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Energy healing involves using subtle forms of energy to promote wellness and physical or emotional health. Sessions may be conducted either face-to-face or remotely depending on the therapy used.

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Reiki massage

Reiki (energy healing) is a Japanese practice designed to achieve balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit, while at the same time relieving pain through transferral of universal energy through practitioner hands. Reiki may help heal injuries faster while relieving discomfort, relaxing muscles more deeply, or even improving immunity levels.

Reiki may seem “woo-woo,” but clinical trials have demonstrated its efficacy. Reiki’s energy can unblock meridians, soothe tight muscles, strengthen immunity systems and decrease stress – all while speeding up natural healing processes within your body.

At a typical session, clients lay fully clothed on a massage table while their practitioner gently rests their hands above or on various parts of their body that need more energy flow; these may include their head, torso and hips. Sessions generally last 60 to 90 minutes. In some instances, clients may feel heat or tingling sensations where energy is being focused.

Massage Therapists looking to expand their offerings should consider learning and practicing energy work, since many individuals seek this form of healing as an alternative to more conventional therapies such as massage. Energy healing has even become an option at spas, and can provide additional information regarding legal requirements in their state by reaching out directly to the massage therapy board.

Not like massage, which involves manipulating muscles by manipulating tissues of the body, Reiki is an energetic form of healing which uses no physical force to relieve tight muscles and heal body tissues. Practitioners believe the energy can be transferred through palms to heal bodies affected by surgery or illness – especially helpful when relieving discomfort caused by either.

Massage and reiki both offer benefits to enhance immune systems, helping protect against illness and disease. Reiki stands out by having additional advantages not offered by massage, such as helping you learn to trust your intuition and connect with inner wisdom for greater insight into what will serve your best interests in life. Furthermore, it can identify and release any thought and feeling patterns which no longer serve you.

Distance healing

Distance healing involves sending healing energy over distance and time to someone or something in need, both physically and spiritually. Its use addresses all three aspects of one’s wellbeing. It may take place via telephone calls or at special designated times set aside for it; and is an effective means of managing pain and stress.

As with any new skill, energy healing from a distance requires practice and belief in its benefits. There are a few strategies that can make the process more successful: First, an individual should prepare their energy centers and clear their minds through meditation or visualization exercises before beginning sessions; next they should clear out space around them and connect to universal energy sources.

Healers and energy recipients should utilize various energetic protection techniques during sessions, with healers visualizing a protective shield of light that filters out negative and draining energies while energy healers regularly review their own energy levels and emotional well-being so as to ensure they do not become depleted.

At a remote energy healing session, both parties should select an undisrupted environment, free from distractions such as television, music and computers. Sessions should also take place at times convenient to both parties – depending on your condition healing sessions may last 30 to 45 minutes depending on their duration. In these sessions, a healer transfers life force via an energetic connection from their source into the energy receiver which in turn promotes physical and emotional well-being by relieving stress, improving sleep patterns and providing clarity of thought – this energy then transfers life force back from source through their source through energetic connections which transfer life force in return and benefits you by giving us more clarity of thought.


Hypnotherapy is an invaluable technique that can help you overcome bad habits, confront past traumas, remember things your mind deliberately “forgot”, ease chronic emotional and physical pain and stress and create peace, positivity and success more quickly than any other method. While some might view hypnosis as mind control, remember that you are always fully in control during sessions and your therapist cannot force anything against your ethics or character comfort level.

Hypnotherapy involves having a therapist guide you into a trance, a state of relaxation which occurs naturally every day and which resembles falling asleep or becoming completely immersed in a movie or book – you may have experienced this yourself without realizing it!

Once in a trance, your brainwaves become very low and your subconscious becomes more open to new ideas. Your therapist will then feed specific suggestions into your mind to change behaviors and attitudes – suggestions such as tolerating discomfort and uncertainty more willingly, increasing bravery or maximising motivation may all help reduce anxiety. Furthermore, personal recordings will be given out so you can use these recordings at a later date when anxiety strikes again.


Meditation can help balance and promote healing in various forms. Meditation should be practiced in a quiet place with no distractions such as music or soundscapes, with minimal soundscapes such as nature sounds. Meditation’s goal should be to focus on your breath or an object like mantras, visual images or humans for guidance – find what works for you best by trying out various techniques until one works perfectly for you!

Meditation has been proven to reduce both stress and anxiety while simultaneously having a beneficial impact on our immune systems by decreasing oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory genes, increasing effective coping, antibody production, telomerase activity and gray matter volume – thus decreasing risk factors such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases diabetes arthritis.

Long distance healing sessions allow me to access your Akashic records, clear deep distortions and reset your entire field – creating an energetic and quantum reset that encourages the body’s natural ability to heal itself. These sessions can help anyone feeling stuck or unable to make progress move forward and can be done either via videochat or in person.