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Dolores Cannon – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

dolores cannon quantum healing

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), created by Dolores Cannon, is an exclusive method of hypnosis designed to bring an individual into the deepest level of trance; commonly referred to as somnambulistic state.

At this session, your practitioner will communicate with your Subconscious Mind – also referred to as The Oversoul, Christ Consciousness or Higher Self – also referred to as your Oversoul or Christ Consciousness or Higher Self. Dolores has found that no matter what name it’s called it will still help anyone who seeks assistance sincerely.

How QHHT Works

Dolores Cannon created QHHT after decades of hypnotherapy sessions with her clients. Her method takes participants beyond simple past life regression into communication with their Higher Self (also referred to as Subconscious). The Higher Self is part of themselves that has existed throughout all their lives; therefore it knows all their experiences, both current and past, making this source of wisdom and healing available to anyone with the ability to access it.

QHHT sessions involve regressing clients back to an appropriate past life which correlates with current issues in this life. It is an extremely safe, comfortable, and effective technique that uses the Somnambulistic state of trance hypnosis for relaxation. Indulge yourself with this deep relaxing and rejuvenating experience and discover answers beyond conscious mind that could provide answers both personally and spiritually.

During a QHHT session, practitioners will ask their client’s Higher Self for any information that will aid in their healing, such as uncovering hidden roots of mental illnesses or physical conditions or fears and phobias. Their Higher Selves will always select relevant information when delivering it in QHHT sessions.

This information can help an individual grasp who they are in relation to the universe and all its creations, as well as why they’re here and how they can achieve their full potential.

Dolores Cannon has written 19 books covering a range of metaphysical subjects, such as sacred knowledge and reincarnation. Her work has reached many people around the globe and she is considered a pioneer in past life regression hypnosis with her unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Additionally, this method has been taught to numerous practitioners who now share its benefits with their own clients.

QHHT Induction

Dolores Cannon, an acclaimed past life regression hypnotherapist, created her own exclusive method of hypnosis called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Through visualization techniques and deep relaxation trance states, QHHT induces deep states of relaxation for its subjects allowing them to explore past lives which provide valuable information for living today.

As QHHT sessions begin, it is imperative that the hypnotist ensure that clients understand that their conscious mind will take a backseat in this experience. They will ask clients to focus on connecting with their Higher Selves and repeat that mantra to themselves as this will prepare their egos for learning from sources other than themselves.

Hypnotists will then guide their client into entering a Somnambulistic state of trance, typically experienced twice daily when beginning conscious awakening and just before falling asleep. This deeper level isn’t typically used in traditional hypnotherapy as it may produce unexpected results such as remembering past lives.

Once the Subconscious has been reached through QHHT sessions, the hypnotist can request it to identify and explain any physical or emotional problems the client is having. Furthermore, healing energy can be sent in via this level of consciousness via white light energy channels to send healing directly into their bodies.

A hypnotist will then ask the Subconscious to select information most relevant to their current lives. Similar to how soul-like qualities guide our choices for our lifetime journeys, the Subconscious also has access to past events or future challenges that the subject might be having difficulty with; such as relationships, careers and personal issues that need advice and direction from beyond the conscious mind. It always provides valuable advice and direction.

QHHT Past Life Regression

QHHT was pioneered by Dolores Cannon as an integrated regression process that can help people explore past lives and connect to their Higher Selves to gain healing and insight. The experience is safe, comfortable and transformative.

QHHT begins by exploring past lives, but with our ever expanding consciousness there is so much more that can be experienced through it. Clients have reported experiencing future life scenarios, parallel lives, other planets or dimensions and even their Spirit Side! It’s truly astounding to witness the healing that takes place through this work both physically and emotionally.

Past Life Regression involves being guided on an adventure into your subconscious. A practitioner will lead you into a deep state of relaxation that mimics what happens between sleeping and waking each day – this method provides the safest, most natural, and profound way of tapping into inner wisdom and healing emotional or physical blocks.

As part of this process, the Subconscious Mind can answer questions that your conscious mind cannot. It is a part of you which knows all aspects of you and the universe; therefore it understands the root causes of illness, phobias and other mental/physical challenges, while selecting information which would most benefit its current needs.

Your practitioner will pose questions designed to facilitate dialogue with your Higher Self about areas that require attention – be that emotional or physical challenges or simply knowing more about a person you have met in this lifetime. Sessions may be recorded and reviewed later for optimal information absorption.

Once you’ve experienced a session, you will quickly come to realize it is one of the most powerful tools for healing and self-understanding available to you. Furthermore, you’ll likely have gained a greater sense of your purpose while strengthening the connection to that part of yourself which holds all-knowing wisdom.

Join me in experiencing the extraordinary quantum energy healing of past life regression! I offer group sessions throughout the year as well as private ones.

QHHT Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon pioneered and perfected her QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) method over many decades and thousands of sessions, with amazing success. Once an effective connection with Subconscious exists, almost anything can be resolved.

QHHT sessions aim to assist clients with whatever it is they require – be it healing, information or spiritual guidance – and clients often come out feeling as though all their questions have been answered and that they have become more than they ever thought possible.

Past Life Regression is one of the more widely known aspects of QHHT sessions, but its scope goes far beyond this. People may also experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, lives they lived on other planets or dimensions before their current one, visiting Akashic Records or even living a different timeline altogether.

QHHT sessions allow individuals to seek assistance for specific physical ailments they are experiencing. Once their subconscious has been reached, it will identify any physical issue and explain its source before asking whether healing should take place and, if appropriate, will heal instantly.

QHHT sessions also allow individuals to gain clarity regarding the meaning and purpose of their current existence and life journey, leading them to personal growth and emotional/physical healing. This part of a session can provide profound understanding that can foster personal development as well as emotional/physical well-being.

Therefore, this type of work should only be attempted by those willing to commit. It requires deep levels of hypnosis; but once connected there are endless possibilities of exploration and healing available.

As a trained QHHT Practitioner, I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation during which we can connect with your Subconscious (also called Higher Self). Your Subconscious knows all of your experiences from past lives as well as those which brought you here in this lifetime.