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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Infopathy – A 21st Century Upgrade to Homeopathy

Infopathy is a 21st-century alternative to homeopathy, an online platform which allows you to download frequency-based electromagnetic signals known as Infoceuticals (ICs) and distribute them into water or your body to promote natural healing.

IC Hummer is an easy, wireless way to transfer ICs. Simply connect it with your computer/smartphone and start moving ICs around!

How it works

Infoceuticals (ICs), also known as infopharmacies (IP), are electromagnetic signals captured and recorded from substances with healing, therapeutic or other biological effects that can then be downloaded onto an Infopathy device and transferred directly into your body through it – stimulating its natural healing abilities and spurring natural recovery processes – think of it like modern homeopathy!

The IC Hummer comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and is easy to use – simply connect it to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth, start transferring ICs, and get listening! Since electromagnetic and sound waves (sound) will be released during transfer of ICs, make sure your laptop/phone volume is set above 80% during this process for maximum comfort during IC transfers.

The IC Hummer can be attached to bottles of water, small tinctures or the body for improved results – two may even be connected simultaneously so as to target two areas simultaneously for stronger effects. Since it contains magnets however, individuals with pacemakers or defibrillators should refrain from using it; as with all magnetically enclosed items.

How to use

Infopathy offers an innovative 21st-century upgrade of homeopathy. Users can download electromagnetic signals recorded from substances with healing or therapeutic effects and then use an IC Transfer Device to transfer these electromagnetic waves directly to water or the body to stimulate natural healing (Figure 10). These infoceuticals, or infoceutical signals are similar in frequency usage as homeopathy treatments (figure 11).

IC Hummers are wireless, portable and user-friendly transfer devices used for Imprint, PEMF and Audible ICs (Figure 11). Emitting both electromagnetic and acoustic waves, they make any surface they touch vibrate at the frequency selected IC.

Connect the IC Hummer via Bluetooth to a computer or smartphone and begin transferring ICs. When doing so, be sure to set the volume level on either of these devices to maximum (80% is sufficient if using an IC Hummer) for optimal results.

Once an IC has been transferred, it can be imprinted onto water bottles, tinctures, food or beverages – even directly applied to your body using clothing bands or bandanas – or simply connected simultaneously to two devices for more targeted effects.

For more information about ICs and their uses, please visit our FAQ page. However, keep in mind that they could interfere with certain medical devices, including pacemakers and defibrillators, so it is wise to avoid contact when wearing or using any medical device containing magnets – this also applies for transfer devices with magnets; individuals with metal implants should take extra caution not to come into contact with these magnetic areas when wearing or using other medical devices containing them IC Hummer User Manual for additional safety tips.

Safety information

Infopathy‘s products and services are designed to offer their customers a safe experience, using only high-grade materials and employing stringent testing procedures to guarantee that devices are free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, Infopathy keeps tabs on customer feedback to enhance its offerings further while offering a 30-day money-back guarantee in case customers aren’t completely satisfied with their purchases.

IC Hummer is a portable transfer device used with Imprint, PEMF and Audible ICs. The device emits electromagnetic and acoustic (sound) waves, vibrating any surface it touches at specific frequencies depending on which IC was chosen. With a rechargeable battery included and Bluetooth compatibility for connection purposes it makes this transfer simple; simply connect it with your computer/smartphone via Bluetooth and start the IC transfer. During these transfers make sure your volume levels remain comfortable as this device may produce electromagnetic and electromagnetic noises similar to headphones (similarly).

Infopathy offers an online platform where users can download signals created using algorithms or recorded from substances with healing or therapeutic effects, known as Infopathic Compounds (ICs). Bio-resonance practitioner Anton Fedorenko has been using this technology for 25 years at his practice in bio-resonance energy medicine and naturopathy – earning two degrees: BASc in applied physics and mathematics and MAsc in innovation and high technologies from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; at German Water Conference this year he won Gilbert Ling Poster Award for research on water-based signal treatment.


Infoceuticals are electromagnetic and acoustic signals generated using algorithms or recorded from substances which bring therapeutic, biological or other beneficial properties into your home environment. Electronic Current Transfer Devices such as Circuit IC Pad, Glowing IC Pad or Hummer allow these frequencies to be applied directly onto water bodies or the skin for application, or through speakers/headphones listened to as audible ICs – they may even be added into products like tinctures and foods for infusion. IC Hummers feature an internal rechargeable battery and are supplied with elastic bands of three sizes to allow for customization of attachment. They can be attached to anything ranging from water, to food or body surfaces – even simultaneously connecting two IC Hummers via computer/phone for maximum effectiveness!