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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Infopathy Reviews

Infopathy offers an online platform where users can download electromagnetic signals recorded from substances with therapeutic or other biological effects to use as healing, therapeutic or other beneficial biological treatments for water or your body via an IC Transfer Device and stimulate natural healing processes.

Infoceuticals are similar to homeopathy and have been demonstrated as effective through animal and in vitro studies. Learn more about this incredible technology here!

What is Infopathy?

Infopathy is a modern upgrade of homeopathy that allows users to download “infoceuticals,” electromagnetic signals recorded from substances with healing or therapeutic properties, onto water or the body using an Infopathy device and imprint them via waves onto water or the body for natural healing. Furthermore, customized IC complexes mimicking various remedies from St John’s Wort to Viagra may even help alleviate knee osteoarthritis or depression symptoms; furthermore these devices may even be programmed to reduce electrosmog – manmade electromagnetic frequencies produced from powerlines cellphones or computers that disrupt cell metabolism – by programming these waves onto water or body waves via the device for natural healing.

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How Effective Are Infoceuticals?

Infoceuticals work differently from traditional medicines by targeting distortions in the body-field rather than directly treating symptoms. When taken on a regular basis at home, infoceuticals can stimulate your own body’s healing processes to activate self-repair mechanisms that may have become disabled due to stress or trauma – this enables profound shifts in physical and emotional wellness for profound transformational results.

Human energy fields are very intricate systems with various subfields and functions, which can be enhanced using infoceuticals. At NES Health we offer over 75 distinct infoceuticals aimed at supporting brain, emotions, kidneys and liver.

Many individuals will notice gradual improvements in their state of wellness when using infoceuticals over time, with short-term healing responses that feel like illness or fatigue as their body’s natural healing mechanisms receive all of the energy and information they were previously lacking to clear out distortions in your field – similar to the symptoms one might experience from colds.

Due to these short-term healing reactions, you might also experience an increase in energy levels as your Infoceuticals redirect energy away from dysfunctional pathways and back towards those your body was designed for.

Over time, infoceuticals tend to produce more dramatic effects. For instance, using EMF Infoceuticals may help deflect electromagnetic fields that contribute to headaches, blood pressure variations or immune deficiencies. You might also consider pairing these therapies together for maximum effect; your practitioner can assist in finding an ideal combination for your specific circumstances.

Are Infoceuticals Safe?

Infoceuticals are composed of water and plant-based colloidal minerals imprinted with holographic information. Their daily intake can help restore your energy field back to a healthier state compared with drugs that only treat symptoms, while Infoceuticals target deeper causes. For example, one Infoceutical may support liver health while another promotes peace.

At an NES Health scan, the handheld device detects blockages in your energetic pathways and pinpoints priority areas of imbalance. Your NES practitioner will recommend an Infoceutical protocol tailored specifically for you in order to remedy these imbalances; including what drugs and dose you should take every day as well as their recommended daily frequency and amounts.

Infoceuticals from NES Health are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and pose no known side effects, making them safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children to take with other liquids or nutritional supplements without risk. In fact, pregnant and breastfeeding women and children can safely take these products along with conventional medications; pregnancy- and breastfeeding-weary mothers as well as children may use them too; they’re even suitable for pregnant mothers taking medications while nursing! Anyone undergoing organ transplant should avoid taking Infoceuticals since boosting immunity could interfere with body’s ability to reject new organ replacement.

Each Infoceutical contains quantum information specifically tailored to correcting parts of your field that need healing, thanks to over 35 years of research by Peter Fraser. He discovered that human bodies contain three fundamental fields – the morphic, heart and matrix fields. Each has its own vibrational frequency which when out of balance can lead to dis-ease.

Infoceuticals from NES Health are made with pure spring water, high-grade filtered and ozonated water, plant-based colloidal minerals imprinted with holographic information based on quantum physics principles – this process is unique to them!

When taken as directed, Infoceuticals transfer holographic information to your energy system through your cells and into your physical body. As your cells take in this knowledge and apply it accordingly, beneficial changes may result in greater wellness and overall health improvements.