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Joshua Bloom – Spiritual Life Coach, Empath, and Intuitive

Joshua Bloom is a best-selling author and the creator of Quantum Energy Transformation. His process heals, transforms, and empowers extraordinary empaths and intuitives to embody their higher selves.

Joshua brings together knowledge from 20 different healing modalities into one powerful process known as Being Quantum. He shows people how they can use their body’s natural intelligence to access quantum fields for instant change.

The Quantum Field

Joshua Bloom is an internationally recognized quantum healing expert and #1 best-selling author. His signature approach encourages empaths, intuitives and energy workers to access the Quantum Field within themselves in order to unlock their higher selves and embody them fully. Joshua also created Quantum Energy Transformation; an advanced technique for clearing away stuck energy at a cellular level in order to transform life and heal body and soul simultaneously.

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) provides the mathematical and conceptual basis for modern elementary particle physics as well as other areas of theoretical physics, such as condensed matter physics. QFT is the natural extension of quantum mechanics (QM) which deals with particles to encompass fields which involve an infinite number of degrees of freedom – this is known as quantum field theory or QFT for short.

The Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics is an example of QFT. It attempts to explain three of nature’s four forces through exchanging force-carrying boson particles for matter-making fermions, and predicts an array of elementary particles such as electrons, protons and neutrons as well as quarks and leptons as well as muons and tauons.

Field theories must assign real physical values to space-time points in order to qualify as field theories, something which seems fundamental to particle concept but at odds with certain features of quantum mechanics (QM).

However, “field theory” is frequently misapplied and sometimes used loosely; for example, the standard model of elementary particle physics may sometimes be described as QFT without properly considering its ontology – consisting of only three fundamental forces and limited elementary particles. This misrepresentation should be seen as inaccurate.

Quantum field theory can be defined as a form of mathematical theory which can be solved by calculating the expectation values for various operator-valued quantum system state variables, leading to the expectation matrix which forms part of any physical field theory and allows calculations such as scattering cross sections for particle systems like those found in particle accelerators, among others. This process helps predict particle interactions.

Empaths & Intuitives

If you work in wellness, chances are you have heard terms like highly sensitive person (HSP), empath, and intuitive bandied about frequently. Perhaps these phrases have even appeared on adaptogen labels in health food stores or appeared on your manifestation teacher’s website – but what exactly do these terms signify?

HSPs and empaths tend to be in tune with the feelings of people and things within their immediate surroundings, while intuitives use their intuition to read beneath the surface of any situation. By tapping into quantum field energy, intuitives can tap into its strengths to bring out the best qualities in all they come into contact with.

Empathy is an essential element of being human, yet it can become overpowering if not distinguished from your own emotions. This is particularly true if you’re an intuitive empath who is naturally tuned in to understanding others’ emotions; these individuals also possess an uncanny knack for sensing energy around animals, plants and objects – something more people don’t do well.

As intuitive empaths can perceive others’ emotions as though they were their own, intuitive empaths may sometimes find themselves carrying other people’s problems on their shoulders. While intuitive empaths may provide valuable support during difficult times, they must remain mindful not to take on more than they can manage.

As everyone’s experiences of intuition vary, each of us may encounter it differently. For some people it can take the form of hearing voices or seeing images, while clairsentience recognizes feelings. An intuitive empath may experience sudden and powerful insights while reading a book, listening to someone talk about their issues or simply walking down the street.

While intuitive and empath are commonly used terms, each has their own individual definitions and applications. Being aware of these distinctions will help you navigate life and work more successfully; regardless of your current level of intuition or empathy. Learning to access quantum field energy and tap into higher self can create positive change like never before in your life.

Business Coaching

Joshua Bloom is an internationally acclaimed life and business coach, NLP master practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, master teacher of Being Quantum Reiki Seichim Reiki Usui Reiki as well as founder of Quantum Healing Center LLC. He assists Empaths and Intuitives tap into their innate quantum powers for increased confidence and unstoppable momentum in life and career endeavors. Additionally, Joshua teaches them how to build healthy, balanced energy fields that promote both physical and spiritual wellbeing using his proprietary process known as The Quantum Shift that has revolutionised lives across many thousands.

He believes in everyone’s innate capacity for healing themselves and has developed an approach based on scientific research and experience called Quantum Energy Transformation to harness it and accelerate it towards health and wellbeing. Through this powerful method, people are enabled to overcome ailments like fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, fear, depression allergies migraine headaches ADHD etc and gain control of their lives again.

His journey as an empath began through unusual childhood experiences that illuminated his ability to sense and understand other people’s energies, leading him to discover quantum biology and create revolutionary processes to change lives and heal people. His work centered around this idea: all energy exists around us – ourselves included.

Joshua has created an expansive library of additional programs beyond Quantum Energy Transformation. These include his Being Quantum way of being and Age Clearing transformation processes as well as Being Reiki and Quantum Allergy Release allergy removal methods – teachings which have been featured internationally through radio programs and TeleSeminars.

Joshua offers up his story of how he learned to move out of his mind and into his body, helping him overcome anxiety while tapping into his intuitive energy to move forward with life. Additionally, he discusses entity issues as he shows how an anchor can help manage energy better so you don’t become overrun by negative entities.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching is a powerful way for individuals to overcome challenges and reach their goals more easily, finding greater fulfillment and living an authentic lifestyle. While traditional life coaches focus on physical goals such as reaching the podium at events or improving sales figures, spiritual life coaches focus on supporting their clients from within using energy healing as part of the coaching approach.

This novel approach to life coaching integrates metaphysical teachings with kinesiology in order to assist people in breaking free of old patterns and finding success they desire. The coaching process is tailored so participants can learn at their own pace from home while having access to all training materials at any time.

Spiritual life coaches help their clients understand the purpose and meaning of life so that they may gain a greater sense of purpose in their daily lives. Additionally, these experts instruct clients in manifesting their desires by aligning actions with beliefs and values – they may even help overcome fears or limiting beliefs that prevent manifestation.

Joshua Bloom is not only a Life and Spiritual Life coach; he’s also an NLP Master Practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques Master. Founder of Joshua Bloom Quantum Healing Center LLC and international spiritual teacher; has helped thousands heal themselves of conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches Depression Anxiety Allergies Stress etc.

By working with a Spiritual Life Coach, you will learn how to leverage your gifts and talents in order to meet your goals. They’ll show you how to listen to your heart and follow intuition; taking steps for self-improvement; as well as how to take control of your own business venture and be successful. So if you want change and success in life and business – join a Spiritual Life Coach now.