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Bioresonance Therapy Reviews

bioresonance therapy reviews

Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive therapy method. A machine uses bioresonance testing to scan for imbalances and restore healthy oscillation. Also referred to as electrodermal testing (ET), bio-energetic medicine or bio-resonance medicine.

All forms of life vibrate at specific frequencies; any imbalances can lead to disease. Bioresonance detects distortions in these frequencies and sends electromagnetic impulses in order to harmonise with them.


Bioresonance therapy is an innovative, drug-free alternative to conventional medicine that employs electromagnetic frequencies to diagnose and treat illness. This technique works by recognizing different electromagnetic oscillations emitted by healthy and diseased cells and harmonizing them – this allows your body to start healing itself and has proven highly successful at treating numerous conditions.

Bioresonance therapy can provide numerous advantages, one being treating chronic sinusitis. This condition causes nasal passages to become inflamed and swollen, interfering with drainage and leading to mucus buildup and congestion. Bioresonance therapy helps identify its source such as mold spores or pollen allergies or chemicals being too strong; additionally it may relieve fibromyalgia symptoms as well as reduce fatigue levels.

Bioresonance therapy’s most significant advantage is that it is non-invasive and suitable for people of all ages. Furthermore, this therapy can detect parasites and diseases, while pinpointing their underlying causes – as well as being useful in cancer detection with chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

Recent research conducted by two groups of patients demonstrated the efficacy of bioresonance therapy for treating depression symptoms. One group participated in five bioresonance sessions while the other received selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor medication treatments; results demonstrated greater improvements among those in the bioresonance therapy group versus its counterpart group.

Bioresonance therapy can be an effective means of treating an array of conditions, ranging from allergies to rheumatoid arthritis. According to one recent study involving 20 patients suffering from psychosomatic and gastrointestinal disorders, bioresonance therapy significantly relieved their symptoms. Furthermore, lymphedema and lipedema treatments as well as being an excellent way for smokers who wish to quit using this form of therapy are also an option.

Bioresonance therapy offers numerous advantages, but to maximize its potential it’s essential to find a practitioner with the necessary skill set. A skilled practitioner knows how to operate their equipment and determine the ideal frequency combinations for every individual patient. Bioresonance can even be combined with other treatments like acupuncture and massage for enhanced results.


Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive electromagnetic healing technique that can effectively treat various conditions. A device known as the Bioresonance Information System (BICOM) reads electromagnetic vibrations produced by your cells to identify any imbalances in cellular communication caused by stress, toxins or parasites and emit frequencies to correct it – encouraging natural healing processes in your body while also helping identify allergies or determine their source.

Bioresonance therapy should never replace traditional medical treatment; to make informed decisions and select a practitioner. When researching practitioners it is also crucial that extensive research be performed – reviews of practices should also be read alongside viewing their websites and credentials; additionally it would be prudent to contact ASA (British Advertising Standards Authority).

Reputable practitioners will be licensed and certified by a regulatory body, with experience treating various conditions. Furthermore, they should be available to answer any queries regarding the procedure and provide you with an estimated cost for sessions.

Bioresonance therapy sessions typically consist of you sitting or lying down while connected to a machine and holding copper rods in both hands or feet; you may also be asked to wear a bracelet that detects your energy. Once complete, the results of the test will be assessed by a therapist who will analyze them and present you with a report detailing any potential next steps.

Bioresonance therapy may not be considered conventional medicine, yet many have experienced its positive benefits. Many individuals have reported using Bioresonance to address a wide variety of health issues ranging from allergies and chronic pain to degenerative discs and chronic depression as well as Lyme disease and eczema.

Bioresonance therapy for dogs is painless and has no harmful side effects; some even find the sessions so relaxing they fall asleep during treatment!


Bioresonance therapy is founded in quantum physics, which recognises that matter and energy emit frequencies which can be measured using bioresonance scanning technology. Practitioners measure these frequencies through scanning bioresonance scans on individual body cells. If your frequencies become disturbed due to illness or disease, bioresonance therapy could indicate its presence – yet the therapy remains noninvasive without any associated pain.

Mora bioresonance may also offer an effective alternative to pharmaceutical therapies for treating smoking addiction. A recent clinical study with 95 smokers concluded that Mora bioresonance helped them quit without experiencing adverse side effects; furthermore, its results were similar to a prior placebo-controlled clinical trial with 190 participants receiving antidepressant medication.

Bioresonance therapy uses a special machine to measure electromagnetic vibrations produced by your body, then feeds healthy vibrations back in to balance its interactions with other cells and relieve symptoms while eliminating harmful microorganisms. Bioresonance is a holistic approach that addresses root causes rather than just their symptoms.

At a session, patients hold copper hand rods while placing their feet on a foot plate connected to the machine. Harmonious frequencies are amplified while disharmonious ones inverted; furthermore, this machine can detect imbalances within their bodies that need attention and pinpoint which part(s) they’re coming from allowing practitioners to focus on healing in more efficient manner.

Bioresonance therapy can help treat various conditions. It may reduce stress, improve sleep quality and alleviate pain while managing allergies and strengthening immunity. Furthermore, treatments can be tailored specifically to each patient’s individual needs for maximum efficiency.

Bioresonance therapy can also be an effective remedy for gastrointestine problems, including leaky gut syndrome. This condition occurs when the small intestine lining becomes damaged, allowing undigested food particles and waste products into the bloodstream and leading to symptoms like bloating, gas, stomach cramps, chronic diarrhea, constipation as well as other issues. Bioresonance therapy can treat such conditions by restoring balance to bacteria within the intestinal tract.


Bioresonance therapy is a natural method that facilitates self-healing through harmonizing energy fields within the body. With no risk to patients and no side effects from traditional treatments, bioresonance therapy makes an attractive alternative treatment plan. But as with all forms of therapy, it’s essential to be aware of potential dangers involved with Bioresonance therapy before embarking on its use.

electromagnetic frequencies to diagnose and treat various ailments. The device measures your organ’s resonance frequency before comparing it with thousands of frequencies related to different health issues in its database, creating a personalized treatment plan with this information.

Bioresonance testing, also referred to as electrodermal screening or bio-energetic therapy, is used by over 5,500 naturopaths and therapists globally. It has an established record of helping treat various illnesses and disorders such as chronic fatigue, digestive problems and depression – one double-blind study found that patients treated with bioresonance therapy experienced greater improvement than those receiving antidepressant medication alone.

Bioresonance therapy takes an holistic approach to health that addresses both root causes of disease as well as symptoms, while its unique method of balancing the energetic frequencies in your body allows faster healing naturally and quicker recovery times. Plus, Bioresonance therapy requires no physical contact between practitioner and client – its results are usually instantaneous!

Bioresonance therapy’s healing properties aside, bioresonance therapy can also be used to relieve stress and enhance digestion. Furthermore, it may aid in eliminating heavy metals and other toxins from your body and identify and manage allergies by exposing yourself to electromagnetic frequencies associated with specific allergens – de-sensitizing your immune system to decrease allergic responses and lower allergic symptoms.

Bioresonance therapy can also help address leaky gut, a condition in which undigested food particles and waste enter your bloodstream via damaged small intestinal lining, leading to symptoms like chronic gas and bloating, constipation diarrhea headaches. Bioresonance therapy may be useful in improving these issues by restoring balance to healthy bacteria levels in your system.