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Spooky2 Plasma Tube

The Spooky2 Plasma Tube is a frequency generator that utilizes a special type of electrode to generate an electric field and transmit it into the body, where it releases frequencies that help clear away pathogens.

Before using a plasma tube, always ensure it is off and all white wires have been separated to ensure maximum safety.

Phanotron tube

The phanotron tube is an electric field generator. Its electric field can be modulated using a function generator, an electronic circuit capable of sending signals directly into the tube. Once in plasma state, its vibrations can produce various visual and audible frequencies; additionally it stimulates cell growth for improved health; making this therapy ideal for cancer, Lyme disease and Morgellons/lyme patients.

A phanotron tube analyzer comprises of a control grid, an anode, cathode, an electrical circuit interconnecting them to form an AC potential between them and an adjustable voltage transformer for changing this AC potential. An electric motor adapted to operate this variable voltage transformer increases this AC potential at an almost constant rate while another motor regulates current through said control grid.

Compared to straight plasma tubes, phanotron tubes provide stronger and more focused signals and are recommended for treating localized issues, such as cancer. Plus, its built-in holder makes using it even simpler; its angled electrodes also allow users to focus their treatment directly onto specific parts of their bodies.

Phantom tube technology can also be used as part of whole-body treatment, creating a pulsed electromagnetic field extending six inches from its coil. This field has many beneficial effects for immune health as well as helping cells regenerate.

This system is extremely impressive! The researcher managed to fit everything – computer, power supplies and amplifier SSQ-2F PA1 into a desktop computer case! This impressive design allows them to sleep while using full power of their phanotron! They even added a Farady cage in order to reduce interference from nearby neighbors!

Spooky2 Phanotron tubes can be purchased as part of the Spooky2 Triple Generator Kit, making it the ideal way to begin both remote and contact mode operation. This package combines Spooky2 Central with essential accessories – including an XM generator and plasma tube designed to work harmoniously – in order to give users everything they need to get going with remote and contact mode operation.

Frequency modulation

If you own a spooky2 plasma tube, it is essential that its settings are appropriately set. The manual provides detailed explanations for every setting and frequency list as well as support options like community forums and videos as well as membership programs offering discounts for equipment purchases as well as nanoguides which teach users how to operate the software.

The Spooky2 Plasma Tube can be used with virtually any audio or RF signal source, from low frequencies up to higher ones, with its carrier sweep beginning either low or high frequency and following either Out 1 or Out 2 independently – making it an excellent tool that can easily be customized to meet individual requirements.

To create a new program, choose Carrier Sweep in the File menu. Enter a name for your program and set its default duration; additionally you can enter notes for every frequency in it that will help show their purpose when searching.

On the right side of the screen are two toggle switches that control frequency modulation techniques. One switches is for setting an internal MPC free running carrier frequency; you may change this during order time as required. Gating settings typically range between 99.9% (where an additional 1% gating signal may be imposed on frequencies being transmitted to Plasma Ball) and 100%.

Spooky2 system boasts a unique wave cycle multiplication feature capable of supporting frequencies up to 25MHz, two damped waveforms (square and sinusoidal), as well as various resonant frequencies and Lily frequency which promote rapid cell death.

The Spooky2 plasma tube provides powerful therapeutic benefits to the body. To maximize these effects, it is crucial that during each treatment session, you stay hydrated to maximize effectiveness of treatment, reduce side effects and speed recovery.


Spooky2 incorporates several features that enhance Rife’s technology while providing greater safety. The plasma tube is sealed with inert gas such as helium that can be safely ionized via electric discharge to form plasma, an eighth matter state with free electrons that provides healing capabilities of its own. This gives rise to its healing abilities.

The Spooky2 Plasma Tube features high voltage connections to its generator that can reach 50,000 volts, but these connections have been carefully designed for maximum user safety, not directly connecting with it. Still, it is essential that all safety precautions be observed, keeping both generator and plasma tube away from each other at all times.

Use of the Spooky2 Phanatron system requires some knowledge of electronics. To ensure safe operation and maintenance of this frequency generator device, follow all manufacturer’s recommendations as well as consult a qualified health care provider about its potential uses for healing purposes.

Before beginning, ensure the high voltage wires of both the plasma tube and generator are spaced far apart; otherwise they could potentially lock together or become damaged. Furthermore, make sure the power cord of the generator does not touch any plasma tubes; for maximum protection it would be wise to utilize a USB filter cable with this generator in order to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Spooky2 Plasma tube can be used for many different applications. It can help enhance your body’s natural ability to fight disease and maintain an effective immune system, detoxify and rejuvenate, as well as detoxifying and rejuvenating. You can use it by itself or in conjunction with PEMF coils or Hand Cylinders.

Frequency generation devices should never be used during pregnancy or while driving or operating hazardous machinery. Furthermore, they should always be stored out of reach from children and regular sessions should be shortened accordingly as needed. It is advised to drink lots of pure water to help facilitate frequency generation as needed; additionally if you wear a pacemaker it would be wise to consult your physician prior to using any frequency device.


The Spooky2 plasma tube is an incredible tool for eliminating pathogens and healing other ailments. Additionally, you can connect it to a frequency generator and use its frequencies to balance energy within your body. For this, the Spooky2 Synchronization Function can help, by matching up frequency generated by generator and plasma tube frequency to maximize targeting energy on target. Setting it up and using its simple interface are both key factors for success with Spooky2. Use any frequency generator that produces a pulsating waveform, for optimal results use one equipped with digital duty cycle meter and LC31 coupler – this configuration offers maximum power output to your plasma tube.

The Spooky2 Phanotron Tube is an ideal Rife machine to transmit Royal Rife’s 100% successful cancer clinical trials from 1934. Designed to work with the Spooky2 current generator, this fully ventilated protective polycarbonate tube features high voltage plugs with extra thick silicon insulation cables for added safety.

Left Toggle Switch in Down Position The left toggle switch activates an internal free running carrier frequency of 28000 Hertz that can be modified upon request at order time by changing user selection frequency to any user specific frequency. Right Toggle Switch Up Position Receive Frequency Generator From Aurorasky 4 Channel Generator or Spooky2 Generator as Channel 1

Once again, you must install and connect your Plasma Ball and Coil. Your power cable from Spooky2 to your plasma tube should be connected via the rear high voltage socket while PEMF Coil socket on Spooky2 central should receive its end of this cable for connection to its coil. Afterward, its other end should connect directly to auxiliary power input on front of Spooky2.

Once your system is connected, the next step is to launch and start up Spooky2 Central. From here you can load programs you want from Presets menu; once this step has been taken your program should be ready to run.