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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

NuDerma Portable Handheld High Frequency Skin Therapy Wand

NuDerma portable handheld high frequency skin therapy wand, provides totally painless galvanic currents to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. By supercharging ATP synthesis it slows, stops, reverses the aging process creating firmer younger skin. Furthermore, oxygenating complexion, killing subdermal bacteria to control acne blemishes faster than over-the-counter medication, it promotes skin regeneration while controlling acne faster.

Neon & Argon

Neon and Argon power this high frequency skin therapy wand, featuring multiple applicator heads designed to address various beauty concerns. When used on the face, neon stimulates collagen and elastin production while attenuating fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pores, improving skin’s texture, promoting lymphatic drainage and encouraging lymphatic drainage. Meanwhile, Argon reduces acne-causing bacteria while fighting inflammation to treat blemishes effectively.

How it Works: The device contains a mixture of neon and argon gases which light up when subjected to an electrical current. Once placed on your skin and activated, you’ll hear a buzzing noise as well as feel a light zapping sensation (don’t worry; it’s completely safe!). This occurs due to small electrical current traveling through glass electrodes which then releases oxygenating ozone layers around your surface of skin resulting in increased oxygen consumption by cells in your body and providing additional levels of oxygenation by cells on surface of your body and surface layer oxygenation by way of electrical current through glass electrodes which produces oxygenating layers that cover surface layers of skin while also adding oxygen into cells’ layers which create oxygenating and maintaining layers around these surface cells creating oxygenating layers around surface skin cells for maximum benefit!

Neon and Argon gases are two non-toxic atmospheric gases found naturally in the environment, respectively. Ozone produced by a wand can be very beneficial to skin because it stimulates cellular activity, promotes lymphatic drainage and increases blood circulation; all of which help increase production of Adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), leading to firming and anti-aging results.

Neo-argon applicators on this wand can also be used on the scalp and sensitive areas to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness by shrinking pores and target enlarged pores by decreasing bacteria that causes inflammation.

A wand can also assist your skin by increasing its receptivity to beauty products, so your serums and creams can penetrate deeper into its layers for greater effectiveness. In fact, using it in tandem with beauty products can often double or even triple their effectiveness! Plus it comes complete with easy instructions so you can start right away! Plus it has fair pricing with outstanding customer reviews.

Better Absorption of Your Beauty Serums & Creams

Many beauty serums and creams can be costly investments, so with regular high frequency treatment you can maximize their effects and enhance receptivity to absorption up to five-fold. With four neon powered applicators that energize and oxygenate skin to increase cellular activity and look younger, healthier, more vibrant. They also target any subdermal causes of inflammation responsible for bumpy, blemish prone complexions; creating clearer complexions 90 times faster than with other products!

Our clinical-grade handheld device features a FUSION Neon-Argon hand-held, four applicators (Neon powered mushroom wand, bent wand, comb wand and tongue wand), fast-start treatment guides and instruction manual all within an attractive carrying case to offer maximum portability.

Natural Acne Treatment

At times, regular beauty treatments can make an incredible difference to our skin; unfortunately, though, not everyone has time or the means to visit a spa regularly for these services. Now there’s an innovative portable device called the high frequency skin therapy wand that makes home beauty treatments even more effective: it allows users to boost the effectiveness of cosmetic products at home with just one wand!

This lightweight and user-friendly device makes an excellent addition to anyone who wishes to enhance their skin care regimen at home. Specifically designed to stimulate collagen and decrease wrinkles, dark circles, rashes and other imperfections in skin tone; in addition it provides natural acne treatment by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria responsible for breakouts.

Not only can the wand provide anti-aging and acne fighting benefits, it can also boost absorption of your favorite creams and serums. Furthermore, its various attachments allow it to be used on your face, body and scalp for maximum effectiveness.

The wand utilizes neon and argon gas mixtures to create a gas discharge plasma effect on skin, producing an overall glowy effect. Unlike other gases, neon and argon do not react chemically with other substances and therefore pose no threat to safety when used directly on skin.

Use of a wand on the face, neck and chest can help reduce wrinkles and improve complexion by stimulating skin circulation and stimulating muscle relaxation. This may reduce signs of blotchiness as well as other indicators of age. Furthermore, this tool may be utilized to treat redness/rosacea by drawing off blood that pools under the surface while stimulating collagen production and relieving redness/rosacea symptoms.

For those struggling with acne, the wand can speed up healing time significantly. Its applicators can be used to quickly destroy any subdermal causes of inflammation that contribute to blemishes and promote smoother skin 90% faster than traditional methods. Furthermore, its reduced swelling and decreased pore sizes provide clearer and even-looking complexion.

Before beginning high-frequency treatments, it’s essential that your skin is clean and dry. Any wounds or areas of inflammation should not be touched with a wand; additionally, conducting a patch test before use will give an idea of your skin’s response; use of the wand at least once daily is ideal.

Smoother Brighter Complexion

There is a range of skincare tools on the market, ranging from blackhead removers and microcurrent devices, but if you want a tool that will give your complexion an immediate boost, look no further than our portable handheld high frequency skin therapy wand machine. This powerful device was created specifically to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, brighten dark circles, improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen production – plus thanks to advanced technology it can even be used on sensitive skin or scalp hair!

Our high frequency wand uses non-painful galvanic waves that promote collagen formation and blood circulation, treating acne while improving fine line appearance, as well as helping with inflammation reduction, post-acne redness reduction, tone improvement and pigmentation issues like Melasma. All these benefits combine for an overall healthier-looking complexion that’s free from acne scarring, pigmentation or any other imperfections.

As these benefits come without any side effects whatsoever, make sure you test our wand before using it on any large areas of skin. Do this for several minutes to check for irritation, itching or rashes before proceeding further with use. If any symptoms appear immediately discontinue use.

NuDerma’s high-frequency device works to reverse time by revitalizing and oxygenating skin at its cellular level. Furthermore, it kills any subdermal sources of inflammation while helping manage blemishes 90% more rapidly.

Our high-frequency wand is also designed to increase cell turnover by supercharging your body’s natural energy production known as ATP synthesis, or energy used by cells as fuel for metabolism. Over time, decreased cell activity can lead to sagging skin, thin hair and other unwanted side effects; with higher ATP levels increasing however, cells are able to regenerate and repair themselves leading to firmer younger-looking skin; hence making our high frequency wand such a valuable tool in keeping skin looking young-looking for as long as possible!