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March 15, 2024Editor

Bicom 2000 Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy works by sending low-frequency electromagnetic signals through your body that cause cells to vibrate faster.

The BICOM mobile device is a medical appliance used by both doctors and veterinary naturopathic practitioners to activate an animal’s own natural self-healing powers and act as a complementary treatment method.


Bioresonance therapy uses bio-resonance waves to correct energy patterns that have become imbalanced, thus aiding the body’s own self-healing capabilities. It detects and corrects imbalances within our biofield caused by environmental, chemical or emotional stressors.

Bioresonance machines use electromagnetic fields produced by organs and systems of your body to assess its health, providing accurate diagnosis. Once identified, Bioresonance therapy system then determines an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically to you – no painstaking therapy sessions necessary – results becoming visible within one or two sessions!

Symptoms may be brought on by physical, emotional or chemical stress and are an indicator that there may be conflict among various physiological functions within your body. Bio resonance therapy can help restore this balance to help your body overcome disease more quickly.

Examples are bar tenders whose eyes become red and itchy from exposure to heavy cigarette smoke; postmen who suffer asthmatic reactions when handling printer’s ink; florists whose flowers cause allergic reactions; carpenters who sneeze and cough when working with preserved wood; framers who experience chemical-related sneezing due to handling chemicals – after successful bio resonance therapy, all these professions may resume without interruption.

Bioresonance devices allow physicians to quickly detect the source of allergies, and treat their symptoms effectively. Most allergies stem from food additives like dyes and preservatives or pesticide sprays used on crops. With some bio resonance therapies Monica can enjoy strawberry ice cream again while Robert can have cheese and curd again while Michael salvages his chocolate cake with nuts!

Electromagnetic pollution, also known as “electrosmog” or ‘geoopathy”, can also be detected with the bioresonance device and could be one of the major sources of allergies, rheumatism and nervous conditions. After consulting with a geobiologist, Ursula removed TV and radio alarm clocks from her bedroom, installed an interference suppressor at home and underwent a soil test – after which resulted in significantly reducing cortisone cream usage as her skin condition had significantly improved significantly!


Bicom 2000 bioresonance therapy offers a noninvasive, holistic solution for body wellness. The device analyzes and harmonizes electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the body to cancel out dis-harmonic pathological frequencies while amplifying healthy harmonic frequencies in order to support natural self-healing processes in an energetic manner. As this device uses noninvasive technologies with an emphasis on energetic approaches to healing, individuals can actively take control over their own journey toward balance and optimal wellness.

This device measures the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by each organ and system of the body, to detect and correct imbalances caused by allergens, toxins, nutritional deficiencies or emotional stressors such as allergens. Such imbalances may manifest themselves as fatigue, depression, digestive issues, rashes or joint pain – symptoms which the bicom machine can help alleviate or alleviate with its wide array of programs to restore equilibrium back into the body’s health and wellbeing.

A clinical trial using the BICOM optima mobile bioresonance device found that both active and simulated bioresonance treatments had an anti-inflammatory effect on functional neutrophils (a type of white blood cell). This result was accomplished by decreasing metabolic activity among these cells as well as inhibiting their production of superoxide anion radicals that initiate oxidative stress in inflamed tissue.

In addition to helping reduce and alleviate toxic stress, the BICOM optima mobile bioresonance treatment also restores immunity, thus aiding in the prevention of diseases and chronic illnesses by strengthening immunity systems and supporting their innate ability to fight off infectious agents.


Bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic frequency patterns to stimulate and activate the body’s self-healing abilities, with an aim of eliminating pathogens and restoring metabolic processes in its cells. So that the organism may rehabilitate itself and return to health, this method works without drugs and without side effects – and is very well tolerated both by animals and people, unlike traditional medicine. BICOM bioresonance therapy is founded upon quantum mechanics and operates on the theory that our bodies are comprised of interlinked units – cells, organs and organ systems – communicating electromagnetic vibrations between each other to maintain health and prevent disease. If one of these communication lines becomes broken or disrupted then disease becomes likely and organisms become susceptible.

BICOM device detects these disturbances and initiates biochemical reactions within the organism to restore proper communication – this process is known as resonance; and its results can be measured in laboratory. Bioresonance method is scientifically-verified therapy and classified class IIa medical device used primarily to treat allergies and associated diseases; optima version especially suitable for treatment of small animal patients.

Results from clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy of treating allergies with the BICOM devices. Paediatrician Dr Peter Schumacher conducted a series of scientific trials involving children suffering from allergic symptoms, with 83% having their symptoms eliminated and 11% improved – an incredible success rate! In China alone there have also been numerous studies which confirm their efficacy.

For this study, cell cultures of HL-60 were exposed to the BICOM optima mobile bioresonance device for three consecutive days while their differentiation from promyelocytes to functional neutrophils. At that point, their metabolism and superoxide anion radical production was monitored, then compared against untreated controls – both activities being significantly lower compared to their values in untreated controls and the cell size distribution changed towards smaller cell distribution.


BICOM Bioresonance Method is a gentle and holistic procedure used for more than 35 years in both human and veterinary fields, continually refined over this time frame and proven its efficacy by medical doctors, naturopathic therapists, veterinarians worldwide, as well as increasing usage alongside conventional therapies in Asia.

The device gathers information from either biofeedback mode, or substances that stress out the body by electromagnetic induction, to detect frequencies which are harmonious or disharmonious; harmonious ones are then amplified and sent back into the body in order to strengthen normal functions, while unhealthy frequencies are “inverted” with an electronic mirror circuit to decrease their negative impact.

All BICOM devices are manufactured by Regumed GmbH to ISO 9001 quality standards and CE marked for use as medical devices. Please be aware that they should not be seen as an alternative form of care, but must only be administered under guidance of a trained practitioner.

When conducting therapy, an input electrode is linked to an output electrode through a modulation mat that emits repeated three-second impulses that penetrate even solid structures like bones, cartilage, ligaments and joints as well as cells and organs – stimulating healing response while improving metabolic processes and cell energy.

After receiving treatment sessions, patients often experience positive effects such as pain reduction or an improved immune system. These positive side-effects indicate that their bodies are using the information provided and beginning the healing process itself.

BICOM device can detect changes in biological fields early, making it a powerful preventative tool. When disease symptoms are addressed early, treatment rates increase dramatically and cure possibilities become much greater.

March 14, 2024Editor

Vibroacoustic Vibration Therapy

Vibroacoustic vibration therapy is used to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and boost moods. It offers an alternative treatment method for many chronic conditions and may even provide benefits during cancer therapy treatment.

Liquid therapy involves lying on a treatment table filled with fluid while listening to soothing music and specific frequencies that provide vibration energy directly into your cells, which are comprised of over 60% water.

It’s safe

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy has been shown to be safe and effective for improving mood and alleviating pain. Its low frequencies relax body tissues while dilating blood vessels. Furthermore, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy stimulates the medulla in the brain which causes release of mood-boosting chemicals; combined with music vibration therapy it relieves stress, reduces anxiety, ease depression and can even help improve sleep and decrease nausea symptoms. Although some risks exist with this form of therapy it should generally have few side effects on most individuals so it would be wise for individuals before starting this therapy regime before beginning this journey. Before trying this treatment it would be wise to consult their physician before starting this method of therapy.

There are different forms of vibration therapy, including whole-body and localized vibration. With whole-body vibration therapy, participants stand or lie on a vibrating platform while with localized vibration they use hand-held devices to target specific parts of their bodies. Both forms have been found to promote homeostasis in the body by balancing heart rate and blood pressure; relieving chronic muscle tension; increasing mobility.

Studies on vibration therapy are still in their infancy, making its long-term effectiveness hard to ascertain. Studies have demonstrated its potential benefits: increases muscle strength, improved balance and gait speed, weight loss aiding aid and bone strengthening benefits; while others show it can reduce pain, decrease inflammation and enhance quality of life for chronic patients.

vibration, sound, vibroacoustic and percussive therapies often offer similar advantages; each has its own distinct properties. Whole-body vibration therapy may be particularly useful for stroke recovery and the elderly population while targeted vibration can assist with arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic back and neck pain. Percussive vibration therapy has additional physical health applications including relieving muscle stiffness and improving circulation.

No matter the form of vibration therapy you select, frequency and wave pattern are crucial in its effectiveness. Smooth, consistent frequencies with soothing music have proven the most successful at producing results and have even been found to stimulate brainwave entrainment – increasing healing while simultaneously improving overall wellbeing.

It’s effective

Sound therapy has been shown to provide numerous physical and psychological advantages. It operates on the principle that life, including matter and the human body, vibrates at various frequencies; similarly sounds and music also vary in frequency, so when transmitted into our bodies they can induce healthy resonance in ways beneficial for both physical health and psychological well-being.

Vibroacoustic vibration therapy can be an effective way to increase blood flow, ease muscle tension, boost mood and aid weight loss. Furthermore, this form of treatment can also increase strength and mobility and decrease stress – perfect for relieving symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety depression insomnia.

Dependent upon your symptoms, physical therapy sessions could range from weekly for a period of time up to monthly visits from a licensed practitioner. When selecting treatment frequencies and duration, be sure to work closely with a practitioner as they will know best what will work for you.

Vibration therapy can have both short- and long-term positive impacts. It can improve sleep quality, increase mental clarity and lower risk of stroke; increase blood circulation to speed wound healing faster; lower heart rate and blood pressure levels; all while stimulating nerve endings to relax more deeply.

Another advantage of home treatment with sound frequency transmission is that it can easily be implemented. You can purchase a portable vibration plate to transmit sound frequencies into your body or simply wear headphones with binaural beats to achieve similar effects. These treatments offer safe and effective alternatives to medication for stress relief, sleep issues and chronic pain relief.

There are various forms of vibration therapy, such as whole-body, targeted, and percussive vibration therapy. Each modality offers its own distinct set of benefits for different conditions – whole-body vibration is especially good at relieving joint and back pain while targeted vibration is effective against tight or rigid muscles. Percussive vibration can reduce pain while simultaneously increasing range of motion as well as improving circulation while helping heal bruises and sores more quickly.

It’s relaxing

Sound vibration therapy is an effective natural way to relieve stress, relax muscles, and improve overall health. It helps reduce pain and aches while improving sleep and increasing energy levels. The vibro acoustic system works by stimulating nerve bundles in the spine and brain stem as well as activating auditory systems; additionally it releases mood-lifting chemicals to create maximum benefits. For maximum success it’s essential that individuals find their ideal vibration frequency so that maximum benefits are realized.

Sessions last between 30-60 minutes and are designed to be relaxing, providing gentle vibrational frequencies through the water bed and soothing music through your headset. After approximately 20 minutes into a session, your body’s relaxation response should begin and abstract thoughts should gradually subside as your awareness of both body and mind expand. Some individuals report dream-like or deep meditative states while others experience clarity or insight.

Vibroacoustic sound waves can provide a vibratory massage for the entire body. Vibrations travel directly through muscle tissue, bone cells and organs causing relaxation that helps relieve stress, improve sleep quality and balance out body chemistry.

These sounds can be used to induce various physiologic responses, including a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, lower blood glucose levels and increase in serotonin. This therapy may prove particularly helpful for individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease, depression, fibromyalgia or insomnia as well as chronic pain relief including neuropathic pain as well as posttraumatic stress symptoms like PTSD or trauma symptoms.

The frequencies in the sound track are tailored to coax the mind into therapeutic states to promote sleep (using delta frequency), stress relief (using theta frequency), relaxation (alpha frequency), and energizing (low beta frequency). Audio tracks combine soothing music with proven brainwave entrainment which aids the body’s natural ability to restore homeostasis; additionally low frequency vibrations emitted by vibroacoustic devices encourage vibrotactile stimulation of cells at cellular level creating greater cell activity and calmness overall.

It’s affordable

Vibroacoustic therapy is an affordable and noninvasive therapy that can help you relax while improving your overall health. Vibration technology stimulates bones, muscles, blood vessels and cells using vibration technology – helping improve sleep, increase circulation and decrease pain while simultaneously increasing energy levels and relieving stress.

Medical massage therapy can be used independently or combined with medical treatment, psychotherapy and alternative therapies to address chronic pain, stress and anxiety, depression as well as for conditions like fibromyalgia, insomnia and Parkinson’s disease.

Vibroacoustic therapy sessions typically consist of lying back on a specially designed mat or chair which emits low frequency vibrations accompanied by soothing music, with sound frequencies adjusted according to physical ailments that need treating. Sessions usually last around 30 minutes and should be safe therapeutic experience for most individuals – however it’s wise to speak with a healthcare provider beforehand to determine whether this form of treatment is right for you.

Sounds and vibrations produced by this device entrain your nervous system to fire on a consistent frequency, providing lasting benefits. By contrast, when individuals experience stress or mental health issues, their nervous systems fire at random frequencies; with low frequency vibrations helping synchronize nerves into stable patterns for relaxation and healing.

Sound therapy equipment not only produces vibrations but also creates an effect known as acoustic resonance, inducing molecules within your body to vibrate in ways similar to massage therapists would use, giving an overall relaxing effect and feeling as though you’re receiving an internal massage session. Sound vibrations can penetrate deep into organs such as your lungs, heart, and deep-lying blood vessels while activating stretch reflexes that increase mobility and flexibility in turn increasing mobility and flexibility.

Though there are several different vibration therapy devices on the market, one of the most widely used is TurboSonic’s vibratory platform. This device utilizes patented sonic vibration technology that has been shown to be both safe and effective; vibrations generated from speakers have a precise wavelength that penetrates muscles, joints, and tissues in your body to promote muscle development and circulation while stimulating natural stretching reflexes to enhance strength and endurance.

March 14, 2024Editor

Magnetic Resonance Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis

Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI) of the knee using fat-suppressed gradient echo sequences shows high accuracy and adequate precision for cross-sectional and longitudinal studies in OA patients.

However, precision can differ significantly between scanners and sections orientations; for instance, axial scans of the patella may have less accuracy than coronal sagittal images that cover more of the knee joint.

What is MBST?

In this instance, an MRI device uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate your body’s cells into producing cartilage and bone. Studies have proven that this treatment can slow down bone wearout. But that is only one advantage; many patients also report experiencing pain relief, improved mobility and an increase in longevity after receiving this therapy.

Degenerative joint and bone diseases like herniated discs, arthrosis and osteoarthritis begin with wear-and-tear of cartilage covering bones that join together at joints. This wear and tear is accelerated by chronic stress or injury which causes mechanical damage to tissue.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the go-to technique for the assessment of knee articular cartilage integrity and quantity, offering high sensitivity and specificity even among patients with substantial cartilage loss. Semiquantitative measurements such as ratio of articular cartilage volume to total knee compartment surface area (JCVAS) have shown promising predictive validity for patient-relevant outcomes such as increase in pain, decrease in function, time to TKA, etc. when conducting cross-sectional studies; while quantitative MRI methods using fat-suppressed gradient echo sequences have demonstrated acceptable accuracy when conducting longitudinal studies of knee OA.

However, it should be remembered that MRI-based measurements of articular cartilage in clinical practice depend on several factors, including: their ability to detect minute changes in cartilage thickness; stability over time and user adherence to an appropriate protocol for MRI scans.

nuclear magnetic resonance therapy has shown in multiple recent clinical trials to significantly improve bone mineral density for those living with osteoporosis, with recent evidence of this therapy increasing BMD and decreasing fracture risks for osteoporotic patients, particularly those receiving long-term pharmacotherapy – this finding was particularly encouraging given the many adverse side effects associated with long-term drug therapy, including bone fractures and osteoporosis comorbidities – yet many individuals cannot benefit from current pharmaceutical approaches to treat their disease.

How does MBST work?

The treatment works by stimulating the body to heal itself. A device delivers electromagnetic energy directly into damaged tissue cells and activates their ability to produce new cartilage, bone, and tissue – this cell regeneration process is key in eliminating pain, inflammation, and slowing progression of osteoarthritis. Furthermore, this noninvasive, painless treatment has no known side effects while being highly effective when combined with other treatments like physical therapy and medication.

In therapy, the patient lies down and relaxes as the device emits electromagnetic waves into their body, which are then absorbed by protons in water molecules near affected areas. This re-energizes them so they work more effectively to facilitate healing.

To achieve optimal results, a series of nine one-hour sessions is advised for optimal outcomes. Although some patients may notice improvements immediately following their first visit, more often they improve weeks or even months later as cartilage builds and bone density increases.

Magnetic resonance therapy has proven itself as an effective alternative to surgery in treating knee osteoarthritis. Furthermore, it can serve as a preventative measure for those at risk. Furthermore, its safe usage requires no special preparation or follow-up and has proven highly successful at relieving pain, improving knee function and quality of life while simultaneously healing damage caused by osteoarthritis.

Note that MBST is a private treatment and not available through the NHS, yet NICE acknowledges its safety and effectiveness and it has been registered with the MHRA. Furthermore, it works alongside physiotherapy, exercise and medication as an effective, painless means to managing knee osteoarthritis.

What are the side effects of MBST?

Therapeutic magnetic resonance differs from traditional medication in that it encourages cartilage and bone cell regeneration, helping patients regain strength, flexibility, reduced pain levels and ultimately recovery. It is particularly effective at early stage osteoarthritis to avoid severe damage to bones, joints and cartilage.

MBST treatment involves placing a device over the knee that emits electromagnetic energy to stimulate cartilage repair. Sessions generally last an hour, and patients typically notice improvements after just a few treatments; for maximum effects, 7-9 sessions of one-hour treatments should be completed for best results. Plus, this approach has no known negative side effects and can even be combined with other medical procedures!

Astrid R. was suffering from finger polyarthrosis when she started receiving MBST therapy in July 2016. Within 9 one-hour treatments her symptoms had significantly subsided and she could once more perform challenging household duties like gardening and working her plot of land by the riverbank.

Many patients undergoing MBST therapy report seeing positive results within three months, making this form of therapy especially useful for people living with pain and stiffness that interferes with daily activities.

MBST can be combined with other therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy to expedite recovery after surgery or hospitalisation. By helping regenerate damaged muscles and joints and returning patients back to physical activity sooner than expected, this type of treatment enables patients to resume their preferred sports and hobbies sooner.

Controlled clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of MBST are sustained for more than four years, making it an effective, long-term treatment option to relieve pain and improve quality of life. Recommended by health professionals including physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths as well as general practitioners (GPs), this form of therapy does not have any side effects nor any age restrictions; plus its noninvasive nature means it does not cause irritation to surrounding tissue.

How long will it take to recover from MBST?

This non-invasive and risk free treatment may eliminate the need for surgery or long-term medication and alleviate discomfort from osteoarthritis, herniated discs, neck/back injuries and more.

MBST’s revolutionary technology uses magnetic resonance principles used in MRI to biophysically stimulate regenerative processes at a molecular level in specific cells or tissues.

Degenerative joint and bone diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, gout or bursitis are caused by wear-and-tear damage to cartilage covering bone ends that come together at joints. When this spongy membrane wears away it leads to chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation that has far reaching consequences for physical wellbeing.

Studies of MBST show its benefits can last months after treatment as cartilage regenerates itself in affected joints. Furthermore, unlike pain killers or physical therapy treatments, there are no negative side effects with using MBST at any stage of disease progression or even prevention.

To understand how MBST heals, we used high-resolution structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and resting-state functional MRI (rs-fMRI). To our surprise, patients with high vs low OA pain showed significantly different brain gray matter volume (GMV), fractional amplitude of low frequency fluctuation (fALFF), and cortical thickness alterations than those without.

At our clinic, patients report experiencing significant improvements in pain and mobility within a day of receiving their initial MBST treatment. Most commonly, cartilage rebuilding continues over time and bone density increases; with full recoveries often happening within three months (but this varies greatly according to individual conditions). As we offer no-obligation consultations to determine if MBST would be suitable for you we encourage booking an appointment as soon as possible to receive this service – our no obligation consultation service is completely free!

March 14, 2024Editor

The Spooky2 Manual

Spooky2 manual offers extensive details about all of its software and hardware components that comprise Rife system. This invaluable resource is freely available and easily available to any person using it.

These 10 commands allow you to install drivers, view generators (both online and offline ones), and more.


Spooky2 is a program that enables you to send frequencies from your computer directly into a Rife generator. It has an auto-updating frequency library built-in, as well as support for downloading additional libraries from outside sources and installing them separately. Furthermore, it was developed in a secure sandboxed environment away from internet interference – free from viruses (though Windows 10 and Bit Defender may report false positives).

As soon as you’ve installed and launched your program, the Setup Wizard prompts you to choose your destination directory (typically C:). If there is nothing you wish to change regarding database or other settings, just click Next; once done, the wizard confirms your setup settings before copying files onto your hard drive.

After a short while, the program will finish copying all files to disk and prompt you to restart your computer before beginning to operate in a sandboxed window that is completely isolated from Internet traffic.

CancerTool requires two biofeedback scans upon first use: a full/system and targeted cancer preset scan. After these two biofeedback scans have been completed, you may then use CancerTool to run treatments with it. For detailed instructions regarding both scans please refer to the Spooky2 User’s Guide via its Help menu; it contains two tutorials one pertaining to biofeedback scans and another on creating targeted cancer presets.


The Spooky2 generator’s Program menu offers a selection of programs designed to kill pathogens and viruses as well as balance bodily systems. These programs include zapper frequencies and DNA presets which can help kill off infectious agents as well as restore equilibrium within your system.

Note: If a set containing frequency that could potentially be harmful can be disabled by clicking the Disable ToolTip button and selecting it; this step is particularly relevant when used with DNA programs – you’ll find this button at the bottom right corner of the Program window.

Spooky2 also comes equipped with several new features designed to enhance its performance, such as “Frequency Grouping”, which enables you to group frequencies together for output as one, and “Graph Format”, which increases font size from 8pt to 16pt while providing scrolling display of frequencies being sent into generators.

This update introduces a Rife Modulation program, enabling you to combine Royal Rife’s discoveries with Nikola Tesla’s discoveries of healing scalar energy. This program uses original frequencies of Royal Rife and modulates them for use as an effective healing device; then applies these healing scalar energies directly onto organs in your body in order to heal and rebalance them as quickly as possible. We highly suggest making use of this program on an ongoing basis for maximum benefit!

Frequency Sets

Use the Frequency Sets tab to create frequency sets that will be applied over a specific period. Each frequency set has its own name and can be saved as a preset; you can apply any number of them during a treatment session; Spectrum Sweep is currently the default preset; however you may create your own.

Once you are finished creating your preset, press the Save Preset button. This will set it as your new default and each time Spooky2 loads it will load your custom frequency set that was saved as a Preset.

The bottom portion of your screen displays how far along a current scan has advanced; at any point during it, you may pause it by pressing Stop. Unfortunately, once begun, a sweep must be restarted from scratch for it to continue progressing.

The Advanced menu allows you to access and make adjustments to a range of key settings and options, including installing drivers and connecting generators with ports. Click Restore if you want all settings reverted back to their factory defaults – this will also restore user frequencies back into the main database. A Screen Capture button lets you take a photo of Spooky2‘s window before saving it as a JPG file; finally the Settings section offers options to reduce font sizes across most controls.

Spectrum Sweep

Spectrum Sweep is another world-first feature available exclusively on Spooky2. The sweep works by modulating a carrier – usually static – at different frequencies to produce evenly spaced frequencies that correspond with each modulation frequency (like an inverted hair comb).

To create a Spectrum Sweep program, simply choose “Spectrum” from the Program menu and enter numbers representing both frequencies you wish to include and times you would like them applied. Gating can reduce amplitude by decreasing frequency amplitude; it can help limit exposure to very high frequencies.) To activate it you may also opt to enable or disable Gating (which reduces frequency amplitude by decreasing time)

As soon as a program is created, it is highly advised that its name be given an informative title; this will make searching easier and be recorded in the Custom database.

If your program is intended to act like Hulda Clark’s zapper, “Follow Out 1” should be enabled. This feature copies the amplitude settings from Out 1 onto Out 2, providing two identical outputs. This feature can help with zapping and set design. However, please be aware that this feature only available in Remote Mode due to higher voltage requirements – for more information regarding all modes of operation refer to your manual.

Carrier Sweep

Spooky2 offers you an unprecedented carrier sweep functionality whereby its normally static carrier signal can be modulated, enabling you to broadcast frequencies over a large area and add frequencies at any point throughout. This is truly impressive and marks another world first for this technology!

Use it for healing or pathogen removal – its carrier is especially effective at killing viruses – while the amplitude oscillates from positive to negative through zero and back up again, like Doc Hulda Clark’s Zapper settings but with much stronger settings.

With a Spooky Boost 2.0 signal processor connected, you can dramatically increase the power of contact mode generators while doubling their remote treatment capability. This enables you to make use of their capabilities more fully; and makes this solution an invaluable asset for hands-on treatment as well as remote treatment applications.

To use CancerTool for cancer scanning, first perform a full/system and cancer scan, creating a targeted cancer preset (see below). Next, click the CancerTool button in Spooky2.

Advanced Menu

By activating this menu, you gain access to 10 advanced commands that can install drivers for your generators, display which generator is controlled by which Channel, and more.

A graph to display the results of a scan. Each line represents one frequency set and each segment of the graph represents dwell time periods for that set. Clicking Pause temporarily halts the graph; resume restarts it from where it stopped.

The Screenshot Button allows for quick captures of Spooky2‘s window, saving it as a JPG file in Data folder.

Frequency Blacklist Control – to restrict Spooky2 from transmitting certain frequencies; an inventory of frequencies contained both within its main database and any customized databases (if any).

This method can quickly identify specific frequencies among a greater spectrum.

On this graph are displayed the Running Average rates (RA rates) of each generator during their scan. The cyan line represents their Running Average rate; when this exceeds an acceptable level it signifies stress; conversely the green background indicates quiescent RA or low stress conditions.

March 14, 2024Editor

Wave Genetics Pseudoscience

Eugenics is a concept which asserts that societies should promote good genes while discouraging bad ones; this seems sensible.

P Gariaev’s research into fractal representation of DNA “texts” and human speech has been highly esteemed within Russia but was discredited due to interference by influential scientific skeptics in Western countries.

1. Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience refers to beliefs or practices that resemble science but lack its core elements: observation, gathering data and information gathering, creating working and null hypotheses for experimentation and conducting them and then drawing conclusions that either support the working hypothesis or disprove the null one; these conclusions must also have statistically significant p-values (p=0.05 or below) which distinguish scientific results from non-scientific ones.

Many pseudoscientific claims are demonstrably incorrect or at best, unproven; but others can have serious repercussions, for instance pseudoscientific anti-vaccine activism can lead people away from medical treatments proven to help, increasing the risk of contracting infectious diseases and spreading them further. Furthermore, pseudoscientific nonsense regarding alternative medicine efficacy could prompt people to abandon legitimate medical treatments only available through qualified health practitioners resulting in death or serious health conditions for them and others.

Pseudoscientific ideas can also contribute to division and conflict within societies, for example through pseudoscientific theories regarding race and ethnic classifications that lead to racism or even genocide.

Unfortunately, pseudoscience can be pervasive, taking the form of political ideology, religion, media bias and many other influences. Therefore, it’s critical that individuals understand the principles of science so as to recognize and reject pseudoscience when encountered.

Mario Bunge, the late physicist and philosopher who passed away in February 2020, wrote that science should serve humanity by uncovering Truth – not mere popular opinion. If humanity is to survive as a species, we must uncover this Truth about Nature and use it wisely for our own benefit as well as that of all humanity.

Krugliakov and his Group to Combat Pseudoscience in Russia’s suppression of empirically verified physical results in genetics research that meet Popp’s Criteria and are known as Wave Genetics is certainly not in the interests of Science or Life; indeed these actions should be considered pseudoscience!

2. False claims

Gariaev and his team’s research is founded on the idea that genetic information is stored in a holographic quantum computer (DNA-WAVE). With this technology, artificial genes could potentially be created that allow plants or animals to grow more quickly while increasing resistance against diseases or other factors – providing a cost-cutting alternative to costly and outdated genetic engineering techniques currently used today.

Unfortunately, Gariaev and his colleagues’ work has been compromised by the interference of certain’skeptics’ within the Russian Academy of Sciences. It’s regrettable that such suppressive behavior should exist within an institution dedicated to science – rather than personal preferences and political movements.

Due to this suppression, much of its immense potential research has been lost. One should recall how relativity and quantum mechanics seemed strange when first proposed; their proponents faced harsh criticism because their theory did not fit within existing paradigms that were considered correct.

Shamefully, Gariaev and his team’s work have been discredited by those opposed to genetic engineering regulation. Critics have accused European Court of Justice judges and those supporting regulation as espousing “pseudoscience”, thus rendering any scientific integrity or rational discourse regarding new genetic engineering techniques compromised.

These attacks echo the politics of genetic pseudoscience which have historically been part of eugenics movement. Eugenicists believed certain traits such as blue eyes or blonde hair should be encouraged through selective breeding; this, however, was never proven using scientific method; similarly with phrenology; which claims that skull shape correlates to mental ability based on cultural bias and an egocentric view of humanity.

3. Suppression of science

Science’s central principle is the pursuit of truth about nature and human behavior. That’s why it is disheartening when researchers compromise their integrity by opening themselves up to political interpretations of their research, particularly during times of divisive identity politics, where popularization of scientific findings may invite sensationalising journalists or polemicists to come up with potentially hazardous interpretations of them.

The “junk DNA” interpretation is an example of this. This theory holds that most genes do not code for proteins but instead control non-cellular functions, such as cell division and metabolism – an interpretation that not only renders genetics obsolete but is both illogical and unsubstantiated.

Keep in mind that scientific ideas often seem strange when first proposed; Relativity was initially perceived to be just another theory until tested experimentally; quantum mechanics and germ theory of disease became accepted scientific facts after repeated experiments confirmed them – just as wave genetics will soon do.

Es is shocking to observe how the Russian Academy of Sciences has recently returned to an agenda of suppressing or attacking any scientific results or theories which don’t fit their ideological vision of what science should be. This form of Neolysenkoism cannot serve either science nor life well.

Recent actions taken by Krugliakov and his “Group to Combat Pseudoscience in Russia” to suppress highly promising genetic research results that met Popp’s criteria is especially disheartening. These results demonstrate that genetic traits can be controlled at a DNA level and used to regenerate vital internal organs in vivo – something no recombinant genetic modification technique could ever do before now. This technology renders current techniques for genetic modification obsolete; an insulting insult against all humanity, but especially so against an institution like Russia’s Academy of Sciences which should stand above politics or personal preferences to bring the greatest possible benefit for humanity at large.

4. Falsehoods

Wave genetics pseudoscience relies on several falsehoods. First, its claims assert that most human DNA consists of “junk,” when this is simply not true – junk DNA actually codes for proteins essential in gene regulation. Second, wave genetics promoters assert that DNA can be programmed into certain behaviors by beamed waves to activate or deactivate genes – this claim has proven false several times over. Finally, wave genetics claims resonant waves can activate or deactivate genes as claimed but often do the opposite effect than promised by waves which claims – instead.

Wave genetics‘ fundamental concept is that the genomes of higher organisms operate like computers on a quantum level. This belief leads to the hypothesis that DNA-wave programs, isomorphic materially, perform nonlocally in organisms. Unfortunately, it cannot be proven that genomes act this way;

Suppressing this work by the scientific community is shameful, particularly in Russia where original research was carried out under an atmosphere of scientific inquiry, given its immense potential benefits for all life on Earth. Krugliakov and other “skeptics” at the Russian Academy of Science should take no pleasure in looking down upon such work, and doing nothing to validate it as a legitimate scientific paradigm as an alternative to today’s outdated, dangerous and ineffective genetic engineering techniques.