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The Benefits of a Quantum Healing Group Hypnosis

Quantum healing is a highly effective energy healing technique that works at an atomic or subatomic level. According to quantum field theory, our physical properties are directly affected by energy frequencies surrounding us.

Group QHHT sessions provide an ideal way for you to experience this powerful energy healing modality and connect with your spiritual guides and team of light.

Experience the Power of Hypnosis in a Group Setting

Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of group hypnosis for treating various health conditions. Results of such studies have demonstrated its ability to decrease anxiety, enhance self-control, decrease pain intensity and suffering and improve functionality; however their outcomes were inconsistent and often limited only to a small sample group of participants.

Psychosocial treatments in group formats may provide greater access, reduce costs and enhance outcomes for people living with chronic diseases. Furthermore, living with chronic illness is often very isolating – group therapy may help decrease feelings of isolation while providing support.

Hypnosis is an evidence-based psychosocial treatment proven to effectively alleviate symptoms of mental disorders and reduce drug therapy requirements. Research indicates it increases a person’s tolerance of medication while decreasing depression and anxiety; improve sleep quality; lower blood pressure; and lessen medical procedures requiring procedures or hospital stays. Furthermore, it has even been used to treat other health conditions like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Recent research investigated the effectiveness of hypnosis on patients suffering chronic pain at an integrative medicine clinic. Researchers included participants suffering from various pain types – such as musculoskeletal, neuropathic and centralized. A controlled trial with pre/posttest design was then carried out, and multiple predictors or factors that may have led to treatment response were identified.

Findings revealed that hypnosis significantly reduced intensity and interference of pain as well as other symptom indicators in chronic pain patients, with these improvements continuing over a 6-month follow-up. The authors of the study suggest hypnosis as an effective integrative therapy tool; further basic research should investigate how neurophysiological mechanisms activated through this therapy exert its effects.

Emma is a certified Quantum Hypnotherapist trained in Dolores Cannon’s internationally-recognized Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She assists people in healing on a deep soul level by clearing away any obstructions, traumas or fears that prevent them from moving forward in life without struggle. Emma leads clients into a beautiful healing journey within their consciousness, connecting them to guides or teams of light for messages from them – she’s also a yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, channel for collective and medicine woman!

Connect with Others

Skeptics might consider energy healing to be nothing more than a placebo, yet many participants in quantum healing sessions report positive results. Energy healing involves manipulating body vibrations to promote wellness; its principles stem from quantum physics’ recognition that all matter vibrates continually – during quantum healing sessions practitioners believe you can alter this frequency for increased wellness and self-healing.

Experienced quantum healers have reported positive outcomes of quantum healing for themselves and others: decreased pain and anxiety, improved relaxation, enhanced sleep quality, and overall improvements to mental wellbeing. Although its effect cannot be easily determined, some research supports its use as an effective alternative to traditional medicine by supporting the mind-body connection and showing its curative benefits compared to placebo therapies alone.

Quantum healers believe in helping other people in their healing processes by employing life-force energy (commonly referred to as chi, qi, prana or mana in various cultures). Quantum-Touch therapists instruct participants how to focus and amplify this energy using various breathing and body awareness exercises – according to principles known as resonance and entrainment that have scientific support.

Quantum healing sessions involve creating a field of high energy around an area of discomfort or disease to facilitate natural healing processes and stimulate them more quickly. According to quantum theory, everything emits energy, while all secrets of existence lie hidden in energy patterns such as frequencies and vibrations.

Quantum healing may have some supporting research, but many mainstream scientists still consider it pseudoscience. That being said, holistic methods may seem strange at first. Finding solutions may take time so don’t dismiss anything just because there is little scientific backing behind it.

Explore Past Lives

Reincarnation has long been a source of fascination for many. While some view past life memories as nothing more than superstition or imagination, others have found that past lives memories can provide profoundly positive benefits that help heal physically or emotionally and provide insight into challenges they are currently experiencing.

Past Life Regression is one of the most sought-after forms of transpersonal hypnotherapy, designed to explore deeper truths within our soul’s journey and assist individuals in comprehending why they exist at this point. Past Life Regression sessions aim to offer healing, clarity and connection as well as give individuals an improved sense of direction in life.

Though there are various methods available to them to access their past lives themselves, many find it easier and faster to utilize professional regression hypnosis practitioners. Gaia notes that there are various guides and recordings online which can assist in your journey to discover your past lives memories; the key is being prepared for such an experience and having strong receptive energy.

As soon as you enter a trance during a past life regression, your spiritual teacher will guide you on an inner journey to revisit your memories and reconnect with your Higher Self. They’ll work to heal any wounds that have been holding you back as well as assist with rediscovering your soul’s purpose.

Many individuals opt to undergo past life regression because they feel an affinity with certain family members or pets who have always been present throughout their lives, or perhaps because they’ve seen themselves working in certain fields such as healthcare before. Others may discover they had previous careers that connect to what’s happening today in terms of working in healthcare industries or certain careers that they feel drawn towards now. Furthermore, those suffering from fears or phobias have often experienced remarkable relief after recalling past life memories to the extent possible.

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), created by Dolores Cannon, offers participants the ability to find answers to some of their most personal queries in group regression format. Another option available to you is Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression; here you can explore pre-birth planning options, review choices made during this incarnation and gain greater insight into why this experience came about.

Gain Insight

Quantum healing sessions offer you insight into your personal situation or life challenge from an external viewpoint, allowing you to see more clearly where the root of the issue or difficulty lies, so you can make necessary changes that lead to healthier outcomes.

Quantum healing is founded on the notion that everything in our universe, including ourselves, is composed of energy. Trained Quantum healers work remotely with clients’ innate holograms to identify and release energy blockages that might be contributing to physical, emotional, or spiritual health issues.

Quantum healing practitioners have the unique ability to tap into clients’ energy fields and work with vibrational frequencies that carry information, in order to bring about shifts at an atomic level. This process includes various modalities such as sound therapy, breathwork, Reiki and crystals to guide energy flow; in doing so they may uncover deeply-seated emotional, physical or spiritual traumas that need healing and release.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is one of the most powerful quantum healing techniques, using hypnosis to explore past, present, and future lifetimes on Earth and throughout the multiverse. BQH sessions allow individuals to connect with aspects of themselves such as Higher Selves, Subconscious or Super-conscious parts, Spirit Guides Angels Ascended Masters Star Families Source etc as well as connect to parallel lifetimes on earth as well as benevolent beings from other dimensions that offer guidance in healing as well as providing answers and solutions to questions and concerns about healing or questions and concerns about healing or concerns they have about healing/come up with answers or directions regarding healing/come up with answers/concerns/concerns/concerns/concerns/concerns/concerns/conc eg/con/conc/conscience or Superconscious/Subconscious or Superconscious/Subconc s/con-conscience or Super-conscious parts of yourself like your Higher Self/Subconscious or Super-conscious parts like Spirit Guides Angels Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Star Families Star Families Star Families Source as well as Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Star Families Star Families or Source; in addition, during BQH sessions, you may connect with aspects of yourself such as your Higher Self/Subconscious and Angels Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Star Families Source to identify who are available to offer guidance towards healing as well as potential answers/concerningness when connecting with aspects or Subconscious or Super-conscious parts like Higher Self, Subconscious parts Spirit Guides Angels Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters/Star Families Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Ascended Masters/Star Families Ascended Masters Star Families Star Families Source as well as connected lifetime parallel lifetime/Star Families source; Furthermore, connected other lifetime/Super conscious beings Ascended Masters etc… Finally you may connects Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Star Families Star Families Ascended Masters Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Familys Star Families or Star Families Star Families Ascended Masters/Star families or Star Families Star families/ Star Families Star families/ Source or Star Families or Star Families Star families etc from other dimensions (or Star Families or Source.). Finally you could connect to Ascended Masters Ascended Masters, Ascended Masters Ascended Masters or Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star families/Source and also Star Families or Star Families or Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star Families Star families Star Source. Star Families Star Families Star families Star Source or Source as well Star Families Star Families Star Source Source etc to various Star Families Star Source… Source. Finally connect benevol/Star Source as Ascended Masters Star Families Star/Source etc who/star Families Star Source or Source etc and Star/Source and Star Families Star families Star Source too as Source from any one/Source! Star Families Star/Source! or Source, parallel lifetimes Star Families star Families Star/Source’ Star families

Quantum healing seeks to foster a deeper relationship between you and your true essence and divine power. The practice can ease physical pain, decrease stress and anxiety levels, support natural healing processes in your body and bring about a sense of balance and wholeness as you discover your place in this vast universe.