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Energy Medicine With Donna Eden

Energies of the body are vital, living forces that play a central role in health and happiness. Energy medicine recognizes these energies and supports them so that they remain in an optimal flow state.

Donna Eden has made it her career to teach people how to work with the subtle energies in the body, with particular emphasis on women’s issues ranging from PMS and menopause. She wrote an alternative health classic focusing on these matters.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine essentially involves practicing various healing techniques based on the concept that all matter is composed of energy. We humans are no exception and our bodies are considered complex systems interconnected by energy patterns whose proper flow could potentially result in pain, disease or premature aging if disrupted. If these energies can be restored back into their proper circulation then homeostasis will return and symptoms of illness or disease will diminish accordingly.

Acupuncture, therapeutic touch, healing touch, Reiki and polarity therapy are widely practiced forms of energy healing. Practitioners in these treatments work toward rebalancing the human energy field (also called biofield) through manipulation of natural electrical impulses from within the body.

The biofield is believed to exist around our bodies, connecting with thoughts, beliefs and emotions within us as well as having an influence over organs and bones within.

According to this theory, imbalances in our biofield can lead to various health conditions from insomnia and fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome and more. Many practitioners believe these imbalances can be corrected by rebalancing energy channels which in turn alleviates pain as well as sleep disturbances, mood disorders and early signs of aging.

Energy medicine practitioners believe that the biofield contains various electromagnetic fields and vibrational frequencies with specific properties, all of which interact to form our body’s healing abilities.

Although the science behind energy healing practices is mostly unknown, research has demonstrated their ability to enhance well-being and strengthen immune systems. One study concluded that patients who received music and touch therapy during an angiogram were 66% less likely to die within six months than those who didn’t participate.

Energy healing appears safe when administered by trained practitioners; however, it’s essential that you continue seeing your primary care doctor regularly for checkups. In addition, energy therapies should never replace traditional medical treatment as their effectiveness has not been scientifically established.

How is Energy Medicine Practiced?

Energy medicine entails acknowledging that invisible forces play an integral part in human health and behavior, treating health issues at their energetic core and producing dramatic healing results.

EM practitioners use their hands to manipulate subtle forms of energy known as chi or prana that exist around and within our bodies, to organize and regulate growth and repair of cells, tissue and organs as well as our emotions, thoughts and intentions. It operates under the assumption that all illnesses arise due to imbalances within the biofield (human energy field).

EM techniques vary, yet all share a fundamental view of the body-person as comprising both physical structures and an intricate system of energy that connects us all together. Any disturbance to this relationship could have detrimental repercussions for all aspects of health and wellbeing in one way or another, impacting upon physical structures as well as our collective energy flows.

Acupuncture, for example, stems from a time-honored tradition in Chinese medicine and involves stimulating specific points on the body with needles to balance energy flows and restore equilibrium. Other examples of energy therapies include Reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, chakra balancing, craniosacral work, Feldenkrais movement techniques, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques and yoga practices as forms of energy therapies.

Donna Eden is one of the founding figures in energy healing, and her book Energy Medicine won the 2009 Nautilus Gold Award in self-help category. Donna’s energy healing modalities have been implemented globally at hundreds of healing centers; helping thousands to heal themselves.

Practitioners of Energy Medicine (EM) employ various strategies to stimulate the body-person’s natural healing ability by restoring weak or disturbed energy. They do this through tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting or connecting specific energy points (acupoints) on the skin; tracing or swirling hands over specific energy pathways; mapping pain locations along with tension/deficiencies with hand movement, as well as using mind power to direct energy directly towards specific parts of the body. As masters of EM practitioners seek continuous feedback from body-person regarding interventions which is vastly different than conventional medicine which relies solely on nouns/items for guidance when formulating interventions; masters of EM practitioners seek continuous feedback to guide interventions which ultimately yielding profoundly different outcomes compared with conventional medicine which relies solely upon nouns/items when making interventions compared to conventional medicine which uses nouns and items as guidance when formulating interventions resulting in drastic difference practices than conventional medicine, which bases its reasoning off nouns/items rather than nouns/items-nalways-com.

What is the Difference Between Energy Medicine and Other Healing Techniques?

Energy healing modalities utilize similar techniques to promote the flow of life force and treat imbalanced energies associated with illness. Many people use energy healing modalities as an adjunctive treatment approach or to enhance overall well-being.

Reiki, therapeutic touch and acupressure are energy therapies used to ease pain, stress and anxiety as well as fatigue, depression, nausea and the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Acupressure involves applying pressure at specific points on the body in order to stimulate immunity, decrease inflammation and alleviate pain.

Energy healing modalities often apply the principles of quantum physics, which propose that our universe consists of interlocking energy patterns that influence both health and life; working with these energies can improve your wellbeing in ways beyond simply mind or emotion.

Donna Eden has long been one of the world’s premier, joyful and effective healers. Since childhood she has been able to see into the subtle energies that make up our bodies and has made it her career teaching those without this gift how they can use their energies for healing purposes.

Eden has written several influential books on energy medicine for women, such as Energy Medicine (the classic) and her 2009 Nautilus Gold Award winning Energy Medicine for Women. Eden now takes her focus to women-specific health challenges by showing how using one’s own energies can be an effective strategy to overcome them.

Energy therapy is not only gentle and noninvasive; it can be integrated with other natural health modalities like massage and acupuncture for maximum effectiveness. Acupressure uses similar energy meridians and points as Traditional Chinese Medicine but applies pressure with fingers or elbows instead of needles – research has revealed its beneficial properties such as improving PMS symptoms, lower cortisol levels and increasing mood. Many energy therapies also help relax both mind and body to decrease stress hormones associated with high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease.

How Can I Use Energy Medicine to Improve My Health?

No matter your opinion of electromagnetic fields and subtle energy, there’s no disputing that your body is more than mere flesh and bones. It has an intricate energy field which influences how it operates – when out of balance it can lead to illness. Energy healing practices can help restore balance by stimulating vital energies to restore health in your system.

Energy healing has been shown to aid with many ailments, from pain, insomnia, mood disorders and early signs of aging, to overall wellbeing improvement and reduced stress levels.

Energy medicine can provide an ideal supplement to traditional medical care, helping promote healing and increase effectiveness of other healing techniques. Working with a trained practitioner is key in learning these techniques and applying them effectively.

Donna Eden has dedicated her life to teaching people about the power of their bodies to heal themselves. She has taught thousands of students how to access their natural store of wisdom and harness its healing properties for optimal wellness.

Donna Eden is a leading holistic healing pioneer. In this course she introduces you to energy medicine basics and shows how you can reclaim your own natural healing ability to promote optimal body health.

This course will change the way you approach healing yourself and view your body. You will learn to recognize aches and pains as signs that something is out of balance within yourself, and specific energy-based methods to restore those energies.

Titanya is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (TEEM). Since 2007, she has been practicing its principles, regularly leading Energy Dance sessions at her mother Donna Eden’s workshops globally and offering certification classes such as Five Elements and Life Colors classes.