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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Vega Bioresonance Machine

The Vega testing device is used to detect allergies and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. It may also help detect diseases in the body such as certain forms of cancers. Based on homeopathic principles and electroacupuncture principles, Vega testing offers accurate detection.

However, due to its use of bioresonance technology, there have been questions raised over its accuracy and reliability; its implementation is generally considered pseudoscience.

Life Expert 3.0

Life Expert 3.0 is a professional device for analyzing the functional condition of the body. It identifies allergies, diseases, parasites and other microorganisms early on as well as offering recommendations to enhance overall body condition by rebalancing hormone balance in the body; strengthening immunity systems against viruses/bacteria; providing information regarding food/medicines/cosmetics that will benefit our health; as well as offering recommendations about which food, dietary supplements etc will benefit individuals in particular situations.

The Life Expert 3.0 vega machine can quickly provide comprehensive reports on the state of your body in just minutes. It can analyze 47 organs and systems of the body to assess their functioning status as well as potential imbalances, making for an effortless user experience with advice on how to maintain balanced functions within minutes – saving trips to doctors while increasing quality of life!

One of the key features of this device is its ability to customize therapy plans specifically tailored for each patient based on their results, enabling it to monitor body changes during therapy and determine its efficacy; furthermore, it can detect chronic problems and identify their sources.

Another essential feature of this device is its capacity to analyze immune system functioning and pinpoint sources of disease, while simultaneously helping identify symptoms and conditions like fibromyalgia, depression and rheumatoid arthritis.

Life Expert vega machines are used for electropuncture treatment, providing relief for chronic pain sufferers. Available at an affordable price and user-friendly, these devices make a smart investment for individuals looking to stay healthy by preventing serious illnesses from taking hold – saving time and money spent visiting doctors for costly medical procedures.

Life Expert Profi

Life Expert Profi is a comprehensive vega tester and bioresonance therapy system. Although designed for professional doctors, anyone without medical training can also use it. It performs bioresonance scans of 47 organs and systems of the body and determines their functional state using bioresonance technology; additionally it reveals disease causes while creating tailored treatment programs with tailored data visualization software to display information easily; finally it also assists patients in selecting food, herbs and drugs appropriate to them.

This device can detect allergies, parasites and toxins as well as pathological processes in the body at preclinical stages and measure their effect on energy balance. Furthermore, it can calculate body water levels to pinpoint imbalances as well as evaluate sleep quality and stress levels within its immediate surroundings. Furthermore, it provides information regarding immune system functioning as well as nervous system state functioning.

Life Expert Profi can also perform other tests such as Vega tests and can diagnose the state of spine and chakras, determine the level of vitamins and minerals in your body and detect allergy triggers. Furthermore, its Life Expert mode provides comprehensive examination of meridians. Furthermore, Life Expert Profi also allows for organ system diagnoses, food intolerance testing for intolerance testing as well as creating an ideal healthy diet as well as performing Reinhold Voll electroacupuncture treatments.

This Vega machine uses artificial intelligence to analyze body status and provide a complete diagnosis of human organism. This powerful diagnostic tool combines traditional and non-traditional healing approaches for creating unique treatment complexes and completing entire therapeutic cycles; making this an invaluable asset to medical doctors in diagnosing diseases, treating patients, and monitoring progress.

Contrary to what many think, this vega machine is not solely used by professionals; it can also be used at home. This device offers many useful functions including being able to calculate body mass index and suggest appropriate medication/food combinations; detect bacteria/virus presence; determine allergies risk levels in person(s); as well as recommend appropriate diet plans and exercises for their users.

Life Balance 2.1

Life Balance wellness device was created to aid you in treating parasites, cleansing your body of harmful toxins and balancing organ function. With more than 300 preloaded preset programs it serves as an efficient antiparasitic, harmonizing and energetically active device.

The device emits harmonic electromagnetic radiation to help you balance biorhythms and accelerate physical processes within the human body. Furthermore, this portable wellness device supports up to 16 languages for finding treatment plans for specific illnesses or imbalances. Finally, its simple operation makes this an excellent option for anyone wanting to enhance their wellbeing.

Life Balance 2.1 is a small, portable wellness device designed for everyday use that can be carried and worn around the neck or wrist with ease. Utilizing its patented technology, its frequencies mimic vibrations produced by healthy microorganisms while also sending frequencies which mimic vibrations generated by unhealthy ones; effectively detaching and destroying them from organ cells as they attach. In addition, its proven technology also prevents bacterial infections while detoxifying the body and increasing energy levels – not to mention helping prevent infections themselves! Easy to use without the need for prescriptions: simply select your health program before turning on the appliance before following its instructions displayed onscreen instructions!


The vega machine is an electropuncture device that claims to detect imbalances in the body by combining modern technology and holistic health principles. However, its use remains controversial among some doctors who dispute its legitimacy. Vega testing offers an alternative to traditional acupuncture which uses needles to stimulate body meridian points; unlike needles however, vega testing doesn’t cause pain or discomfort to users.

Microscopy offers us the potential to revolutionize how we approach medicine by providing us with insight into and testing of how the body reacts to various substances. It can help identify food allergies by measuring electromagnetic frequencies of different foods; additionally, microscopy helps us evaluate drug tolerance – an integral component in treating allergic patients.

This device is utilized by family doctors, reflexologists, rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, homeopaths, cosmetologists and sports physicians. With its user-friendly interface, anyone with minimal training can use the device easily. Features of note include its ability to store and duplicate frequency spectra as well as transfer them from carrier to carrier; amplification and potentiation capabilities also make this more effective for therapeutic uses.

WebWellness allows you to design wellness complexes for your patient that include the optimal combination of herbs, vitamins, and supplements to promote better health outcomes. Furthermore, this system serves as an invaluable way of monitoring therapy; simply upload the results of any vega tests you take onto WebWellness to create personalized wellness programs tailored specifically towards each person in need.

The vega test uses bioresonance as its foundation and is an indispensable element in diagnosing disease. The device emits frequencies that resonate with body meridian points to detect any deviations from normal, detect parasites that could be the source of illness, detect whether there are bacteria present and even detect and eradicate helminths, protozoa or fungi that could otherwise remain undetected in your system.