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Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive form of treatment used for diagnosing and treating disease. Utilizing energy waves to detect unhealthy frequencies within the body and help restore balance to it. Furthermore, this painless and stress-free therapy offers many other advantages as well.

Human cells communicate on a biophysical level, and external stressors may disrupt this communication and cause physical symptoms. The BICOM machine boosts healthy frequencies while attenuating pathogenic, allergenic, or toxic ones.

Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive way of diagnosing and treating diseases

Modern biophysics has demonstrated that every cell in your body possesses specific frequencies with radio-like transmitting and receiving properties, enabling cellular communication as well as controlling biological and chemical systems within the body. Healthy harmonic cells resonate at different frequencies than unhealthy ones; bioresonance therapy works by unblocking these frequencies so your body can return to its natural balance and heal itself.

At a typical treatment session, electrodes are applied to a client’s body in order to register electromagnetic waves emitted by cells and tissues of their bodies. The BICOM device can then detect these electromagnetic frequencies as well as any blockages or interferences occurring within their system; additionally it has the capacity to identify substances causing stress or harm such as chemicals, drugs or allergens, while using specific frequency patterns to eliminate such substances and restore natural energy flow back into their bodies.

Bioresonance therapy is a safe and effective means of treating diseases or symptoms without risking harmful side effects. This therapy is particularly useful for treating children as it can prevent diseases and conditions from emerging; additionally it may assist with chronic illness management such as diarrhoea and digestion issues and provide allergy relief.

The BICOM bioresonance machine can quickly and efficiently identify and treat health conditions in both people and dogs alike. It does this by monitoring electromagnetic vibrations produced by healthy and diseased cells; reading their electromagnetic vibrations then amplifying those which promote good health while dampening or inverting any disharmonic oscillations to neutralize diseased ones for healing naturally and effectively.

The BICOM bioresonance device utilizes filters that read electromagnetic information on both biological-physical levels, while also detecting any distortions or stresses caused by substances found in our environment such as drugs, toxins, chemicals, allergens or heavy metals – or emotional distress. Once detected, distortions can be corrected by increasing healthy information while shifting any negative ones away; this allows your immune system to heal itself more quickly while fighting disease effectively.

It is safe

BICOM Resonance Therapy is a safe, non-invasive therapy. Electrodes are placed on the skin that are linked to a machine that emits electromagnetic signals. When these return, the machine can identify their significance; one frequency might indicate liver cell dysfunction while another might point toward allergies; after which, counter vibrations will be sent by way of vibrational therapy for balance within your body.

All living things possess specific frequencies or vibrations with highly individual characteristics, and the BICOM bioresonance device can detect these in either its original biofeedback mode, or external substances using electrode mats for contact or magnetic electrodes to go deeper within.

The machine collects energetic information and then uses internal filters to distinguish healthy from unhealthy frequencies, feeding back the healthy frequencies and strengthening them further into the body while cancelling out unhealthy frequencies to diminish them and avoid improper cell instruction.

In addition to detecting toxins, the BICOM Optima also detects biological strains and energy blocks within your body. By clearing away these blockages and activating your natural healing power, this treatment is effective at relieving stress while simultaneously improving overall health.

At Oasis of Hope, we utilize the cutting-edge BICOM Optima System from Regumed Gmbh. This cutting-edge device is both safe and noninvasive; used to treat an array of conditions ranging from allergies and intolerances to digestive issues, smoking cessation, fatigue and insomnia. BICOM Optima Therapy can also be particularly helpful for individuals sensitive to chemicals or suffering from inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

The BICOM system measures resonance frequency in each organ to identify imbalances in biochemistry. This information can also help pinpoint underlying causes for illness such as emotional and environmental stressors; and diagnose various chronic illnesses, including cancer and autoimmune disorders.

It is effective

Bicom resonance therapy is a noninvasive, non-surgical technique that restores your body to the state it was in before disease set in, as well as teaching your immune system how to fight any toxins or stressors effectively. A session typically includes personal diagnosis as well as various therapies like frequency therapy with the BICOM optima frequency modulator or detoxification or dietetic advice.

The holistic bio resonance method utilizes electromagnetic waves of a patient’s pathological or physiological status and modifies them using special applicators. Depending on the program, specific wave patterns are amplified, attenuated or even inverted before being transmitted back to them as modulated information to use for treatment – an extremely efficient process without side effects.

In this study, functional neutrophils from HL-60 cells were treated daily for three consecutive days with the BICOM optima mobile bioresonance device for three consecutive days to measure basal metabolic activity and superoxide anion radical production; both parameters showed significantly decreased rates in comparison with untreated controls.

Bioresonance treatment appears to effectively suppress functional neutrophil inflammatory responses in vitro by decreasing their metabolic activity and oxidative burst. This finding is significant, given that chronic inflammation and complex wound healing processes tend to involve increasing localized oxidative stress on cellular level.

The BICOM machine can help identify energetic interference areas in your body as well as imbalances in mineral/electrolyte balance and trace elements. It can also identify and correct allergy, intolerances and stress triggers as well as detect the presence of fungi and bacteria which obstruct energy flow within and create allergies and illnesses; furthermore it reverses any strains to stimulate self-healing process within.

Toxins in our bodies play a large part in disease development, yet many don’t realize just how damaging they are for their health. The BICOM machine can help eliminate all of these harmful agents that are hindering normal body functioning by safely and effectively extracting all toxins that prevent normal bodily functioning – from gastro-intestinal disorders and smoking cessation to fatigue and insomnia treatment options.

It is affordable

The BICOM machine is an invaluable resource for quickly identifying and treating the root causes of illness. It is fast, cheap, requires no blood samples or waiting for tests to run, and offers valuable insight into how stressors may have an effect on our wellbeing. Furthermore, it helps identify specific sources that contribute to illness (such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, electronic smog, dental materials or allergens).

These stresses are stored in the extracellular fluid surrounding cells and stored as body toxins; over-accumulation could exhaust elimination organs and impair cell resonance, according to research conducted at Duke University and elsewhere. With its rapid detection and relief capabilities, BICOM can quickly pinpoint which stresses are causing issues and restore normal cell resonance through reverse engineering techniques.

Some supplementary pet insurance policies cover the costs associated with Bioresonance Therapy sessions provided by BICOM Bioresonance device therapists or through specialist suppliers like German company Regumed. You should contact your veterinarian or provider for more details on this. Some therapists provide their own device directly, while others rent from suppliers like Regumed for rent.

BICOM devices feature various software programs. Multisoft Pilot allows practitioners to quickly find and run various treatment plans. These may include the frequencies of remedies such as flower essences or gem stones with their associated indications, organized into categories or even alphabetically. In addition, Channel 2 Substance Complexes contain over 400 digitalized frequencies of well-known remedies used for common conditions.

BICOM works by measuring electromagnetic fields released by all substances and tissues in the body. This information is then converted into a logical order for use by therapists to detect imbalances and correct them accordingly. A program will then be designed to address them and improve overall function in patients.

Bacteria, viruses, fungus and allergies all interfere with cell resonance and impair absorption and metabolism of nutrients at a cellular level. Noreen can use her BICOM device and Kinesiology techniques to reverse these strains and restore your body’s natural regulatory and detoxification mechanisms, essential to good health.