alleviating physical fatigue and mental stress relief while relieving fluid retention and encouraging weight loss.


EFT Energy-Field-Therapy Men’s Underwear utilizes strategically positioned magnets to stimulate acupressure points and promote blood flow to aid the body’s natural healing processes. This effectively helps burn fat cells while decreasing inflammation thereby relieving fatigue, anxiety and fluid retention symptoms.

The development team attached tourmaline, an energy-generating material, to elastic fiber which generates heat without electricity or any other source. It can generate between 100,000-300,000 energy units an hour and could potentially provide users with multiple health benefits.

Wearing Performance — Wearing Performance helps increase blood and lymphatic circulation within the body, eliminate inflammatory cells, alleviate physical fatigue and mental stress and allow you to fully relax.

High elasticity fabric provides supreme comfort, breathability and is not easily faded or pilled. MAGNETICEFT Men Pants boast 400 premium tourmaline coating points which stimulate meridians, increase blood flow to rejuvenate key body parts with youthful vitality, waken long-slumbering passions and restore the endocrine system health – ideal for anyone seeking a healthier and more confident life! Additionally, anion release keeps the meridians healthy as well as restores its functionality, thus giving energy for decision making and showing true qualities of confidence as MAGNETICEFT Men Pants give energy needed for success – giving confidence needed in making decisions and showing true qualities of a confident man!


Energy Field Therapy Pants for Men —MAGNETICEFT(tm) Energy Field Therapy Men Pant is specifically designed to stimulate blood circulation and eliminate inflammatory cells in order to aid organs expel harmful wastes, relieve physical fatigue and mental stress, and allow your body to fully relax. In addition, the pants improve liver, spleen and abdominal organ health and help decrease fluid build-up in your system.

Utilizing 22 magnets and Tourmaline fabric, a magnetic field is created around the “private area” and “back part”. Multiple tourmaline points could form an energy field and generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory cells and toxins, reduce fluid buildup, promote weight loss and stimulate weight loss.

Germanite is an all-natural mineral with numerous therapeutic effects on the body, such as strengthening immunity, improving blood circulation, lowering cholesterol levels, relieving back pain and alleviating rheumatism and osteoarthritis symptoms. Furthermore, germanite contains trace minerals which stimulate metabolism to boost metabolism rates thereby helping prevent weight gain or other health problems.

Improve circulation in arterial blood vessels of both legs by improving their circulation, alleviating lumbar pain, leg stiffness and fatigue, as well as relieving lumbar pain, leg stiffness and fatigue. Ideal for people suffering from varicose veins, thrombosis, phlebitis or leg ulcers; may be used to relieve hip and back pain as well as stress-related leg cramps as well as improve sleeping conditions and enhance sleeping quality; can boost energy, accelerate metabolism rate as well as help those looking to lose weight or tone their bodies by toning and tightening up muscles while toning up muscle toneses a perfect way of helping dopings!


Energy Field Therapy Men’s Underwear works to speed up metabolism and curb fat intake, leading to improved weight loss results. Furthermore, it strengthens human bodies endocrine systems as well as increasing muscle vitality. Energy field therapy brings energy factors directly to skin where fat cells are broken down to improve circulation while eliminating inflammation-causing cells.

Tourmaline applied points can create an energy field of 100,000-300,000 energy units and help stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins and reduce fluid build-up to provide you with a fresh and relaxing sensation. In addition to improving immunity systems and relieving physical fatigue and mental stress.

High elasticity fabric provides maximum comfort and the material does not easily wrinkle, fade, or pill, making this an excellent option for detoxing whole bodies, losing weight, relieving fatigue and anxiety as well as improving health. This product makes a great gift.


The item utilizes tourmaline material which generates an electromagnetic field around the private area and back part of a pants, creating an electric magnetic field to increase blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory cells, speed metabolism up, restore health of endocrine system as well as help weight loss by relieving pain and fatigue.

Effective buttock stimulation therapy can activate blood circulation and cellular vitality of men’s buttocks, improve their shape and curve, as well as making men’s buttocks more perfect and firm. Furthermore, buttock massage can break down fat cells, reduce inflammation, speed weight loss processes faster, improve muscle elasticity, break down fat cells more rapidly, break down inflammation-causing fat cells more effectively, break down inflammation-inducing fat cells faster, break up inflammation and accelerate weight-loss processes – providing numerous health benefits that are widely applicable across medical conditions.

March 14, 2024Editor

Signs of Healing in the New York Times Crossword

Crossword puzzles provide hours of entertainment and educational value to people of all ages and skill levels. Not only will you feel accomplished after finishing, but new words and concepts may be learned while enjoying this timeless pastime.

Crossword puzzle clues often have multiple interpretations or relate to pop culture, making solving it harder than expected. A dictionary should always be kept nearby to avoid any possible confusion when trying to solve these cryptic clues.

Signs of healing

This week’s puzzle includes one clue referencing signs of healing that include flowers. You may have noticed SEPAL appearing several times as its letter pattern matches PETAL; for more like these see our Clues page. Sam Ezersky is an assistant puzzles editor at The New York Times who has created over 25 crossword puzzles for them.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to any practice or therapy not considered part of mainstream medicine, such as dietary supplements, megadose vitamins, herbal preparations, special teas, acupuncture massage therapy and magnet therapy. Unfortunately, less is known about complementary and alternative treatments than standard ones that undergo rigorous scientific testing prior to being approved for use within the United States.

One popular form of complementary alternative medicine (CAM), herbal medicine can be an effective treatment option for chronic diseases like cancer. But experts caution against its use in lieu of conventional drugs and note that many claims made for its efficacy may be false; additionally many practitioners promote these therapies without formal training in medicine.

Another issue surrounding complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners is their potential violation of federal and state deception laws when marketing their services. A study revealed that most of the 13 most-popular websites promoting complementary cancer treatments recommend herbal remedies without scientific evidence of effectiveness, while three openly discourage cancer patients from seeking conventional therapies. As part of its effort to ensure patients receive appropriate care, the National Institutes of Health established a department dedicated to studying CAM with an aim of making sure providers have attended medical schools, obtained relevant licenses, and adhere to regulations related to their practice.

The New York Times crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles have quickly become one of the most beloved online word games and an enjoyable pastime for many people. Players must fill a grid of squares with words based on knowledge of vocabulary. Cryptologic crosswords require more intensive linguistic study from players. Anyone looking to increase vocabulary and improve spelling abilities can take advantage of playing New York Times crosswords regularly by practicing regularly.

Crossword puzzles not only aid in improving vocabulary and spelling skills, but they can also assist people in deciphering unfamiliar letters and their corresponding sounds – particularly helpful for those learning English as a second language. An online or printed dictionary may prove beneficial when trying to decode clues and answer sheets – saving users both time and frustration while solving puzzles.

Crossword puzzles can not only increase brainpower, but can also be enjoyable and social activities. Played either alone or with family and friends, crosswords are great way to train students for standardized tests and quizzes – in fact many educational websites provide this form of games specifically to increase language skills in children by offering crosswords and other word games as ways of improving linguistic ability.

The New York Times crossword puzzle is renowned among puzzle enthusiasts, drawing them back again and again for another challenging daily puzzle experience. Offering multiple difficulty levels both online and off, many puzzles feature clever, themed clues which are both challenging and entertaining – the puzzle editors at The New York Times possess unparalleled skill in this regard.

Though popular, solving the NYT crossword can sometimes present its own set of difficulties. Some clues in particular may be offensive; one such clue referred to Jesse Owens, an Olympic great from Berlin who won four gold medals at 1936 Olympics; other contentious matters include including sexual and political references in puzzles – at a time when inappropriate pronouns and terms like racism are becoming more commonly used, these issues become all the more relevant.

How to solve a crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles provide an effective way to expand your vocabulary and spark creative thought, while building on wordplay and logic deduction skills. Furthermore, crosswords provide entertainment as an engaging social activity while improving grammar and spelling at the same time! If you’re seeking new ways to expand your knowledge base then consider tackling crosswords regularly as part of a solution strategy plan.

Take your time when solving a crossword! No need to rush or feel pressured into finishing in an artificial timeframe; rather, relish in working through clues and experiencing that satisfying Eureka moment when you figure something out! Doing it gradually also keeps your wits sharp while solving this challenging puzzle.

One way to tackle crosswords quickly and efficiently is to search for answers with few letters, as shorter words tend to be easier for people to comprehend than longer ones. Furthermore, short words often recur in crosswords – you might see “SEPAL” appear often in NYT puzzles for instance!

As part of your strategy, try filling in any “gimmes”, or easy answers, that seem obvious to you. These clues typically ask for trivia or tomfoolery and can be identified with a question mark at the end of their clues; according to The New York Times Wordplay blog they have been described as answers so obvious that you wonder how they slipped past.

Finally, when solving crosswords it can also be beneficial to have a dictionary and other resources handy. Most people require some outside assistance at some point while solving their puzzle, and having resources like a dictionary, thesaurus, quotation resource and atlas nearby will help you better comprehend what you’re reading while simultaneously tapping into wordplay and logic deduction skills more readily. You should pencil in any entries that may cause frustration down the road while providing a sense of accomplishment as each answer is marked off the list.

March 14, 2024Editor

Peter Gariaev – The Mysterious Backwaters of Biology

Peter Gariaev‘s work shows that genetic code is an electromagnetic quantum continuum, providing instantaneous metabolic control within an organism. His theory states that translational machinery operates with quasi-intellect, while amino acid selection occurs contextually rather than codon by codon mechanical selection.

Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic-Wave Genome

Gariaev and his team demonstrated how the linguistic wave theory of the genome has enormous ramifications for understanding human evolution and consciousness. By modulating laser light with meaning-laden grammar syntax (grammar), they were able to reprogramm DNA codon sequences directly – providing revolutionary medical technologies like remote healing, tissue regeneration, significant lifespan extensions and quantum computing as a result.

The theory explains the fractal nature of natural language, whereby sentences on one scale of DNA-encoded texts (‘phrases) morph into letters or words on another scale of DNA “texts.” Additionally, this theory proposes that genetic apparatus of an organism acts both as source and receiver of such “texts”, both encoding and decoding them for processing by other cells in its body – providing a rational foundation for conscious thought to exist.

Many accounts of consciousness have used concepts from quantum theory in an abstract, metaphorical sense to explore its nature. Some accounts claim that concepts like entanglement and superposition can explain correlations between psychological systems – yet these claims often lack evidence-base as a result of experiments or an incomplete understanding of quantum theory.

Linguistic wave genetics was pioneered by Russian scientists A G Gurwitsch and A A Lubishev in the 1920s and 30s. Their work asserted that biosystems operate not only at physical levels but also on electromagnetic and acoustic wave/field levels, transmitting genetic information through electromagnetic or acoustic waves/fields.

This theory proposes that acoustic/wave/fields which carry genetic information are encoded within DNA strands as nucleotides, creating a dynamic holographic continuum and being part of one system; hence it provides us with insight into how conscious minds interact with quantum mechanical world.


One of the more mysterious subsets of biology involves studying biophotons, faint light emitted by living cells. While their exact source remains elusive, theories suggest various molecular processes emit photons; their energy then travels across giant protein matrices into cells surface area. Biophotons should not be confused with thermal radiation which has much lower intensity levels and fades away once cells die.

Fritz-Albert Popp, a German biophysicist and cancer radiotherapist, first identified biophoton emissions in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum from biological systems as ultra-weak emissions of photons emitted by microtubules within cells or along axons between cells – commonly referred to as “biophotons.” His research demonstrated their coherent nature, suggesting they represented life-regulating cellular communication within an organism. These photos could also be transmitted along microtubules within cells and along microtubules within cells or along microtubules between cells along microtubules for transmission or even along microtubules within cells or along axons between cells for transmission between them; their existence revealed during his work on cancer radiotherapy treatments.

Cells in an organism also release electromagnetic fields in the visible range of the spectrum that are affected by Sun and Moon gravitational influences, producing electromagnetic fields regulated by biophotonic influences in visible range of spectrum that influence plant growth rates. Experiments demonstrated how wheat seedlings from Germany and Brazil synchronized in their growth according to rhythms associated with lunisolar tide force emissions of biophotons.

Discovering this phenomenon has opened up numerous avenues of investigation for scientists. Sergey Mayburov of Moscow’s Lebedev Institute of Physics discovered that human intention produces a characteristic redshift in biophoton streams which can be measured. His work suggests that biophoton streams from human brains contain information regarding functional states responsible for humans being superior intelligence than other animals.

Information gathered through biophoton streams from diseased neurons can be decoded using a special algorithm and applied directly to medical practice, for example by initiating therapeutic intervention based on that decoding.

Quantum Computing

Peter Gariaev asserts that our DNA acts as a quantum computer, translating geometric information into torsion “spinor” fields generated by our genome and read by our bodies as torsion patterns of light that correlate with brain activity. In this way, it functions like an “encyclopedia galactica” for our body’s cells – thus functioning like an encyclopedia galactica for all humans!

This new understanding of bio-computers opens the way to groundbreaking world-changing technologies in medicine, agriculture, computing and communications – including what humanity has long desired: remote non-operative healing; organ regeneration and significant life extension.

Experts now agree that it’s no longer a question of “if”, but “when”, large-scale quantum computers will emerge that can crack public encryption systems using Shor’s algorithm, as well as enable faster and more secure communications.

However, some skeptics believe quantum computing will never become reality for any significant purpose. Multiple valid arguments exist against it as quantum error correction – the only component of quantum computers proven usefully working in material form – cannot possibly exist in nature.

As it stands, even a modest quantum computer would need an enormous number of oscillators (quantum bits) in order to perform meaningful calculations; unfortunately, such oscillators cannot remain stable enough for real computation to occur, which explains why any claims about using quantum computers to discover miracle drugs or break public encryption systems is complete nonsense.

This is an extremely serious threat: If companies and governments mistake quantum computing as just another fad, they could postpone protecting their data and communication networks using PQC entanglement-based quantum cryptography that creates hack-proof links – with potential national security ramifications. Furthermore, venture capital funds drying up for quantum computing companies – as has happened with IonQ out of Maryland- this would speed China’s march ahead in this area.

Quantum Medicine

Modern medicine typically relies heavily on biology and chemistry; both disciplines play key roles in drug discovery and treating various illnesses in humans. Recently, however, there has been an emerging interest in integrating quantum mechanics and theory–both subsets of quantum physics–into medicine, creating a more holistic view of both illness and energetic healing therapies–collectively known as quantum medicine.

Quantum science holds great promise as an aid in diagnosing and preventing cancers, with one of its most promising applications in medicine being cancer detection and prevention. To do this, one needs to understand cellular mutations and what causes them. Doctors currently use genetic tests or other techniques to ascertain the source of disease; however, these methods can sometimes be inaccurate. A technology combining quantum with genetic concepts could improve accuracy significantly – potentially saving countless lives in the process.

Quantum physics could provide the solution by employing its principles to detect environmental-driven changes to gene expression, known as mutagenesis, that occur due to altering genetic code and leading to mutations of cells within an organism’s body. Although we don’t yet fully understand the role that superposition and other quantum phenomena could play in this process, their potential is significant.

An effective tool would enable medical professionals to detect changes before their symptoms appear and save lives more effectively. Chronic diseases provide ideal candidates for such analysis since their course can be monitored through statistical tools.

Quantum medicine offers another key explanation for ancient healing traditions such as Chinese and Ayurvedic acupuncture and Ayurved medicine: it shows how these traditions work with subtle body energies such as ch’i (vital force energy) or prana (vital life force). While Western medicine typically uses external, high-tech approaches for healing purposes, quantum medicine focuses on inner core areas where consciousness has an impactful presence in the body.