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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Slim Spurling and the Benefits of Tensor Rings

Tensor Rings have an infinite energy source that is neither magnetic nor electrical, yet their output provides benefits and healing to living things. Their output also serves to neutralize magnetic fields while creating coherency within chaotic situations – as well as producing tangible gravity effects that can be measured directly.

Hans Becker and Slim Spurling discovered the 177 MHz Cubit (Lost Cubit), also known as The Lost Cubit, to connect to our Etheric and Emotional bodies and bring life force energy benefits for everyone and everything around it. Restructuring water molecules brings beneficial life force energy which restructures cells within their environment to bring us benefit in form of Life Force energy.


Tensor rings are comprised of copper wire that has been folded and twisted, creating a one-way energy flow. When cut to an ideal geometric length, tensor rings become extremely effective at re-energizing and restructuring water as well as relieving and redirecting geopathic stress, and increasing plant growth. Furthermore, many believe they provide access to spiritual realms due to producing life-affirming energy.

Slim Spurling was an internationally renowned geo-dowser with an interest in metaphysics and vision of planet healing who introduced tensor rings as an innovative form of electromagnetic energy that organizes space and brings coherency to chaos. They act like room temperature superconductors neutralize magnetic fields, and have an audible gravitational effect that has yet to be fully quantified.

Hans Becker is an expert researcher and inventor who claims that the 20.6 inch sacred cubit length used in manufacturing tensor tools resonates at 144 million cycles per second – in harmony with light speed – thus connecting to Earth energies while increasing longevity and DNA expression.

Water that has been placed inside a tensor ring for several hours becomes more alkaline as its structure changes, losing chlorine-related smell and taste, while its texture often improves. Furthermore, in many instances the energetic level of this water may reach 1.2 million Bovis units – comparable to spring or mineral water.

The Tensor Ring provides an added boost of energy to water by producing a paramagnetic field that amplifies its energy. This allows certain elements in water to spin into their high-spin state – which has many positive benefits for human health and the planet alike. Furthermore, its electromagnetic pollution-limiting qualities also limit cordless phone emissions that are a leading contributor to cancer and electromagnetic pollution produced by cordless phones – also helping limit harmful electromagnetic pollution produced by cordless phones which is detrimental to the body and contributing significantly towards cancer development; furthermore it helps reduce electromagnetic radiation emissions from computers, televisions, cell phones etc… – without needing special training or equipment or training to do this effectively!


Tensor rings offer numerous benefits to both mind and body. They can assist the brain in healing itself by rewiring it to increase memory capacity and relieve anxiety or depression. This technology was invented by Slim Spurling and his research is compelling: amplifying coherent subtle energy by several hundredfold; improving plant vitality and growth; cleaning crystals of static; as well as eliminating static from fabrics.

Tensor Rings generate toroidal vortexes, or rotating regions with doughnut or toroid shapes, that produce toroidal vortex movements. This movement can be observed in many natural phenomena including smoke rings and bubbles; its effect on water molecules is particularly noteworthy as it helps organize their molecular structure through energy released by openings in Tensor Rings; those sensitive to subtle energies may detect this energy emission as it emits through them and from their opening.

This ring boasts a natural resonant frequency of 144 mhz, which is a harmonic of light speed. Its vibration is so intense that it has even been known to alter water molecules’ polarity! Furthermore, this vibrational effect has an enormous influence on elements within water which vibrate up to their high-spin state known as ormus. In addition, its use as a tool for meditation and connecting with soul has many potential applications.

A tensor ring can be easily created using copper wire cut to precise measurements, with its ends twisted together into a double-sided toroidal field when its ends are twisted together. This toroidal field attracts and releases negative and positive energies into an aligned column of coherence; additionally it protects you from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) while improving mood while helping relax muscles and tendons.

Researchers and scientists believe this ring was created to have healing properties, connecting our souls with light. According to its creators, this device also enhances quality of life for people, plants and animals by raising vibrational frequencies cellular level which restore harmony rebalancing earth as a whole.


Tensor rings can help heal both the emotional and physical bodies, including ailments like stress. Furthermore, these tools allow users to connect with their soul – an effective way of relieving any imbalances or tension that are creating stress in your life. That’s why so many people with health issues due to both emotional and mental stress find them helpful tools.

Slim Spurling developed an array of powerful energy tools using ancient units of measurement known as cubits. He found that cutting wire to specific lengths resonated or attracted unique cosmic energies which then amplified restrained energy within rings to increase bio magnetic field strength and vibration frequency of water molecules within them. Slim Spurling’s rings would work on living biology to alter form and structure while simultaneously increasing bio magnetic field strength and water vibration frequency.

Rings can also help reduce electromagnetic fields and environmental stresses, according to one study which demonstrated that water placed inside of a ring for several hours increased its energy level from 22,000 Bovis units to 1.2 million Bovis units due to changes in molecular structures as well as increases in hydrogen and oxygen molecules present. Furthermore, rings have proven successful at eliminating taste and smell associated with chlorinated drinking water sources.

Other uses for geofossils include increasing plant growth and vitality, beekeeping, healing, relieving geopathic stress and creating coherency out of chaos. Geofossils have also been noted for neutralizing magnetic fields with their significant gravitational force measurable by measuring gravitational effects.

Slim Spurling, an esteemed geo-dowser known for his research in metaphysics and vision of global healing, created the tensor rings as part of his exploration with alternative energies. Slim recognized that linear objects such as trees or wire have polarity which he found evidence for by creating a closed loop that resulted in an electromagnetic column of energy emanating from perpendicular to it.


Tensor rings are spiritual tools designed to raise a person’s energetic field to a higher vibration, used for various applications including healing, energizing and restructuring water supplies, environmental cleanup efforts, relieving geopathic stress from plants or animals, improving plant growth and vitality, animal health or beekeeping – among many others. Tensor rings also help restructure electromagnetic fields around our bodies reducing harmful EMF radiation exposure.

Slim Spurling first invented the first ring in the late 1970’s as an internationally acclaimed geo-dowser with an interest in metaphysics and an aim of global healing. He knew that linear objects have polarity – such as trees or lengths of wire. Playing around with this concept, he formed an enclosed loop which resulted in an electromagnetic column emitting perpendicular to it – thus producing electromagnetic energy emanations perpendicularly along its perimeter.

The ring functions as a room-temperature superconductor and produces subtle energy effects such as neutralizing magnetic fields and creating coherency in chaos to produce a measurable gravitational force. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated its capacity to raise water’s energetic levels significantly – structured in a ring for just 2-3 hours has an energetic level of 1.2 million Bovis units while tap water only contains 22,000 Bovis units; additionally it improves taste quality and can shift pH towards neutral or slightly alkaline conditions.

Additionally, the ring has been shown to promote both physical and energetic healing in its users. It can soothe nerve damage in shoulders, knees and wrists as well as ease stiffness or joint stiffness in shoulders knees or wrists, relieving headaches or body aches in turn. Furthermore, detoxification through heavy metal removal has also been documented with regular use of this tool.

Additionally, rings can help balance chakras and other energetic bodies; clear the mind; ease depression; and even promote a greater connection to their soul compared to older cubits. Furthermore, new rings transmit frequencies which support cell resonance; these frequencies promote stronger immune defense systems to fight off disease more efficiently.